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Geometrologic 2 years ago
  By far the biggest and only pack I have ever seen... Wow!
Treazer 3 years ago
  I can finally present you the grand apocalypse pack! Fight the zombies as the Monocled Man in all these stages, survive and eventually solemnize the annihilation of the evil!

Note: I made this pack because of MatthijsM's request, but unfortunately, one level seems to be missing in this pack. If you can find it, I'll reward you with a cookie. :)

10/24/16: Sorry to say that, but the cookie is gone now. I had to hand it SuperDog, thank you! :)

Carbon Copy : MatthijsM

Captain Dan v Zombie Plan developed by Captain_404

Sneak around the zombies until you find the gun, then get all of them before they get you!

Pack The Apocalypse created by Treazer

Survive the zombie waves as Captain Dan in all stages of the inevitable apocalypse!

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