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Level 2

First visit : March 19, 2015
Last visit : 6 years ago

EXP 113 points

(94 points away from level 3)

Forums : 20 messages
21 years old
Country : United States
Website : [link]

Favorite games

Brick Mania by Hexicube
You have to smash all the red and green bricks on a level!

Updated 12 years ago

Mozzle by jp
Motion Puzzle.
Don't ask to be a tester.

Updated 12 years ago

Orby's Escape by gundu
Help The little ball to exit all these rooms by collecting the keys and the famous chest!

Updated 13 years ago

Xanward Urthadar by THeNiNJa
Collect the treasure and escape each level - but watch out for the enemies.

Updated 13 years ago

X by AK

Updated 8 years ago

Destroyer by jasperpostema
Destroy it...

Updated 12 years ago

Astro Breaker by manufan
This game is an old AS2 Version of what I'm now developing in AS3.

Make a suggestion for the new game

Do not ask to test.

Updated 5 years ago

Obscurity by geckojsc
Pixelly run and jump adventure. Check help tab for todo list.

Updated 8 years ago

Integral by SuperDog
Possibly working title. TODO in "Help" tab.

Updated 7 years ago

Jellify by SimonM
Combine the jellies flying through space!
Skin Factory by Treazer
Current skin: Pistons


Updated 5 years ago

Pixelized by birjolaxew
Just messing around with the BL API, Flash and ActionScript. Do NOT ask to be a tester.

Updated 13 years ago

Info lines toy by Hexicube
This generates lines about whatever you select from the list!

Updated 13 years ago

Beadz by Hexicube
Link up all the beadz to win!

Updated 11 years ago

Path4Mouse testing game by Hexicube
Game for testing new Path4Mouse features for bugs and stuff...

Updated 11 years ago

Code Parser by Hexicube
It parses some simple commands into displayed text and code!

Updated 12 years ago

Don't ask. by Captain_404
Don't ask to test this game.


uhh thats it

Updated 14 years ago


Rolling Turtle
Rank : 912/2372
Score : 2574
Completed 27 lvls (official: 26, accepted: 1).
Rank : 1068/1235
Score : 50
Completed 4 lvls (official: 3, accepted: 1).
Rank : 1127/1841
Score : 360
Completed 10 lvls (official: 9, accepted: 1).
Ringmania 2.5
Rank : 297/605
Score : 3416
Completed 8 lvls (official: 6, accepted: 2).
Rank : 696/1421
Score : 174
Completed 17 lvls (official: 17, accepted: 0).
Hog Pop
Rank : 1226/1309
Score : 212
Completed 2 lvls (official: 2, accepted: 0).
Captain Dan v Zombie Plan
Rank : 293/1110
Score : 129
Completed 11 lvls (official: 11, accepted: 0).
Path 4 Mouse
Rank : 556/837
Score : 3606
Completed 9 lvls (official: 9, accepted: 0).
Rank : 885/1117
Score : 21
Completed 2 lvls (official: 2, accepted: 0).
Puzzle It
Rank : 276/373
Score : 23
Completed 8 lvls (official: 3, accepted: 5).
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