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Coolguy52 1 month ago
  That's still a great score - and 4 levels left too, though they take a lot of time and practice to beat. I'm pretty sure that you can do them all though!

EDIT: And with an improvement on Graceful Helix - I've beaten all the levels in time!
popo2 1 month ago
  Oh nice, I also was at 3M.
Coolguy52 1 month ago
  4M now! I think that's enough of this pack for a while...
Coolguy52 1 month ago
  Finally got 2nd and 3.5M!
Treazer 3 months ago
  This bug appeared several times during the last years now, it's supposed to be fixed but apparently it isn't.
suhangha 3 months ago
  Bug: I did not meet the score, but I got the award suddenly.
Coolguy52 4 months ago
  Which five are they? I can probably give some advice for them.
popo2 4 months ago
  2.8M. I actually don't know about beating you now. The last 5 levels are too frustrating when I try to beat them. XD
Coolguy52 4 months ago
  2.7M! You should definitely fight me in this pack! I enjoy the competition!

EDIT: 2.8M, and yes, I am going to set a huge lead to make things more interesting :)

EDIT2: 2.9M :D

EDIT3: 3M! I'll stop for now :)
popo2 4 months ago
  I might try tomorrow or Tuesday. I'm ready to fight you in this pack when you are.
Coolguy52 4 months ago
  Hey popo, beat you here! However, you have a beaten fewer levels. You should try to beat me!
Coolguy52 4 months ago
  I beat the last two today :D
Coolguy52 5 months ago
  4 left :O 2 more allyally levels and 2 more Elizea levels.

EDIT: 3 left!

EDIT2: 2 to go :O
Coolguy52 6 months ago
  5 to go! I will beat all of them, except maybe 'Stars Witness'.
Coolguy52 7 months ago
  6 levels left on this!
Coolguy52 7 months ago
  Message removed...
pig 7 months ago
Coolguy52 7 months ago
  lol another glitch
pig 8 months ago
  Lol same for me, my brother got it by the score of 1 and me still struggling on some of these levels.
Coolguy52 8 months ago
  Tell me about it, I had to get 1M legit whereas my brother got it instantly
pig 8 months ago
  I'm angry about this
Coolguy52 8 months ago
  It's a rare glitch - it happened to my brother at one point.
LadersHD 8 months ago
  What?? I've got the award of this pack, but my score is 1
Coolguy52 9 months ago
  Good luck!
popo2 9 months ago
  Thanks for congratulating me, because I beat your score in this pack. Now for the actual game.
Coolguy52 9 months ago
popo2 9 months ago
  I got that too! 8D
Coolguy52 10 months ago
  Finally got Impossible Gear!
kalina200 2 years ago
  Oh Yeah, Forgot about That
MatthijsM 2 years ago
  Maybe a late reaction but Kalina if you add more levels to this pack the awards means nothing anymore.

Jump Gear 2 developed by jp

Jump over the hills, and race against time. Do flips and backflips for bonus points.

Pack Impossible Gear created by Elizea

The hardest and most frustrating Jump Gear 2 levels.

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