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Coolguy52 5 months ago
  Nice job! Which pack do you plan to cruise through next?
popo2 5 months ago
  Got the highscore! That was a journey...
Coolguy52 5 months ago
  Nice job on beating every kirrock level!

Are you considering for trying to beat every level of other packs - or just to get top on this one?
popo2 5 months ago
  I finally beat all these levels! Now to go for 2nd, or 1st...
Coolguy52 5 months ago
  Oh... I forgot about Final Journey - found a shortcut anyway :P
popo2 5 months ago
  I only have Capital Punishment and Final Journey left.
Coolguy52 8 months ago
  With 50 to go too :o
popo2 8 months ago
  Now I'm at 3.5M so far.
popo2 9 months ago
  Now I have 100 levels left to beat.
Coolguy52 9 months ago
  At least I'm only one of three to beat all levels, Capital Punishment is preventing a couple of people from doing so.
kiethy342 4 years ago
  Yes, we are :)
kirrock 4 years ago
  @Kiethy, I think me and you are about to have an highscore fight. :p
kirrock 4 years ago
  Thank you, ferrari! :)
Ferrari12 4 years ago
  I didn't know you have made this many levels. That is very impressive, especially when you concider the great quality of your levels. Of course I will approve this pack.
kirrock 4 years ago
  Please evaluate this Pack. :)

Jump Gear 2 developed by jp

Jump over the hills, and race against time. Do flips and backflips for bonus points.

Pack Kirrock's Collection created by kirrock

This is my collection for my Jump Gear 2 levels since ariving in Hope you enjoy.

Special thanks to other people who have collaberated with me on some of the levels.

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