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Ferrari12 8 years ago
  I deleted PineappleDude's score since it obviously was impossible. (He has completed MMM 2 and 3 each with a score of 1 and not the first one at all, that doesn't add up to 260.000. )
Ferrari12 9 years ago
  I don't have time at the moment. Normally I'd be able to do it anyway, but we've started with a different homework plan. Therefor I've got to do it in a vacation . Next vacation is in about one month :D Maybe I'll do it then ;)
Vasilok97 9 years ago
  What do you think about making new man made marvels lvl with Greate Chinese Wall, Blessed Vasily Cathedral (right name? xD) from Moskow, the falling tower from Piza or Reichstag from Berlin? I hope it will be fun!
niimporta 9 years ago
  If you noticed It's M.M.M! :D
Ferrari12 9 years ago
  I'm halfway there :D

And I didn't notice before now; this is a top pack :D
Ahroo 9 years ago
  You've got a long way to go to catch up to me... I had two. xP
Ferrari12 9 years ago
  That's ok. I'm VERY happy to get a slide anyway :D
Magic_X 9 years ago
  Sorry Ferrari12, its my fault. I kinda forgot I was making a slide for the pack and not just one level :/

I'll fix the mistake :D
Ferrari12 9 years ago
  Thanks very, very much to the person who made the slide, although, as Gary said, there's three levels. Thanks to jp as well :D
LadaNiva12 9 years ago
  There's three very good levels in this pack.

Very nice slide too, too bad there's a fault in it.
Garygoh884 9 years ago
  "This new level" is this pack? No way!

Magic_X, if this is his "new level", how many levels are there in this pack? One?
jp 9 years ago
  Taht's a quite impressive pack!
SuperMario 9 years ago
  Awesome trilogy, I hope you will win!
Shiro 9 years ago
  Great description, we need more of those :).

Jump Gear 2 developed by jp

Jump over the hills, and race against time. Do flips and backflips for bonus points.

Pack Man Made Marvels created by Ferrari12

Climb over some of the worlds most famous landmarks in my entry to the Trilogy Contest.

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