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Coolguy52 15 days ago
  I thought that this pack probably should be approved - I can still edit the pack, and I don't think many more MG levels will be made - despite the fun I've had making them.

(I also hope that others may see this pack and try to take my highscore on it!)

EDIT: 2.1M within a week of optimisation. Never thought this would happen...
Coolguy52 6 months ago
Coolguy52 9 months ago
  I still enjoy creating these from time to time. I also understand that others want to create MG levels too - so I'm keeping it as a WIP.
kalina200 9 months ago
  Will this ever be finished?
Coolguy52 10 months ago
  Finally cracked the 1.9M barrier. Now for 2M...
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  Nice :D I predict you could have 1.4-1.5M on your first run through, which is very impressive!
popo2 1 year ago
  Nice! I have beaten over 50 levels and got a cool 626622 score so far!
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  Temporarily at #1 :D
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  I'm honestly not sure what to do with Mini Game Obvious concerning this pack. I'm leaving it out for now, due to me thinking that it is literally impossible. When it becomes possible - it can take its place as the 111th MG.

EDIT: Even with a 5 level advantage he's still crushing me xP
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  Nice! Maybe you can topple Dynamo from his #1 spot!
popo2 1 year ago
  I have now started on this pack. 10 levels beaten after I got in there.
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  2,000 plays :)

You might notice that I’ve been trying to improve my score. I’m aiming for 1.75M, I would try for 1.8M - but Dynamo has so many scores that are unassailable for me, so that’ll be unlikely.
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  1.8 million without all levels beaten Dynamo? I'm seriously impressed!
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  1.7 MILLION!!! I'm coming for you Dynamo :)
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  Dynamo could easily get 1.8M, if he returns that is...
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  Anyone who plans on completing JG2 (or just this series for that matter), with these levels left - should play the pack, in order to easily track progress.
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  I have come back to create levels again. I will release a PuzzleIt level soon. As for this series; You'll just have to wait and see...
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  I have been very inactive, and I am honestly unsure where this is headed - these 107 could be the last, or I could make more - I really don't know. As for my inactivity, I do want to be a bit more active on this site, but I am slightly busy at the moment. Hopefully I can continue this...
Coolguy52 2 years ago
  1.5 MILLION! I finally made that score. I hope I can get to 2 million soon!
Coolguy52 2 years ago
  As I have been inactive (for more reasons than just one), I may make a few more of these. However if I do, I want to make the quality of them much better too! I hope I can make more of these soon.

edit: Sorry if the new one seems a little shoddy, I'm getting used to the editor again (Igneous was made before this, but only uploaded a little while ago). I hope that I can improve the quality a lot in the newer MG levels.
kalina200 2 years ago
  Yeah, Ya Should
Coolguy52 2 years ago
  Should I upload my 3 finished Mini Games? they are not 100 btw. They are 101-103.
kalina200 3 years ago
  Yh PM Me If U Wanna Help With Collab Everyone!
Coolguy52 3 years ago
  My part is a little tricky most of the way through but has one extreme part in it, should I nerf it?

EDIT: Nerfed, I will buff if you think it is appropriate (kalina and Dynamo, unless we add someone else to the collab) - They are both possible btw, I did both sections in about 30 seconds
kalina200 3 years ago
  I've Started A New MG 100 You Can Change Name If U Want. CG Next Then Dynamo, Ok?
Coolguy52 3 years ago
  Lel, I think I got a good score on 'Void' :)
kalina200 3 years ago
  Yh We Should
Coolguy52 3 years ago
  Made my part. I think we should ask Dynamo if he wants to help...
kalina200 3 years ago
  Yh, It's Cool
Coolguy52 3 years ago
  I'm not sure about the face at the start of my part?

Jump Gear 2 developed by jp

Jump over the hills, and race against time. Do flips and backflips for bonus points.

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