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Coolguy52 10 months ago
  I'm fairly sure I forgot. My mistake. I'll make sure to tell you next time :)
popo2 10 months ago
  Are you sure?
Coolguy52 10 months ago
  Oh I forgot to say. First!
popo2 11 months ago
  Beat you again with 54.5K points!
Coolguy52 11 months ago
  My real problem is 17.

You probably shouldn't have said that a mere 30 points above me :)
popo2 11 months ago

And you beat me again!
-And I beat you yet again!
Coolguy52 11 months ago
  No! I've got such an epic score - but I've got to remove it to beat you :/
popo2 11 months ago
  Well, you've beaten me. I'm about to beat you back.
-And I did! XD
Coolguy52 11 months ago
  Not set my full challenge yet - but you can shoot for that if you want!
pig 11 months ago
  No you ruin everything I will never comment anymore if I get hs
popo2 11 months ago
  Can you try to beat my cool score?
pig 11 months ago
  There is also a fact if you or me get hs on 17 sec we can reach 1st place in the pack
Coolguy52 11 months ago
  ***With the small factor of him only beating 13 of the levels xP

I'll definitely go for it though - maybe even 50k!

EDIT: Got the pack HS! I'll aim for 50k soon.
pig 11 months ago
  You should try and beat Maxamed :)
Coolguy52 11 months ago
  1,375 points above you pig :)
pig 11 months ago
  41 points above you Coolguy :)
Edit not anymore
Coolguy52 11 months ago
  75 points above you pig :)
Maxamed 5 years ago
  you'll get better.
MatthijsM 5 years ago
  I'm bad in this kind of levels.
Maxamed 5 years ago
  I'm doing pretty well for just finishing 9 levels :)
pig 5 years ago
  Here is my first pack :)

Jump Gear 2 developed by jp

Jump over the hills, and race against time. Do flips and backflips for bonus points.

Pack ... Seconds Dash created by pig

There is the all of "second dash" levels made by AdrianPeterson. Hope you enjoy it!

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