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chris3000 2 years ago
  Nice accomplishment for this game, unfortunately I'm not very good at this game so I don't play it that often.
suhangha-2 2 years ago
  5000 plays!
Mmmmmm 3 years ago
Treazer 7 years ago
  Tu peux jouer Moonlights (jeu par navigateur) sur l'ordi ici.

Ce "jeu" est destiné à le jeu sur l'iPhone ou sur l'iPod, mais on peut créer des niveaux ici seulement.

D'ailleurs, discute en anglais s'il te plaît.


Please excuse my French skills, writing this small text took longer than it should have.^^ And it was all for nothing if he speaks English properly.
Kaen 7 years ago
  Pourquoi on ne peut plus jouer ici ?
Pourquoi ne pourrait-on pas acheter le jeu sur l'ordi ?
funguy161 8 years ago
  Someone Please Look At this?
Pit Of Death
Sherlock 11 years ago
  Emmm... Wonder if I can post my question about this game here...
alanliu12121 11 years ago
  It's been 1 year. Anything new?
jp 12 years ago
  Moonlights update has been approved and is on the appstore now. New levels in previous worlds and a new world called aldebaran.
@CamoDragoon, I've checked a lot of levels 2 weeks ago, now I'll make another pass later. I know the editor could be more advanced but right now I don't have time to modify the editors on the site, sorry.
CamoDragoon 12 years ago
  Can my levels be accepted please? It's been two weeks. ;)

Also, JP can you make it so that you can create a node by itself without the node needing to be attached to another node? An example of why this is annoying Just Too Far
CamoDragoon 12 years ago
  @JP, if they are okay, then why is the level not accepted? ;P

EDIT: Found a weird glitch(es) in my new level Assisted Up. :/

If you don't patch this JP it could lead to a lot more level possibilities, so please don't. :)
gameinsky 12 years ago
  Creative and frustrating, that's really garygoh...
jp 12 years ago
  @Garygoh, you've got a lot of ideas for your level, taht's impressive. Most of your level are for advaned users but they are so creative! I'll embed a few of them in the next update, thx a lot!
jp 12 years ago
  @CamoDragoon, actually the clouds have an inner pseudo random oscillation. So when you add your own oscillating path on them, that generates a weir effect.
Despite, it's a bit glitchy, your birds are not looking so bad, they are OK like this.
CamoDragoon 12 years ago
  Err......on my level, Little Factory, the flapping wings effect for the birds appears to be glitching, unless the wind is messing it up. It's really simple; There's one very small path that should move the "wings" of both birds down the length of the body and back up. There are no paths on the bodies.

However, in the level, the upper right bird's right wing goes higher and faster than it should, and the left wing doesn't even move. Also, on the leftmost bird, its left wing only moves sometimes, as with its right wing, but the body does rapid spastic movements similar to those of the upper bird's right wing. The level is set to Earth category.

Any reasons for this? Why are the birds glitching? :/

Also, I have a question about volcano rocks: in the editor, they have a grey circle around them. Is this circle present in the gameplay? I need to know in order to set rocks to look "in a pile" rather than floating. :)
jp 12 years ago
  No, you have to create larger enough bounds. You have to limit the number of nodes too (something like 30 available nodes).
Garygoh884 12 years ago
  Does playing Aldebaran levels disable limits to vertical camera boundings?
jp 12 years ago
  The concept of the upcoming new world Aldebaran is to build as high as possible. No moons or stars to catch. Feel free to add your Aldebaran levels.

Would like to know too what are your favorite user generated levels.
jp 13 years ago
  I've evaluated a very few of your levels. I'll go on later.

I've added a new category "Aldebaran" for a new world (upcoming), not to be used right now.
Garygoh884 13 years ago
  Any chance that my levels can be evaluated? I now have 50 levels needed to be evaluated!
jp 13 years ago
  @gary, the link exists but you have to remove the "/" at the end.
murtaza64 13 years ago
  stress on garygoh's first comment about the link
Garygoh884 13 years ago
  Allyally, I have some words to say to you: you're a good player but I have beaten you in Earth levels.
Garygoh884 13 years ago
  Now I have done with all of the accepted and official levels. Now I should try to make as much as I can.
Garygoh884 13 years ago
  "To make your own levels, go to this URL on your computer and follow the instructions :" - Does this link exist?
jp 13 years ago
  I'll evalluate soon.
Garygoh884 13 years ago
  I had over ten of my levels needed to be evaluated!
Garygoh884 13 years ago
  Finally I got the full version of this game!
AK 13 years ago
  YAY!!!! Thank you! Now I can boast that I made a level in an Ipod Touch game! :)
Garygoh884 13 years ago
  My 8 levels (not the undone) are really tested on my iPod Touch.

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