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Level 15

First visit : February 4, 2014
Last visit : 3 days ago

EXP 1735 points

(51 points away from level 16)

Levels : 6 approved levels
Forums : 11 messages
18 years old
Country : South Korea

Favorite games

Ringmania 2.5 by jp
Match three (3) rings of the same color to make them explode. Clear the stage to win.
BLockoban 2 by jp
Slide blocks, match 2 colors and remove them all!
Moonlights by jp
Build a structure and reach the light(s).
Try also Moonlights for iPhone.
Jump Gear 2 by jp
Jump over the hills, and race against time. Do flips and backflips for bonus points.
Hog Pop by jp
Pop all of the bubbles!
Rolling Turtle by jp
Your objective is to reach the final flag. Controls : Space bar to jump. Left & right arrows to adjust speed. Up & down arrows to zoom in/out.
BLockoban by jp
A puzzle game inspired by Sokoban and Cubeoban.
Try also BLockoban for iPhone.
Mozzle by jp
Motion Puzzle.
Don't ask to be a tester.

Updated 8 years ago

BL API Demo by jp
The game is just a demo to show how the BonusLevel API works.

Updated 10 years ago

Moonlights iPhone Editor by jp
Level editor for Moonlights, a game for your iPhone. Only iPhone / iPod touch owners can create levels here and play them on their device.
426f6e75736c6576656c20576 by AK

Updated 4 years ago

No Title Yet by Maxamed
Complete the level to go on and succeed.

Updated 7 years ago

Fan made levels (P4M) by suhangha
Path 4 Mouse.

The fan tester create the levels.

Updated 22 days ago

BlockCraft by allyally
Dont bother with this, Ill be replacing it with something else soon, IF YOU ASK TO TEST I WILL KILL YOU & EAT YOUR BRAINS.

Updated 7 years ago

Flip by Dynamo
Get Cubey back home in the least amount of moves possible!

Updated 5 years ago

Path 4 Mouse by Hexicube
Move your mouse through the maze to win!

Level creator newest levels

4 levels.
2018 ScMp 2's Theme
Accepted level Created 1 year ago. [More]
The Icy Vent
Accepted level Created 1 year ago. [More]
Mini square
Accepted level Created 1 year ago. [More]
Pattern making
Accepted level Created 5 years ago. [More]
2 levels.
1 1 1 to 5
Accepted level Created 1 year ago. [More]
Accepted level Created 1 year ago. [More]


Jelly Designer
Create a level in Jellify and score on it. To get the award, play Jelly Designer (Jellify).
EXP +25
1 year ago
God of Jump Gear!
Score more than 3M points.
EXP +100
4 years ago
BLockoban addict! Complete 500 levels of BLockoban!
EXP +100
5 years ago
Cheat on Immortal Dance (Path 4 Mouse) by getting a score under 5 seconds!
EXP +1
5 years ago
Advanced Mouse Avoider
Complete 75 official levels
EXP +75
5 years ago
Pro Mouse Avoider
Complete 40 official levels
EXP +25
5 years ago
Amateur Mouse Avoider
Complete 15 official levels
EXP +5
5 years ago
Moonlights climber
Complete Climb That! (Moonlights) in under 150 moves.
EXP +50
5 years ago
Level designer!
Create and share 1 level (accepted by the moderators).
EXP +50
5 years ago


Jump Gear 2
Rank : 146/2026
Score : 3276356
Completed 144 lvls (official: 136, accepted: 8).
Hog Pop
Rank : 220/1301
Score : 6974
Completed 19 lvls (official: 18, accepted: 1).
Rank : 25/1402
Score : 21792
Completed 565 lvls (official: 249, accepted: 316).
Ringmania 2.5
Rank : 153/595
Score : 10863
Completed 26 lvls (official: 23, accepted: 3).
Rank : 137/1827
Score : 4020
Completed 86 lvls (official: 84, accepted: 2).
Puzzle It
Rank : 77/362
Score : 529
Completed 37 lvls (official: 32, accepted: 5).
Rolling Turtle
Rank : 511/2356
Score : 4425
Completed 53 lvls (official: 53, accepted: 0).
Path 4 Mouse
Rank : 16/817
Score : 294577
Completed 154 lvls (official: 135, accepted: 19).
Rank : 51/133
Score : 157
Completed 89 lvls (official: 21, accepted: 68).
Updated daily


  • Updated level "Complex-2 UNF" (BLockoban). 22 days ago
  • Updated level "Complex-1 UNF" (BLockoban). 22 days ago
  • Updated level "Complex-1 UNF" (BLockoban). 22 days ago
  • Played pack "STcial Mod plex Class BB" (BLockoban). 22 days ago
  • Played BLockoban. 22 days ago
  • Updated level "Complex-2 UNF" (BLockoban). 23 days ago
  • Updated level "Complex-2 UNF" (BLockoban). 23 days ago
  • Updated level "Complex-2 UNF" (BLockoban). 23 days ago
  • Updated level "Complex-2 UNF" (BLockoban). 23 days ago
  • Updated level "Complex-2 UNF" (BLockoban). 23 days ago

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