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jasperpostema 12 years ago
  What about Layer Patterns
chris3000 12 years ago
  Well, i'll start with these two.

Broken Alley: This one takes forever.

Stepping Stones: This is kinda tough because you have to go through tight spaces and time it right.
SuperMario 12 years ago
  @Chris3000: But why mine, that lvl isn't hard, It's just timing and speedness =P

At least Inside The Cable isn't here, Oh and I've completed more lvls than you >=D
SleathPilot 12 years ago
  13 by me..
Treazer 12 years ago
  Wow, 11 levels by me xD
chris3000 12 years ago
  It'll take me forever to try to beat all these.
SuperMario 12 years ago
  Some of them are mine >=D
Treazer 12 years ago
  Ah yeh, right^^
Ferrari12 12 years ago
  No, look at the scores :)
Treazer 12 years ago
  But there are only 240 o.O
Ferrari12 12 years ago
  XD I completed 268 of them ;P
Treazer 12 years ago
  Nice Idea! I will see, how many levels I can complete.

edit: My Level, drinking life? o.O It's not that hard...

edit2: XD, completed 27 levels :-Þ
chris3000 12 years ago
  Hey, this is my newest pack. Enjoy these hard levels.

Path 4 Mouse developed by Hexicube

Move your mouse through the maze to win!

Pack My levels left created by chris3000

Well guys, this is all I have left to finish. I have to say that some levels are ridiculous to complete. So I have a challenge ahead of me.

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