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chris3000 2 months ago
  Nice comeback pig with the new levels. However I can't solve them. You and suhangha and many others here are fabulous designers. I wish I could be as good as y'all. I have low self esteem.
SimonM 2 months ago
  The reason I first set the level to purple, then grey, then blue to accept it, is to make sure it gets the correct order in the accepted level list. Sometimes when you edit an old unaccepted level, and directly set to blue, the level is not in the correct position.
suhangha 2 months ago
  EDIT: It's wonder why do you go through the process: Purple, Grey, Blue; I guess that's apart from the score issue.

Ballad BoomBox a 6/5 for my own level. I solved accepted 12 levels DMA&NMT. I need to prove if is possible total 84, Still I have to go score 12 levels BWB AND eveland; I would like to be evaluated on (fishing+remaning everland levels), lastly

Nice to meet pig levels!
pig's first rise of PI
SimonM 2 months ago
  Most of the levels seem impossible to me; please score on them to prove they are possible. Forest Camp Dome is brilliant by the way!
suhangha 2 months ago
  I think need a note about exception handling before releasing "Everland" part, the maps suitable for acceptance may be some of the 6 levels.

Taking this into consideration, I provide package anyone can watch / play for All 84 levels: Dozen Worlds Journey
From now on, in-puzzle of my maps editing is my limit, I feels it's enough that all puzzle is solvable and has Thoughtful Solution, I'm not sure how many out of 84 will ultimately be rejected.
chris3000 2 months ago
  Wow, this game is almost 12 years old, and I really have not put a lot of effort in creating levels here. Well that has to change. I'd like some satisfaction and contribution too.
suhangha 2 months ago
  sorry, I'm not sure if the level is acceptable, but making it small would break the intended solution so make editing inconvenient. It's not asking for a trick, but it's too difficult and need many tries. Blockoban also has several my big maps (levels 191, 192, and 197 to up) for the same reason unfortunately.

Actually, it's one challenge.
Below are the main gates of the level;
above is a checkpoint to check whether the Below gate has been solved without any tricks. one challenge needs both main and checkpoint.
Programming languages such as JavaScript are strictly logical.
I think you will be able to understand
SimonM 2 months ago
  The fishing level is set to be edited because it's way too big. You should make it smaller and more focused on a single trick/challenge.
suhangha 2 months ago
  I made new 6 special levels, all is possible but hasn't been released yet.
When Simon accepts the remaining beach levels, they 6 will be ready for publication, and I need to decide on names for my levels
Simon always remove scores, so New levels except level 6 (scored to prove its posible) now have no points
Oh, Puzzle wise men are gone, just Simon, Nelson and me, Favorable puzzlers bbdest/pudelmuetzennashorn solved many insane puzzles

@simon: fishing level is not related to this bomb bug, bomb works by block without link
No a missed trick/unintentional method
Please accept if you agree.
chris3000 2 months ago
  Have you notified Simon about this bug in the game. It needs to be addressed if possible.

I would send him a PM explaining what the issue is.
suhangha 2 months ago
  Volume C Releasing: Big Wave Beach (6 levels)

Low Tide High Tide bomb chain and field is needed to beat (to bug resolve)
Fishing in DeepSea
Difficulty: Extreme
Colors of Theme: White, Light Blue, Deep Blue, Yellow, Pink?, Cream, Brown, Orange, Deep Green, Teal
suhangha-2 2 months ago
  I like My Level Dark Ages which I made quite a while ago
suhangha 3 months ago

New one dozen levels releasing at once
Funky Dance
Neon Stage
Tower The Looker
King's Pursuit
Pop Glitter
Chip Arcade
Knight's TransAttack
Wizard's Bomb Spell
Ballad BoomBox
Metal and Dancers
Madness Juggler
Dark Ages

Those levels finished but unreleased
Windsurf on the Wave
Beach Outdoor
suhangha 3 months ago
  Yes, these puzzle games BB2, PI and Jelly have bugs/glitches that can be easily found, and in addition there is an annoying problem in BB1 that, ironically, not everyone has noticed, apparently. So the problem is that when a block enters the right goal there is a transparent effect around the 3X3 and cannot touch/drag the surrounding blocks because of that effect, only for a short while. Players who are usually fast should find that problem.
chris3000 3 months ago
  Yes, I know what a bug/glitch is in a game. Any game of sort.
suhangha 3 months ago
  He said that no longer updates game; but I'd just a mention of bugs. Chris, do you know that bug? if someone is a 'player' rather than a 'creator', easy to find at svart levels, right?
chris3000 3 months ago
  I don't know if Simon can fix that bug, the same thing happened to me a couple months ago when I was trying to solve some levels. I need to get back to playing this on a regular basis.
suhangha 3 months ago
  Volume A and Volume B were done! Total 12 levels so far
4 Great levels of new 12 levels, If I could vote myself, I give full-stars to:
Dark Middle Ages
Wizard's Bomb Spell
Chip Arcade
Ballad BoomBox

Wonderful Major Trick: Boom Floating Air
difficulty of both volumes = circuit madness

Volume A: Dark Middle Ages
Volume B: Neon Mixtape Tour
suhangha 3 months ago
  I found a strange chain bomb bug: a block of Line link suddenly stop duing boom! It's like a runtime bug in programming. Bugs do not occur if a block is in specific location tiles - I still don't know about the mechanism! try to see
chris3000 1 year ago
  Thank you for the tips CG, I'm gonna write them down or type them in an e-mail and start utilizing these to try to make the best fun,original levels to entertain you all. I feel like it was meant for me to find BL 13-14 years ago. So glad I took the time and effort to search for it.
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  I'll preface this by saying that I don't think this is a game where I am a brilliant designer:

I think the best way to build good levels is to play more levels. I had a look at both of your levels and they seem interesting. My biggest recommendation for BL in general would be to playtest the levels you make and think:

Is this level original?
Is this level both possible to beat and possible to fail?
Do I enjoy playing the level?
Do I have a good idea of what the level is based on the name/thumbnail?
Is the category I'm giving to this level appropriate for the level?

If the answer to any of those five questions is no, then your level probably isn't a good one. However, if you can confidently answer yes to every question - then your level *should* get accepted.

I will further emphasize that testing is the best way to be able to verify if a level is good. It is also OK to rework things if you find something in testing. I have binned off certain levels or reworked them entirely because of many reasons - the only way I've found them is in testing. As I said I am not very good at making levels here yet but if your levels follow those general guidelines for most games, they should be looked on more favourably.

Finally - I'll mention that the best Kids/Easy levels (which I think both your levels are) usually have a multitude of 'intentional solutions' and so many scores are possible intentionally - the really challenge is finding the most efficient one.
john96 1 year ago
  Hey, I just submitted my first two levels here. So I hope to make many,many more to contribute to this superb game. Jellify is cool too. Can you guys give me tips on how make levels similar to the official ones?

It will take me time to get used to the editor and understanding how all the objects work.
suhangha-2 1 year ago
  @Simon: Universe It 8 must be Medium
suhangha 1 year ago
  hey guys! I'll make series "Universe It" inspired by Puzzle It/Puzzle Star!
like BB2

please note: Universter means Universal Blockbuster
SimonM 1 year ago
  I updated all the category packs and the all level pack.
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  Thank you! I'm hoping to be able to grow my skills in this game myself as I upload and play more levels. Penumbra is definitely not trivial - I think it's best to focus on getting the two outermost purples into play - and taking care of the dark purple on the way.
chris3000 1 year ago
  Wow, CG, very awesome job on the latest levels you've uploaded. Cold cycle was a good challenge which made me think of how to arrange the blocks so they can help each other out.

Penumbra is trickier because I have to use the grey blocks to assist the colored blocks. Maybe you can teach me how to be creative with my future designs. Hope you all are having a good 2023!
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  Thank you both for the feedback! I have replayed it and I agree that kids is not the right category. I don't think I've played enough levels to determine between Easy or Medium - so I will trust your judgements as you are both more experienced than me by far in this game.
suhangha-2 1 year ago
  i agree moreover colorstyle is fantastic
nelson90 1 year ago
  Emerald Puzzle is a fantastic level indeed but I wonder which kid would be able to solve it :). Considering that there are linked blocks and that you have to dispose grey blocks wisely, I would rather suggest medium category.

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