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chris3000 1 year ago
  Hey, will this be updated? It's been 3 weeks since I played PI. I just got started back playing this today. I'm hoping to get the 2000 award soon. Then I will take first place in EXP. Wish me luck.
SimonM 5 years ago
  That's good news. :)
oldmanrob 5 years ago
  you have not. when it's a number that can be divided by 45 (a full page) the system add 1 and show an empty page at the end. the first time it happens to me with the blockoban packs i almost lost my mind. (happily i had already lost it before)
SimonM 5 years ago
  I updated the pack, but I seem to forgot just 1 level, but I can't find which level is lonely.
SimonM 5 years ago
  I updated the pack again. :)
SimonM 5 years ago
  Updated again. :)
Jos 5 years ago
  You too, and with a better score I see.
The_S 5 years ago
  Congrats for beating all of the levels, Jos!
Jos 5 years ago
  @ the_S: long live PI grazyness!
Treazer 5 years ago
  Well done! :D I completed 1111 levels of Puzzle it! xP
SimonM 5 years ago
  I finally updated it again!
Mandy 6 years ago
SimonM 6 years ago
  Updated, it took me 10 minutes.
oldmanrob 6 years ago
  Update this will be lot of work.
SimonM 7 years ago
  In order they were made.
azz 7 years ago
  So is this in the order they were made or from kids to insane?
SimonM 7 years ago
  I update it once in a week.
oldmanrob 7 years ago
  Will there be an update?

Puzzle It developed by SimonM

Clear all blocks to complete a level.
Puzzle It!

Pack Puzzle It: all levels created by SimonM

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