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Magic_X 8 years ago
  Well, i kinda just picked ones that kinda looked futuristic. And lots of yours did! :D
Ahroo 8 years ago
  LOL, Murals of Hogg wasn't even meant to depict things in the future. xD

Or any of my levels, for that matter. xD
SuperDog 8 years ago
  Lol, magic X!
Magic_X 8 years ago
  I forgot i made this... -_-
Lollipaloozer 8 years ago
  Ooo! Cool levels!

Rolling Turtle developed by jp

Your objective is to reach the final flag. Controls : Space bar to jump. Left & right arrows to adjust speed. Up & down arrows to zoom in/out.

Pack Future Levels created by Magic_X

Levels depicting stuff in the future!

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