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Level "Escape the mansion" from the game "Rolling Turtle"

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Escape the mansion
  • Accepted level Accepted level
  • Created by cam 12 years ago.
  • Updated 12 years ago.
  • 4 comments. Last comment 12 years ago by MooKings.
  • Rating 3.901/5 (10 raters)
  • 1334 plays
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Dynamo92 points
G​a​r​y​g​o​h​8​8​4​87 points
G​a​m​e​m​a​s​t​e​r​86 points
chris300085 points
t​u​r​t​l​e​_​8​8​8​8​85 points
Jac184 points
kbpikachu83 points
Sillius82 points
SOP82 points
jondeelee81 points
goldie80 points
M​e​a​t​y​D​i​n​o​2​4​6​80 points
S​u​p​e​r​M​a​r​i​o​79 points
d​r​g​o​n​z​o​1​9​8​7​79 points
k​n​g​d​m​h​r​t​s​2​78 points
Joefish78 points
tUrtleboy78 points
c​o​d​e​m​a​n​4​2​k​78 points
TT77 points
Zakko60077 points
v​a​n​d​e​r​w​a​a​l​76 points
vejrum76 points
Magic_X76 points
tu75 points
s​p​i​d​e​r​p​e​p​s​73 points
l​u​c​a​t​o​n​i​f​a​n​73 points
SimonM72 points
Username71 points
n​e​o​s​e​a​n​n​e​r​67 points
dingdong67 points
F​a​n​t​a​-​F​r​e​a​k​64 points
Daft_Punk64 points
rocky64 points
j​a​s​p​e​r​p​o​s​t​e​m​a​64 points
S​U​P​E​R​-​L​E​V​L​E​R​64 points
maxx62 points
m​a​g​4​l​i​f​e​3​3​62 points
manuellav60 points
a​w​e​s​o​m​e​n​e​s​s​58 points
juhdanad58 points
manuelixD57 points
chuckles57 points
legoman55 points
Im54 points
t​a​y​t​a​y​1​2​3​t​53 points
Raymond53 points
Saberdile52 points
UseAIM48 points
MooKings47 points
oh_bebe47 points
pkb12345 points
erebos45 points
Habbo1045 points
Lisa44 points
A​d​r​i​a​n​P​e​t​e​r​s​o​n​2​8​43 points
nelson9043 points
B​o​n​u​s​L​e​v​e​L​o​v​e​r​38 points
r1downing38 points
n​a​r​u​t​o​4​e​v​e​r​37 points
a​l​l​y​c​a​t​3​6​9​36 points
fun13532 points
c​o​l​i​v​e​f​l​o​w​e​r​7​6​27 points
j​a​d​e​l​i​n​-​g​a​m​e​r​-​g​i​r​l​24 points
Sires23 points
mat81117 points
vxFimse15 points
m​e​w​m​e​w​l​u​v​e​r​_​1​5​1​13 points
123omar100 points
cinephile-73 points
c​a​t​z​r​o​c​k​9​6​-110 points
q_boy-276 points
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