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Topic, Level "Chaotic Rift", game "Jump Gear 2"

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SuperMario 5 years ago
  This is, and will always be, the best JG2 auto.

Ouch the hype is over.
gameinsky 8 years ago
  He said: I rate 3, because if i don't it won't get out of the top 10, and it doesn't deserve to be in the top 10.
CamoDragoon 8 years ago
  I don't understand what that means.......he rated it down SO THAT it wouldn't be in the top ten, or BECAUSE it wouldn't be in the top ten?

Anyways it's an amazing auto 5/5
gameinsky 8 years ago
  Actually I finally understand what patricassie ment, I thought he rated 3 because every score is the same, turns out he rated 3 for the sole reason that the level wouldn't be in the top 10 of JG2 levels...
kiethy342 8 years ago
  This is the best auto on JG2! It touches the lethal a lot of times, And the background suits the level completely! Plus it was such a good idea to use the only normal lines as dots, and the way it bounce around the lethal! 5/5!
MeatyDino246 8 years ago
  I've played nearly every auto in this game before I became a user.
zariars 8 years ago
  Well try "Up Auto - Dark Cave", it is one of my favorites. :D
MeatyDino246 8 years ago
  Well, there are like a million close calls which I find really amazing. The fact that you finish at the last second is a miracle. And it is really epic IMO.
zariars 8 years ago
  Plz dont say it like that.Explain the thing there is good about the lvl instead of just saying it is awesome
MeatyDino246 8 years ago

Level rules!!!!!
Brandie97 8 years ago
  nice level :D
kiethy342 8 years ago
  best auto ever!
birjolaxew 8 years ago
  Actually, I always supported threadomancing of epicly epic levels.

I hate threadomancing of old s**t levels, however.
Ahroo 8 years ago
  Hypocrite FTW. |:p
MatthijsM 8 years ago
  yeah birjo it's 3 Monts
Ferrari12 8 years ago
  And you complain about others, look at yourself....
birjolaxew 8 years ago
  At least it's epic right?
sufer 9 years ago
  This is simply awesome!
sufer 9 years ago
  How good can u get! Epic!
Ahroo 9 years ago
  Because it's on JG2. xP

BTW, I see Sillius working on Chaotic Rift 2... >:D
gameinsky 9 years ago
  this got more rates than my RT world of agic auto, lol
niimporta 9 years ago
  This deserves a novel prize :D
AK 9 years ago

jp 9 years ago
  This is really awesome.
Ahroo 9 years ago
  3rd score on the uncheatable level. :P
Ahroo 9 years ago
  ... and so it ends. :/

You deserve a rating from me, this auto needs a 6/5!

... wait, is that an improper fraction? O_o

dangit, 5/5 instead. D:
Hyro 9 years ago



Just... epic... lol.
gamelover101 9 years ago
  Man, this lvl rules!
Im 9 years ago
  Why would that be weird? I mean, this level is awesome, but besides the close-to-death experience and looks, this level is BORING. Wouldn't be strange to rate 4 imo.
Treazer 9 years ago
  WHAT???!!!!! Patrickkasie123 must be banned!!!! You could rate it 4, but thats strange too!!!

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Shiro 9 years ago
  Sillius and Gameinsky, I congrats you both with making the best Jump Gear 2 auto ever made. This one is pure awesomeness, with alot of awesomesauce on top of it. The neatness, the detail, everything! The background fits completely with the rest of the level and as soon as you move you'll die, there's completely no way of cheating in this level. I literally touched a lethal line sometimes, not only once nor twice, but serval more times! At 64:900 and at 52:850, at 46:690 and 45:172, but also at 34:330! That's 5 times that you should basicly die! This is the first Jump Gear 2 auto level that I'm giving a 5/5! Too bad I couldn't rate higher! I salute you Sillius & Gameinsky!
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