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Topic, BL Rooms HP Collab

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AK 4 years ago
  Wrong level ID, it's BL Rooms (Hog Pop) :P
kiethy342 4 years ago
  lol, not it hasn't :P
gamelover101 4 years ago
  The level has basically been shortened and finished: Quiet Garden (Rolling Turtle)

It only took like what, 3 years? lol
neoseanner2 6 years ago
  wait a minute , this level made 1 year ago , and BL evolve at that time , the editor (s) should make this more fun

*cough* sorry bad grammar
gameinsky 6 years ago
  One of the collaborators could easily take the code and paste it into a new level to complete it. at this points it's probably big enough to almost finish it.
neoseanner2 6 years ago
  how about to make the new one ?
alanliu12121 6 years ago
  Wow, a project 1 year ago that isn't complete...
neoseanner 6 years ago
  i want to help , maybe my rolling turtle decorating skill will also help here.
psychomaster 6 years ago
  And I wanna help :)
SuperMario 6 years ago
  I agree with GL, that level is cool.
gamelover101 6 years ago
  megabump. Since AK's gone, will an admin please help to keep this going? I don't want to lose our work :<
AK 7 years ago
  Dynamo may be inactive, he hasn't responded to my PM... :C

It may be azz's turn, but we'll wait a day or two more.
gamelover101 7 years ago
  Durr...... Care to clarify?
AK 7 years ago
  I'll figure out that glitch. I already know what it can and can't be.

The thing that I have found has caused that glitch is an info next to or inside a path. All the levels in HP that have the glitch all have that in it.

EDIT: GL101, your room was the one with the glitch. :C
gamelover101 7 years ago
  Are we still starting? Even wid that awful glitch? :S
AK 7 years ago

You were gone for a bit...

Added you. You can go after Dynamo.
azz 7 years ago
  I asked to be in this.
Where am I on the list?
AK 7 years ago
  Loulou is temporarily out... Dynamo's turn!
gamelover101 7 years ago
  Gone, maybe in lou?
AK 7 years ago
  Where's LouLou???? O_________________O
gamelover101 7 years ago
  Bumpy bump bump. :P
gamelover101 7 years ago
  Can you beat mine? Start in the catch bubble.
AK 7 years ago
  Thanks GL101! Now for Loulou465!
gamelover101 7 years ago
  You were lucky that I had just come back. :P
AK 7 years ago
  I'm going to make teleports when everyone is done. Don't worry, just put the hedgehog where you want it to start and make your room!
gamelover101 7 years ago
  Problem: How do you go from room to room?
AK 7 years ago
  This is going to be terrible... :X

GL101, you're going now, and i'm taking out everyone except the people here. It's laggy enough as it is.
gamelover101 7 years ago
  1 century later............
I regret ever bumping this.... :3
AK 7 years ago
  THANK YOU!!!!! :D

gamelover101 7 years ago

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First post of the topic

AK 7 years ago
  BL Rooms (Hog Pop)

Anyone want to do a collab in HP? Every person who wants to join can join.

Basically, we all get the same sized box, or "room". In that room, you can make whatever you want. But, that's as much as you can do. You cannot change the room dimensions, and you can't change the size or type of the walls (that would interfere with other's rooms).

Also, you MUST have at least 5 bubbles in your room, and a max of 25. You also have to have your name somewhere in your room.

Change of plans. Since it's getting laggy and half of the people are gone, only 9 will be in it.

Any takers?

BL Rooms Collab:
AK (Finished)
Kiethy342 (Finished)
Daft_Punk (Finished)
SleathPilot (Finished)
Ferrari12 (Finished)
Gamelover101 (Finished)
Loulou465 (Not Found)
Dynamo (Starting)
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