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Topic, Astro-Breaker Suggestions and Game Ideas

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manufan 9 years ago
  Thanks for the clarification :)

So my collision is fine, except for the vertical walls of the brick.

It won't be too hard, and it isn't really based on angles in code, but I have already figured it out. :)
Treazer 9 years ago
  Angle of incidence is equal to angle of reflection.
manufan 9 years ago
  True, but by what means? I feel if it bounces off on the X axis too near the centre then the dynamic of the game is destroyed. I think it should only be done for the corners, but I want to know what you guys thought about that, in relation to whether the ball bounces off on the X axis nearer the centre.
Treazer 9 years ago
  Of course it should bounce off on X axis as well. Otherwise it wouldn't make sense.
manufan 9 years ago
  I need some help with the Physics (not programming though).

How should the ball handle brick collision?


More suggestions / feedback would be welcome.

manufan 9 years ago
  Some Feedback on your ideas:


- Wormholes / Teleporters: Always been an idea of mine ever since that Windows XP Pinball Game.

- Wall / Null Bricks: Again, a good suggestion.

- Magnetic Bricks: A Possibility.


- Big & Tiny can be done with a little tweaking.

- Ball Speed +/- can be done easily.

- Light & Heavy: I have alternative ideas as these, I'm afraid, cannot be implemented.

- Macho & Weak: Unsure, probably not going to be implemented.

Thanks for the suggestions!
AK 9 years ago
  How about teleporters? Either you could have in and out teleporters or both would be two-way.

I hope you have wall bricks, which can't be broken and don't need to be in order to win.

What about magnetic bricks, that pull or push away the balls (not too much, of course), that also don't need to be broken to win?

I also have some ideas for powerups:

Big (B) - increases length of paddle
Tiny (T) - decreases size of paddle
Quick (Q) - increases speed of ball
Slow (S) - decreases speed of ball
Light (L) - increases speed of paddle
Heavy (H) - decreases speed of paddle
Macho (M) - increases amount of damage ball can do
Weak (W) - decreases amount of damage ball can do
manufan 9 years ago
  Specific Powerup Bricks, as random chance powerups affect level scoring and doesn't really highlight skill, it highlights luck. My Brickbreaker will have a strategy and skill emphasis from the off, in a bid to attract some members from the Puzzle Game communities who don't really venture outside of the genre.
gameinsky 9 years ago
  Are you going to have specific powerup bricks or just give powerups a random chance to drop?
manufan 9 years ago
  Bumping this, I'm gonna change first post.
manufan 12 years ago
  You'll like this, the sound effects volumes have been turned down! The Sound on the Buttons are quieter than the Bouncing sounds. The winning sound is the same, for now.
manufan 12 years ago
  I am very sad to announce that Dynamo, may have been inactive, and my fellow admin, shall, no longer be here.

On the bright side, I fixed major Ball Collision issues. The sound is fixed, so I'll add Hexicube as a tester shortly.
manufan 12 years ago
  @Hex: Okay, did you think it was good? Also, can you help me with the conversion of data-types?
SuperMario 12 years ago
  Oh, but It's OK :)
gamelover101 12 years ago
  Sirruiez whatever tere fuxed,
SuperMario 12 years ago
  Combo Multiplier x20 maybe xD
Hexicube 12 years ago
  meh you can remove me now, just add me whenever theres substantial change and ill feedback :P
manufan 12 years ago
  Masquerade, stop acting childish... I actually HAD to delete my message.
Masquerade 12 years ago
  That reminds me,Hows GL loving his "24" hours of testing?XD Mah 300th post
manufan 12 years ago
  No. I have, before we begin.

@Hex: I will add you as a tester for 24hrs exclusive access.

@Birjo: Okay.
birjolaxew 12 years ago
  What is up with people and their stupid ideas...

No, the user would not find it fun to play with a constantly changing screen-effect. Seriously.
Hexicube 12 years ago
  "how about a twilight brick instead"
id also like to see how the game is coming along :P
Masquerade 12 years ago
  Blur Brick

a)blurs screen like a sloppy 8-bit game
b)can have time setting in editor
c)also makes ball goes slower
manufan 12 years ago
  Good ._.

I like your idea, it's just a bit all over the place.


I think I get it but your diagrams aren't clearly labelled. For example:

Quoting Myself from Topic, "Astro Breaker Suggestions and Game Ideas"

The New Bomb Formula:

For the sense of the diagram, let's say the ball respawned in the Yellow Brick's target area, this would happen if it was a bomb ball:

The Bomb Formula

Main Message:

I've figured it out but from now, even an MS Paint drawing would be better. 'An insane range' for what? Playing with Elephants? Shooting a target? What?
Masquerade 12 years ago
  Iz wil not stop until meh idehz iz implenteded!-_-
manufan 12 years ago
  Hmm... Masquerade, it's not BallWars V 2.0.

Still, you have great vocabulary, and great ideas!
Masquerade 12 years ago
  What about a enemy that hurts the ball when ever the ball gets near it?
a)can't be destroyed
b)has insane range
c)can shoot from all the cardinal diretions
manufan 12 years ago
  I scrapped the Preloader AGES ago Simon....

GL101, if you're not happy now then you never will be with this game! :/
SimonM 12 years ago
  You don't need preloader, bl api does the preloading.
Hexicube 12 years ago
  "Gum = Last Week + Too long to code"
good idea = stupid counter-argument + laziness? o.O


First post of the topic

manufan 12 years ago
  Astro-Breaker Suggestions and Game Ideas:

What is this topic about?
I am creating a game called Astro Breaker and ideas are always welcome!

What is the game about?
It is a basic spacey, retro Brickbreaker / Arkanoid game. Any suggestions for bricks, powerups or gameplay should be posted on this thread!

Types of Brick

Artist: Treazer



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