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Topic, Astro-Breaker Suggestions and Game Ideas

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manufan 9 years ago
  Nachos I know... I have no Internet Access. I do now, but whether I can be arsed to go on all day is another matter.

The Game will have the ball respawning on the center of the paddle if you die. It will also start on the paddle. (Happy GL?)

Admins have already been decided in my mind, but I won't tell who they are and I will not add them yet. So there, a stop to the 'Admin War' as Nachos described it.

Also, I said Dynamo could be added as an Admin Lvl 2 as a teaching tool for Flash. However, he isn't active any longer.

Tile Debate:

We or I will scrap some ideas:
Gum = Last Week + Too long to code

Now, please can you post tiles to scrap or enemies or powerups. Thanks.
And Finally, if you are wondering why I will go on BL at any hour, it's because I'm still on the Autumn Break or Half Term (My School Gets Two Weeks!).
nachos 9 years ago
  We were already back on topic :/
I had just suggested a new idea.
gamelover101 9 years ago
  Look, it's way too early for deciding admins! BACK ON TOPIC I GOT SOMETHING TO SAY!
nachos 9 years ago
  OK back on topic!!
I have an idea!
Ok..... Im not sure if you already added this but you should add BG lines or BG blocks. Or both.

Hexicube 9 years ago
  admin fight? this is hardly an ADMIN fight XP
chris3000 9 years ago
  Well I think this has gotten way out of hand.
nachos 9 years ago
  Im really sorry for nagging, spamming, and starting this whole admin fight thing.
I did'nt mean for it to cause you trouble sorry.
manufan 9 years ago
  Okay. I'm half of a Game Adminsitrator Lvl. 2 = Great Adminreat admin.
Hexicube 9 years ago
  not yet youre not :P
manufan 9 years ago
  But I'm a Game Adminsitrator Lvl. 2 = Great Adminreat admin.
Hexicube 9 years ago
  good admins know how and when to edit their messages
great ones dont need to ;)
manufan 9 years ago
  I don't see that at all... You must be fooled.

Hexicube 9 years ago
  "Obviously has to speak fluent English"
you used finally twice then added another paragraph :P
manufan 9 years ago
  @Hex: That's all true, but don't say that about my game! That will go very far.

Here are the qualities of an administrator in my games:

- Must not take sides where possible. The only side they should take is against the material of spam, whatever its nature. (e.g. Spamming Bad Levels or actual spam messages)

- It would be nice if he or she knew at least bits of another foreign language, of course within ethnicity or easy difficulty. (I don't want angry members complaining they can't speak Vietnamese.) European languages will do for me, Latin would be great!

- Obviously has to speak fluent English. Birjolaxew clearly does not see my point. Spelling mistakes do not matter as long as they aren't too often, grammar does. Spell either the American way or the English way, it doesn't really matter, except the only word I'm not going to like is 'thru'.

- Availability is a must. An hour a day is fine, Gamelover, I know that oldmtnguy and others have family or limitations on when they use the computer.

- Got to be mature. Ever since Allyally explained to me what really was going to happen through puberty maturity-wise, I have been getting much more mature, my parents say. I will not, and I mean not have obscene language, racist, sexist, sizeist or any other comments about members of that sort of nature.

- They've got to be helpful. I would like all administrators to make clear, detailed instructions about how to do something in a game. If they don't want to write, they could post a YouTube video link about how to do this or call another Administrator, me perhaps.

- Finally listens. A mouth is no good without a pair of ears. Try to avoid getting frustrated and be patient and try to teach users who are struggling or who haven't found the ropes yet. A collaboration level, would be an excellent way of doing this.

- They must set a clear example, remember the idea is to have the possibilities to be endless therefore unleashing creativity.
Hexicube 9 years ago
  you get disgusted at us for spam, but dont mind GL constantly spamming the EXACT same message 5000 times!? WTF!?!?

I fail to see your logic in admin choice too...the ideal admins are actually not only mature, but also avoid taking sides where possible, have knowledge of what makes a decent level(yes thats a trait needed), and also have the patience when dealing with problems...

not like I mind, I still doubt this game will make it that far...
manufan 9 years ago
  Right. For once I'm not going spam or get agitated. I'm disgusted that you spam this topic when I'm not available.

None of you who nagged are admins. The shite I had to trawl through was horrific. Only Four people who posted on this topic can be considered as worthy admins.

Yes, alright, I was a little 'over-the-top' with the Admin Code so that goes away. The most likely Admins for the game are clearly:

Kiethy342 - Also a loyal subscriber and who is clearly mature.

Loulou465 - Again, a loyal subscriber, he seems friendly enough.

Nachos - For actually trying to stop the spam.

Masquerade - Same as Nachos.

@Marioisfireball The only rights you have is to stop speaking out of your inbred mouth (AKA - Cake-hole.)


1) They are going to have to stay for a while, but I will definately get new ones!

2) Okay, I will definately consider that.

Everyone, Act mature, like GL01.
gamelover101 9 years ago
  Quoting gamelover101 from Astro-Breaker Suggestions and Game Ideas
Yo gamedevs, I have 2 things I would like you to improve on this game so far.

1) THE SOUND EFFECTS! Why is there that annoying beeping sound that irratates my ears? And it's really loud!

2) Ball spawning. I've played many arkanoid games, and the balls always spawn on the paddle, and you click to release. Here, it goes at an off angle from the middle of the screen. Waste of lives.


Masquerade 9 years ago
  Well let's get back on topic.BRICK IDEA:Fake Brick Before:others are gone,they look like BG bricks.
After:They look like regular bricks.
Hexicube 9 years ago
  ill give him brick mania XP
chris3000 9 years ago
  If Manufan can pull this off, i'll give him a chocolate cake, :P
Hexicube 9 years ago
  for the record I was actually offered a while back, I feel like seeing how far the game is :P
chris3000 9 years ago
  Why is life so difficult?
gamelover101 9 years ago
  This is stupid. Seriously. If you want to be an admin, don't look at a stupid little criteria and nagging.

You really should choose admins based on whether they fit this job. What birjolaxew said.

MarioIsFireball10 9 years ago
  No, we will not stop nagging! We have rights, you know!

And if anything, I should be an admin. :3
nachos 9 years ago
  Every one stop nagging Manufan and go back on topic!!!!

Im sorry for starting this Geeeez. Sorry Manufan
Hexicube 9 years ago
  spam spam spam spam derp spam cake lolz spam spam spam
ques tion s?!?
gamelover101 9 years ago

Can you hear me? gawd.
dingdong 9 years ago
  Looking at criteria 3. Its not only about spam, but also nagging. And everyone who post their qualities are nagging, spoiling that criteria (with exeptions).

Too bad
loulou465 9 years ago
  I may be young but I'm quite mature.
I am fluent in English but I don't know french (I'll probably use Google translator for that)
I come on every day and I am not going to leave any time soon.
I've never spammed.
kiethy342 9 years ago
  I am fluent in English, and I understand a lot of French and Spanish (Anything I don't know, I'll copy into google translate).
I am always available, I come on every day (I'm not going to leave any time soon either!)
I've never spammed.
I'm as polite as I can.
I'm already stuck to the code! :)


First post of the topic

manufan 9 years ago
  Astro-Breaker Suggestions and Game Ideas:

What is this topic about?
I am creating a game called Astro Breaker and ideas are always welcome!

What is the game about?
It is a basic spacey, retro Brickbreaker / Arkanoid game. Any suggestions for bricks, powerups or gameplay should be posted on this thread!

Types of Brick

Artist: Treazer



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