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gamelover101 3 years ago
  There should be a way to replace existing speech bubbles/signs/etc with new ones as they're activated. Multiple dialogs of different types look really awkward when stacked
Treazer 3 years ago
  You can stack everything actually, not only speech bubbles.
Ferrari12 3 years ago
  I have a few questions:

- Is there a way to mute the music and sound effects?

- Is there a reason for the possibility to stack speech bubbles?

I would also like to specify that I think what Treazer wrote should also apply to other text entities such as signs.
gamelover101 3 years ago
  When exiting test mode, would it be possible to stop the game engine (i.e. sound and music) from playing?
Treazer 3 years ago
  Also, automatically resizing the speech bubbles so it's not super big for three words for instance.
gamelover101 3 years ago
  - Allow setting how long narration/various speech lasts, like in the jp games.

- Allow setting custom line breaks in Static Text, so things like this don't happen: podly be like :|
Treazer 3 years ago
  This has only been mentioned in the chat, so I'll post this here now.

more scoring possibilities:
- that's how it currently works
- you collect eggs to earn points
- like it exists in RT and HP
- jumps decrease score, can be useful for some levels
- killing enemies gives points
- deaths decrease score

These are the four scoring possibilities and each of which except eggs are optional, i.e. the level creator (de-)activates them.
Eggs are always on, because you only have to place the eggs to give Podly the ability to collect them.
You can combine everything how you want it to be.

edit: 100th comment! :D
psychomaster 3 years ago
  The ability to skip to checkpoints by pressing a button during Test Mode, similar to RT
gamelover101 3 years ago
  Some more:

* WASD support (if it hasn't been mentioned yet)
* Ramp/stair-like tiles that allow you to ascend/descend w/o jumping
* More configurability in tiles, such as how far a cannon can shoot, etc.
gamelover101 3 years ago
  Seriously? :|
Treazer 3 years ago
  Ah, I knew this was a thing already, I just didn't remember how it worked. :D
geckojsc 3 years ago
  No I mean, you can literally put a button and crate in the same group and the button will cause the crate to reset to its original position. xD
gamelover101 3 years ago
  I had a nice conversation with Treazer on chat, but I couldn't get the trick to work with multiple crates.
Basically, a pink button is attached to two groups: one with a destroyer, and another with both a creator and the destroyer. Both are connected to the same group of creates, but the end result isn't what I'm looking for. When the button is triggered, the crates disappear and reappear at the same spot, but not in their original positions.
geckojsc 3 years ago
  GL, you can already do this ;)
gamelover101 3 years ago
  - Allow crates to have their position reset by attaching a button to it. I kind of need this for a level, because crates can get platforms stuck and there's no way to reset unless you restart the entire level.
Treazer 3 years ago
  A toggle-able grid view in the editor would be nice as well.

edit: I totally forgot this is already a thing. xD
gameinsky 3 years ago
  Editor/user-friendliness suggestions:

- Water droplets can be lava as well.
- The option to zoom the game in to 200%.
- Block movement configurations.
- Allow to link objects configurations to custom graphics.
- Tooltips in the editor (can be turned on or off?)
- More friendly critters like butterflies and mice.
- Link triggers to text so you can have npc's talk to you from afar.
SuperDog 3 years ago
  Also, pressing 1 while editing the level brings up the debug thing when testing.
gamelover101 3 years ago
  Usability suggestion: in the editor, don't reset currently selected tool to 'draw' and 'terrain' whenever you switch rooms.
Treazer 3 years ago
  That's true. Perhaps you could also make use of bigger dimensions for the editor? Like adding a sidebar or something.
geckojsc 3 years ago
  Yep, I totally get what you mean. It's just that making any structural change to the editor at this stage is a nightmare. xD

I guess I could use an accordion component or something similar to separate the editor into sections that you can view one at a time but then I might struggle to make effective use of all the screen space (tile map is mostly vertical after all). However, I suppose I could use the screen space to add more descriptions and stuff.

Alternatively I could aim for a layout similar to the other BL games, where the UI components are mostly popups that sit over the map, so you have the maximum screen space available for editing.

Well, it's something I'll consider but at this point I'm so done with the game, I just need to finish all the content, gameplay and levels and get it out there.
Treazer 3 years ago
  Circular editor brushes would be cool, also in different sizes.

Also, the editor needs a small overhaul in my opinion. Everything is a bit cramped, perhaps you could show only one block of the standard tilesets with auto-tiling automatically activated. An additional option toggles manual placement for each tile of the tileset, the activated tileset opens in another box.
Categorizing decorations and entities and such with some kind of drop-down menu.

It's hard to explain what I mean, I could provide a picture instead if you consider updating the editor one day.
CubixIII 4 years ago
gamelover101 4 years ago
  Can we have conveyor belts in the game?
totallyepicdude321 4 years ago
  hey, how about a FLAME SHIELD? you know, protects you from 1 fire attack and lets you walk in lava? would be cool, you could make a level with the exit under the lava, and at the end you get the flame shield and you win...
CubixIII 4 years ago
  ah..... I see.
Treazer 4 years ago
  Maybe is 50% and probably is >50%.
CubixIII 4 years ago
  aren't probably and maybe same terms?

plus, what about portals?

(you all know what those are and do)
gameinsky 4 years ago
  the most logical thing would be if the platform gets stuck.
geckojsc 4 years ago
  I'm not considering RT style paths, but some kind of moving platform would be nice.
Maybe it would be possible to direct it using invisible 'arrow' entities or something.

Also you could link these arrows to buttons/triggers so you could have puzzles involving moving platforms.

I really need to rework the crates a little so that they work in stacks and stuff.

Vertically moving platforms are really hard with the current engine, especially when you consider objects stacked on top of each other while moving upwards. How do you handle the case where the platform is moving into the ceiling with a stack of crates on top?

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First post of the topic

Treazer 5 years ago
  Here's a list of suggestions for Obscurity.
Feel free to post your suggestions in this topic.
Please read the other comments before suggest ideas.

Red ideas will probably be implemented.

Black ideas will maybe be implemented.



Stealth Powerup by Treazer
Hides Podly from Turrets and homing enemies like Stingers, evil Schemers etc.

Underwater enemies by Treazer
More enemies with the water theme, like piranhas and jellyfish.

Cave enemies by Alanliu12121
More enemies with the cave theme, like bats and spiders.

Mines by Alanliu12121
Exploding mines on the ground which explode at a touch.

Laser Turrets by Treazer
Turrets that shoot lasers at Podly.

Acid by Treazer
Poison liquid.

Double Jump Powerup by Kiethy342
Allows Podly to make one jump in the air.

Chameleon enemy by Treazer.
Can hide from Podly and attacks him with his tongue.

Iron Ball by Spoony
Acts like a boulder and will kill enemies and Podly.
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