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Topic, Prime Game

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Coolguy52 9 months ago
  Take the product of the first two primes and subtract it off the square off the first two primes concatenate in order. There's the next prime.
kalina200 9 months ago
  521 follows.
Coolguy52 9 months ago
  509 is next.
gameinsky 9 months ago
  503 is the next one
Coolguy52 9 months ago
  After that comes 499 - final prime and number before 500.
gameinsky 9 months ago
  491 is the next one I believe
Coolguy52 9 months ago
  487 - almost halfway to 1,000...
kalina200 9 months ago
  The next prime surprisingly isn't 469, which I presume someone was going to say, it is equal to 7 * 67, which makes it a semi-prime. If you want the next prime, add 10 to the number.
Coolguy52 9 months ago
  The next one after 463 will be 467.
oldmanrob 9 months ago
  the next one is very closed (i think): 463.
kalina200 9 months ago
  I misspelt 'digits' and a few more words in this thread, hopefully, my bad grammar last year doesn't change the fact that the next prime is, of course 461
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  457, after ever

-Also, pretty sure I can get to 900 xD
SimonM 1 year ago
  The next one is 449.
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  443 should be next.
SimonM 1 year ago
  The next one is 439.
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  433 will follow from this
SimonM 1 year ago
  The next is 431.
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  4-2-1 is a number that you get from halving the digits as they go (419 is the name of a scam).

kalina200 1 year ago
  What's so special about 419?
Coolguy52 2 years ago
  409 is the one that follows....

(I wish I got the next number...)
oldmanrob 2 years ago
  401 the first on the 400s.
Coolguy52 2 years ago
  397 waves goodbye to the 300s - entering the 400s...
kalina200 2 years ago
  Updated stuff

389 Defiantly....

Sorry Im inactive, broke phone and no PC...

Coolguy52 2 years ago
  383 - A Woodall prime, and the entire focus of a numberphile video. Also the next palindromic prime.

Fun Fact: If you check if a number divides by any prime under thirty (and then exclude 1) - you will get 169 numbers under 1000, 168 of which are prime.
gameinsky 2 years ago
  379 is the one that comes after I believe so.
SimonM 2 years ago
  The next is a palindromic prime: 373.
Coolguy52 2 years ago
  367 to avoid nineteen squared.
SimonM 2 years ago
  The next one is 359.
Coolguy52 2 years ago
  353 is a not so distant cousin.
SimonM 2 years ago
  Again a twin prime: 349.

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First post of the topic

kalina200 2 years ago
  The backstory to this is about 2 weeks ago Coolguy52 on discord asked me to play a maths game called the prime game.

Fast forward 2 weeks every day he wants to play it with me and CubixIII and it becomes a meme to wind eachother up, and as with every insider meme, it won't go away ;-;

So I thought the best idea was to bring it to bonuslevel xD

Basically this torture is gonna make everyone hate me (but actually send it to Coolguy52)

So the rules:
Basically you have to say the prime after the last without doubleposting and with only one number in the comment and if I say 2 someone will say the next one (3)

This is only prime numbers

If someone says the wrong number or no one posts for 2 weeks then it reset and if someone gets it wrong they get 1 point.

You get achievements when you reach these milestones:

50 - Novice
100 - Average
200 - Better than me and cubix
300 - #PrimeNations (coolguys thingy) - Current
500 - Epic
700 - Hacker
800 - Good as coolguy
900 - better than coolguy
1000 - 4 digets?? 4 no prime.. no sense??
1500 - Albert Einstein
2000 - coolguy x100
5000 - Prime Is My City
10000 - Prime Is My Country
20000 - Prime Is My Planet
50000 - Prime Is Life, The Universe, And Everything
100000 - You need to re-evaluate your life

If you get points, however, you get these
1 point - You lost it for us ;-;
2 points - Stop it
5 points - You hate primes
10 points - IQ of 50
20 points - IQ of 1
50 points - Dumber than a wall

Points of people:

Highest Score:

I'll start:

Good luck
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