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Level "Happy Face" from the game "BLockoban"

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Happy Face
  • Accepted level Accepted level
  • Created by jasperpostema 8 years ago.
  • 1 comment. Last comment 8 years ago by oldmtnguy.
  • Rating 4.602/5 (5 raters)
  • 376 plays
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ToughMan 22 moves
murat22 moves
oldmtnguy23 moves
dcoco23 moves
anaana23 moves
greyanna24 moves
small24 moves
Mo25 moves
s​y​c​o​r​a​x​i​m​p​e​r​a​t​o​r​25 moves
nelson9025 moves
jes11826 moves
domika26 moves
chris300026 moves
gamma7327 moves
m​a​g​n​a​c​u​m​l​a​u​d​29 moves
marmotin29 moves
oldmanrob31 moves
szeryf232 moves
lmr33 moves
blabla15033 moves
SimonM34 moves
dingdong34 moves
Jola35 moves
patio0936 moves
JK7236 moves
thema36 moves
dzs37 moves
corprodic37 moves
matthi13338 moves
heraclio38 moves
Jyxz40 moves
n​e​t​o​l​a​n​e​t​a​40 moves
t​i​t​a​b​l​a​s​t​3​1​40 moves
Jos41 moves
borrego41 moves
B​i​g​m​a​r​k​u​s​2​7​42 moves
b​e​c​k​e​n​h​e​i​m​e​r​42 moves
burfy42 moves
bbdest42 moves
j​o​r​g​e​r​i​s​o​s​43 moves
nielsu44 moves
Monty45 moves
heraclio245 moves
jennia46 moves
Nova46 moves
sima46 moves
Y​g​g​d​r​a​s​i​l​l​4​46 moves
Snoopy47 moves
A​n​t​h​o​n​y​N​V​A​49 moves
G​i​a​n​t​h​o​b​g​o​b​l​i​n​55 moves
E​l​i​j​a​h​b​l​u​e​55 moves
cartolina57 moves
selma57 moves
erratic58 moves
MaoWee8160 moves
MargCard60 moves
Risha61 moves
thecat61 moves
Paturra67 moves
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