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Level "M.Y.543" from the game "BLockoban"

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  • Accepted level Accepted level
  • Created by murat 7 years ago.
  • Rating 4.731/5 (6 raters)
  • 328 plays
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dcoco21 moves
nelson90 21 moves
murat22 moves
ToughMan25 moves
Jos30 moves
domika30 moves
anaana31 moves
oldmanrob33 moves
patio0935 moves
thema35 moves
gamma7335 moves
Bergwulf36 moves
s​y​c​o​r​a​x​i​m​p​e​r​a​t​o​r​37 moves
B​i​g​m​a​r​k​u​s​2​7​41 moves
greyanna41 moves
small48 moves
MaoWee8149 moves
thecat61 moves
p​u​d​e​l​m​u​e​t​z​e​n​n​a​s​h​o​r​n​63 moves
cartolina63 moves
MargCard66 moves
sima67 moves
marmotin73 moves
m​a​g​n​a​c​u​m​l​a​u​d​74 moves
dingdong81 moves
A​n​t​h​o​n​y​N​V​A​86 moves
chris3000104 moves
Jyxz121 moves
t​i​t​a​b​l​a​s​t​3​1​145 moves
heraclio2160 moves
j​o​r​g​e​r​i​s​o​s​181 moves
JK72188 moves
borrego3191 moves
heraclio225 moves
Snoopy232 moves
n​e​t​o​l​a​n​e​t​a​308 moves
dzs459 moves
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