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Topic, The unescapable cage.

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Hexicube 6 years ago
  you cant saw through diamonds the saw would just break
I use a plasma cutter
dingdong 6 years ago
  But my dad is professor. He especially made the saw so it could take diamonds.

Dont forget to escape Marc.
Hexicube 6 years ago
  the cage is made of diamonds
dingdong 6 years ago
  But the Cage has infinity lives too.

My mother send a saw in cookie. Soon the cage has no bars and im gone too.
Vasilok97 6 years ago
  But you continued to shrink and you backed into normal sized cage.

I blowed up the cage from inside, but I have infinity lives, so I went outside alive (I spell ALIVE right? xD)
dingdong 6 years ago
  But you are still in the cage.

IShrink myself and run out of the cage. then i press the red bottom. Now the Cage is to small to me.
Hexicube 6 years ago
  but youre in the really big cage still
Madball 6 years ago
  No way, they have an ultimate machine called "Shrinking cage"! It`s a cage that has everything inside, even you, and when they press red button it will shrink and after it will be the same size as cage you`ve escaped from, and you will be inside!

I just destroy red button.
dingdong 6 years ago
  But It have a cost. A fail in your shield has turned you into a cage. Now you ar trapped in your new form.

The guards give me an early cristmas present: Im free for a week. But they'll never see me again.
birjolaxew 6 years ago
  But I use my super-powers to bring it back inside the universe, but after so long with no force applied at all, the extreme powers from a black hole makes the cage implode and with my anti-implosion shield I survive
demonicyoshi 6 years ago
  But if your in another universe you dont exist in this universe, so nothing exists that isnt in the cage...

So now this is literally "The unescapable cage"

Ahroo 6 years ago
  Multiverse theory lets there be MOAR universes, which exist outside of this universe. :p

I rip out my cat hairs, weave a string out of them (takes a while...) and saw away the bars slowly.
demonicyoshi 6 years ago
  actually i never was put back into the cage.... =P

And since you didnt notice in 24 hours, i'm immune from getting back in!

BTW: I put the universe in a cage. So yah... unless you dont exist, even superdog's in the cage. So the only way to escape is to not exist.
Hexicube 6 years ago
  the topic has pretty much fell to pieces when SD tried to cheat
gameinsky 6 years ago
  can we get back to the topic please ?
birjolaxew 6 years ago
  Seriously? That's the third time I've been shot today, one of which were attempt at suiciding after utterly failing at common logic... And I'm still alive! SOMEONE! KILL ME!

Now, to anyone obviously having some kind of mental handicap, that didn't understand that everything above was a joke, please, don't you go whine about it.
Hexicube 6 years ago
im gonna add most recent win on and update it every time :P
[edit] quote of the day:
Quoting gameinsky from The unescapable cage.
All who quote this are idiots.
dingdong 6 years ago
  Then its 1-1, and my time to leave.
Hexicube 6 years ago
  I think its now a good tiem to say Hexicube wins again :P
I call myself Hexicube and that is my slogan :D
dingdong 6 years ago
  Marc its impossible with the laws we have now.
Once again i say that they not always should be trusted.
Hexicube 6 years ago
  LOL...also you cant stop in time, that would require everything else to move exactly at the speed of light causing it all to travel at an infinite speed of time which is impossible
birjolaxew 6 years ago
  Actually, rethinking my theory, you're right. Noone will ever go back in time. The most they can ever do is get stuck in place. You win... Damnit... GIS, where were that gun?
Hexicube 6 years ago
  no they would appear to be going slower than normal
I suspect youre thinking of this in terms of addition and subtraction, not multipliaction and division
in order for it to be considered travelling back in time whatever is time travelling must actually go back in time, if everything else time travells foward in time anything not doing so does not go back in time
it makes more sense if you think of time as a dimension, you can move everything along the dimension but its impossible to moev the dimension itself
[edit] GIS its impossible nothing goes faster than the speed of light, or C(the universal constant) as its known
[re-edit] birjo your first sentence fails
"Everyone is moving at the same speed. Everyone will, at this moment, be in the same time"
they arent at one point in time that implies they arent moving through time
gameinsky 6 years ago
  to go back in time you need a speed that is 2 times the speed of light.
birjolaxew 6 years ago
  Noone will ever go back in time, seeing how that is impossible. They will however go back in time compared to everything else, thus everyone else will see him as going back in time.
dingdong 6 years ago
  Birjo: you wont go BACK in time.
gameinsky 6 years ago
  All who quote this are idiots.
birjolaxew 6 years ago
  Sorry, my iPhone lost it's battery.

Anyway, back to the discussions. To solve this problem, we'll need clear definitions of what exactly time-travelling is.

Now, let's try to imagine this: Everyone is moving at the same speed. Everyone will, at this moment, be in the same time, and noone will be "time-travelling". Now, if one of these objects/humans would slow down his speed, he would move slower than the majority. The difference in speed would have to be extreme to actually notice anything, but even at lower differences, there would be a microscopic change. If someone accelerated instead, he would be moving forwards in time, using the same principle.

Now, seeing how the action "to time-travel" is dependent on having something to compare it with (The whole universe can't time travel, even if something inside it actually allowed it to accelerate to speeds that would cause time-travelling normally, as it's the whole world, and therefore can't time-travel in comparison to anything. ), we will need something to compare the state of our object to. The majority will usually be the definition of the normal, and therefore is what's used to compare an object to. If the majority of this world would time-travel forth in time, objects left back would, compared to the majority, be travelling back in time.
dingdong 6 years ago
  Its sad, but your right Marc
Hexicube 6 years ago
  I dont believe in stuff like that, the game has pretty much failed
SD well done because of you(you brought up time-travel) the game is now a pile of rubble on the floor and is now being wiped frm the face of the earth by some random janitor


First post of the topic

SuperDog 6 years ago
  Gameinsky and I have created a game. It started off in the chat, but then we decided to create a topic.

This is a game where you are a cat and you are trapped in a cage. One person says how he/she escapes, and the other person says that it's impossible and give a reason, and then try to escape using another way.

The cat has infinity lives.


You do not have to kill the cat every time.

I teleport myself out of the cage.

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