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Topic, The Collab Contest

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jp 11 years ago
  @gameinsky, no I will never promise to make a level official before I can play it. I don't think I've said such a thing. The problem here is the lag. But as the level is so amazing, I might consider adding it anyway.
SuperDog 11 years ago
  He got it 3 minutes ago :)
gameinsky 11 years ago
  But it was supposed to be official too...
Elizea 11 years ago
  i can make slide of it =D
jp 11 years ago
  oops sorry I hadn't noticed it's over. I will distribute the awards soon.
[edit 1] could somebody make a slide for this level on the front page, with indicating it's the winner of the Collab contest ?
[edit 2] Done, beautiful medals on your profiles!
Treazer 11 years ago
  The contest is since 19 days over!
DragonPower 11 years ago
  Darn i was almost done with the awesome level but i whent to a trip and came back... i missed it :(
Treazer 11 years ago
  I call jp to check the winners and to give gundu and Ninja the Medals!
THeNiNJa 11 years ago
  Grrr Gundu, you just left me so I had to make all the tough work myself. :D

Thanks guys :)
Jster95 11 years ago
  Ok i want to vote for Euphoria!

wait you ended the voting without me!
( i know i already did)

Congratz gundu thats three in a row isn't it!

oh yeah and you too TheNinJa
gundu 11 years ago
  It's not to be rude but when will we get our awards xD
SuperMario 11 years ago
  Congratz Gundu and THeNiNJa! xD
gameinsky 11 years ago
  Congratz ! we new you would win !
oh_bebe 11 years ago
  I think it is pretty obvious so I will officially announce:

Gundu and THeNiNJa win with Euphoria

no more voting.
SuperDog 11 years ago
  Gratz gundu and THeNiNJa
granate07 11 years ago
  Euphoria won..

I would say..
gusfrede 11 years ago
  Euphoria! W00t w00t!
granate07 11 years ago
  Cool i now have 2 votes for the levels i worked on XD
demonicyoshi 11 years ago
  me too! because _________ = all the other ones.
Jster95 11 years ago
  I vote for all the other ones!
I don't remember that being on the list.......
gameinsky 11 years ago
  Euphoria (8 votes)
Royal Adventure ,ship wreck ,mechanism of injury and Under Construction (1 vote)
All of the other ones (0 votes)
SuperMario 11 years ago

Euphoria (8 votes)
Royal Adventure and Under Construction (1 vote)
All of the other ones (0 votes)
THeNiNJa 11 years ago
  Naaaaw, SuperMario and CHICKENMAN don't play RT, I wouldn't stand a chance :D
gameinsky 11 years ago
  That's one vote for my level :D
SuperMario 11 years ago
  I vote for Under Construction because is so fun.
gundu 11 years ago
  I'm agree with THeNiNJa, You are a liar SuperDog!

I voted for Mechanism of injury!

THeNiNJa 11 years ago
  Do not fear, SuperDog!

- I vote for Ship Wreck!
SuperDog 11 years ago

1st - Euphoria (8 votes)
2nd - Greatest Map and Royal Adventure (1 vote)
3rd - *sigh* all of the other ones (0 votes)
demonicyoshi 11 years ago
  i vote for ____________.
Treazer 11 years ago
  The day after tomorrow is 100% Euphoria (gundu,THeNiNJa) the Winner!


First post of the topic

oh_bebe 11 years ago

Paths galore (Jump Gear 2)

metaknight91, godzilla

The Systems (Rolling Turtle)
Marc2008, geckojsc

Sheon Adventures 2 (Jump Gear 2)
shiro, submarine95

MM Lego Level (Jump Gear 2)
murtaza64, granate07, DragonPower

Royal Adventure (Jump Gear 2)
Gundu, Dingding22

Friend (Rolling Turtle)
submarine95, Elizea

Under Construction (Jump Gear 2)
Gameinsky, granate07

Mechanism of Injury (Rolling Turtle)
1Jase, Elizea

Ship Wreck (Rolling Turtle)
oh_bebe, Elizea, gundu

Euphoria (Rolling Turtle)
gundu, THeNiNJa

The Collab Contest
(Collab stands for Collaboration)
Work together with another person or two on a level.
how to:


Enter your level here by July 11. We will vote July 12-17 and the winners will be announced July 18.
Design a level with 1 or 2 partners.
You can enter in 3 separate levels, but each level should have a limit of 3 editors.
You may enter with any game on BL.
Each of the winning level's editors will win an award on their user profile and EXP points (amount to be announced)
**When entering your level on this forum, list all the editors!!
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