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demonicyoshi 5 years ago
  Thanks JP!
But you put an extra 9 in the level id.
Treazer 5 years ago
  Whoa, 500 xp :D
Congrats :)

There's a spelling mistake in the level id, though.
jp 5 years ago
  Award added, congratulations. As the contests are rarer, I decided to give more points from now.
kiethy342 5 years ago
  Congrats demonicyoshi! :)
SimonM 5 years ago
  Yeah, congratulations with Summer Hotel! I also really liked that there were 3 Puzzle It levels. Awesome job to all contestants!
demonicyoshi 5 years ago
  Woot! Thank you for your votes, I'm glad you enjoyed my level.
I had the concept for this level a while ago, but it seemed too complicated to implement at the time. After the summer contest was announced, I began looking into this concept again, and started experimenting. These experiments failed though, and I had to go back to the drawing board. I then discovered the solution was much simpler then what I was attempting to do, so I proceeded in making the level.
What I learned was to never give up on an idea, if one way isn't working, try to find alternatives.

I hope other designers will look back upon past ideas they had and try new solutions to creating them. From a Blockoban level to Jumpgear level, lets do this.
CamoDragoon 5 years ago
  I would've voted but my computer can't play JG2 and RT, and therefore I couldn't play Summer Hotel and Summer Days :(

EDIT: But my new laptop can! 8D
Treazer 5 years ago
  Congrats!! :D
gamelover101 5 years ago
  gg wp
Elizea 5 years ago
  Oh right yea... The winner of the Summer Contest is...

Demonicyoshi with his level Summer Hotel (Rolling Turtle)!

Congratulations and thanks for everyone who entered a level (:
SimonM 5 years ago
  So 7 contestors and 10 votes...
Treazer 5 years ago
  So far:

||||| Summer Hotel (Rolling Turtle)
||| Summer Days (Jump Gear 2)
| Shower (Puzzle It)
| Sandy Beach (Puzzle It)
Summer Heat (Puzzle It)
Summer Sun (BLockoban)
Summer-Game I (BLockoban)
PineappleDude 5 years ago
  I'd love to vote, but I feel I'm not experienced enough in games other than JG2. So voting would seem unfair as I can't see the quality there is in the other levels :P
kalina200 5 years ago
  i vote for summer days JG2
demonicyoshi 5 years ago
  Usually I don't vote in contests I enter, but I vote for Summer Days (Jump Gear 2).
gameinsky 5 years ago
  Another vote for summer hotel it is.
Ferrari12 5 years ago
  I vote for Summer Days by Kiethy.
loulou465 5 years ago
  I vote for Shower (Puzzle It)
Great level!
SimonM 5 years ago
  I think there are too few votes to decide the winner yet.
kiethy342 5 years ago
  I vote for Summer Hotel, not that it's going to make any difference now ;)
nelson90 5 years ago
  Hard to make a choice. I vote for Sandy Beach (Puzzle It)
Treazer 5 years ago
  Okay, I also vote for that one.
oldmanrob 5 years ago
  Probably I will never learn to play Rolling Turtle. But my vote goes to Summer Hotel (Rolling Turtle) anyway.
SimonM 5 years ago
  Bah, I want to vote for everyone! But I guess I'll prefer Summer Hotel (Rolling Turtle) the most.
Treazer 5 years ago
  It's hard... not sure whether to choose Kiethy's or DY's level :/
Elizea 5 years ago
Elizea 5 years ago
  Okaaay. Now just go play all the levels everyone so that you know what to vote when voting starts tomorrow!
demonicyoshi 5 years ago
  I just realized every level submitted so far is a puzzle.

And Treazer, there's 5 days left, anything can happen by then. (Although it would be nice to win after spending weeks making my level).

[1] [2] [3]


First post of the topic

Elizea 5 years ago
Summer is here and it's time for a new contest!

Enter the level here (can be from any game) before 1st September. Voting starts 2nd September and ends 6th September. Winner will be announced 6th September.
For clarification, YES the level has to be summer themed.

The winner(s) will get an award on their user profile and EXP points.

*The level must have been unevaluated when this contest started 8th June.
*Levels can be submitted until 1st September.
*Everyone has 1 vote.
*You can enter the contest with only one level.
*Collabs are allowed

Summer Days (Jump Gear 2)
Summer Hotel (Rolling Turtle)
Summer-Game I (BLockoban)
Shower (Puzzle It)
Sandy Beach (Puzzle It)
Summer Heat (Puzzle It)
Summer Sun (BLockoban)
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