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Topic, What are your goals for now ?

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chris3000 2 years ago
  My next goals for 2018/2019 are:

Get 8M in Jump Gear
Solve 8000 levels of Blockoban/Solve all officials of Blockoban
Solve 2000 PI levels/Solve all PI officials
Finish all P4M officials
Solve all Jellify officials
Create 1000 levels, so far I've made 530 I think
Coolguy52 2 years ago
  Might as well bump this. I did all of those goals ages ago xD.

New goals:

7,500,000 JG2 (DONE)
Beat Look Easy Skill Hard (Jump Gear 2) in time (DONE :D)
Complete 1500 JG2 Levels (DONE)
7,777,777 JG2 (DONE)
8,000,000 JG2 (DONE)
8,500,000 JG2 (DONE)
Complete 3000 JG2 levels (DONE)
kalina200 4 years ago
  New Goal Get 5 HS And Keep It For 24hrs

Coolguy52 4 years ago
  TBH I really can't talk for... Jump Gear 2 reasons. It helps to have a mega-series (10> Levels)
kalina200 4 years ago

Coolguy52 4 years ago
  They are about half of your levels xD
kalina200 4 years ago
Coolguy52 4 years ago
  Little Puzzles
kalina200 4 years ago
  What Dose LP Stand 4
Coolguy52 4 years ago
  Hmmm, I wonder how much the LP's helped :)
kalina200 4 years ago


Iv'e Been On The Site For 1.5 Years Now And It Was A Goal 4 Me 4 Ever. Thank You For Anyone Who Supported Me On This Site And BTW


kalina200 4 years ago

Site start working again

Create 100 Accepted Levels [105/100]

Make 25 Questions On TFAQ2 [25/25]

Win A Contest [0/1]

Get Level 20 [20/20]

Get Level 30 [20/30]

Play For 2 Years [773 days/730 days]

Make 1 official [0/1]

Be on site for 1 year [585/365]
Treazer 4 years ago
  Thanks! :)

Well, I can't solve them either, but that's probably also because I'm not that good in BLockoban...^^
oldmanrob 4 years ago

the three (not that) easy levels are:

Crossed (BLockoban)
Famous Number (BLockoban)
X 2 Plus (BLockoban)
Coolguy52 4 years ago
  Another update :P
Treazer 4 years ago
  What are the three easy BB levels? :)
oldmanrob 4 years ago
  My goals are:

1) Level designer!
(i'm there 99 accepted levels and 2 levels in evaluation.)

2) Solve the remaining two official levels on Blockoban
(i will never do it)

3) Solve the remaining three easy levels on Blockoban
(they aren't easy at all)

4) Find the best solution for 34 Blockoban kid's level.
(little by little i will do it, i hope)

5) Find the best solution for the remaining 40 easy levels of Puzzle it
(little by little...)

6) be on the top 10 of the Top members
(one rank and 350 point away)

This are my goals for Bonuslevel. I have some more important privat goals, but I will not tell you.
Coolguy52 4 years ago
  An update and a new goal!

Fun Fact: I had only created 8 accepted Mini Game Levels 3 weeks ago and now I have expanded that by 87.5%!
SuperMario 4 years ago
  My goals are anything unrelated to making levels and/or collabs from now on. I'll find a way to work on those later.

I've recently been trying to improve my score and complete levels on all games. Simple as that.

Good luck on those official levels, Treazer and AK.
chris3000 4 years ago
  My next goals:

1. Complete 2600 P4M levels.
2. Get all awards in Puzzleit.
3. Solve 6000 Blockoban levels.
4. Try to improve and beat all officials.
5. Eventually beat gundu.
Treazer 4 years ago
  I still need to complete many official levels! :)

Complete every official level of BLockoban (125/249)
Complete every official level of CoBaCoLi (56/57)
Complete every official level of Rolling Turtle (220/220)
Complete every official level of Hog Pop (82/82)
Complete every official level of Jump Gear 2 (139/139)
Complete every official level of Captain Dan v Zombie Plan (89/89)
Complete every official level of Push (112/112)
Complete every official level of Moonlights (100/100)
Complete every official level of BLockoban 2 (134/134)
Complete every official level of Ringmania 2.5 (50/50)
Complete every official level of Path 4 Mouse (135/135)
Complete every official level of Puzzle It (102/102)

edit: Completed the last one of PI and the remaining eight of ML. Also completed a few of Push. :D

edit: Another update.

edit: Another update.

edit: Completed all of CDvZP! :D

edit: Another update.

edit: Completed all of Push! :D + some more in BB and CBCL

late edit: Updated numbers w/ new officals.
manufan 4 years ago

- Be Level 30 (28/30)
- Complete "Skull Field" on Hog Pop [[ COMPLETE ]]
- Create Astro Breaker (Standalone Version)
Coolguy52 5 years ago
  My three updated goals:

Make 100 accepted levels (102/100) DONE!
Beat Cliffrunner (Jump Gear 2) again (1/1) DONE!
Beat 1000 JG2 levels (980/1000)
Get Lvl 25 (24/25)
Create 15 Accepted Mini Games! (15/15) DONE!
250K on MG pack (374/250) DONE!
Get a HS on a MG level (1/1) DONE!
Make 75 JG2 accepted levels (68/75)
Treazer 5 years ago
  I really know this feeling, kiethy.^^

I still have to complete three of my Puzzle It levels.
Merging (Puzzle It)
Getting Along (Puzzle It)
Purple Disaster (Puzzle It)

I completed Merging in test mode, but I never made it again. It's similar to the style of the level you are stuck on.

Regarding Getting Along, I never completed it, instead, I asked others to test its possibility.

I don't know whether I ever completed Purple Disaster. :P
SuperMario 5 years ago
  When I complete all of the goals I will type down below...

1. Finish JG2 levels
2. Create 3 RT levels.
3. Become level 65.
svartgryning 5 years ago
  Maybe time to get some goals.

1. Complete five more BB2 levels
2. Complete all official PI levels (22 left)
3. Get all awards in PI (only have the freaky puzzler at the moment)

Im looking forward to all your new PI levels Kiethy :)
kiethy342 5 years ago
  Oh, i forgot, I still need to complete Grey In The Way (Puzzle It). I still can't believe that something I created could cause me such minor annoyance. Really makes you think :P
SimonM 5 years ago
  I like the idea of a thousand Kiethy Puzzle It levels! :)
SuperMario 5 years ago
  -Finish creating all of my unfinished levels in JG2 (including collab with Kiethy)
-Finish all RT levels (3).
kiethy342 5 years ago
  Thanks Gecko, maybe someday I'll finish them someday :P

about time i updated with a whole new list of stuff:
-The one I just said
-Improve on Jump gear score
-Make 1000 PI levels
-Try and get back into making blockoban levels
-Finish making jump gear levels rather than make new ones
-Make more ringmania levels
-Generally make more things
-Reach level 70 (as if :P)


First post of the topic

gundu 11 years ago
  Like i'm curious i want to know what are your goals
, to know if you have reach it and talk about your progress here

For me , my goals are :

- Be in the top 100 of all game [complete]

- Create at least 20 official level [I've pwned that xD]

- Be level 12 [Pwned]

- Create Pushing Turtle 2 [°°COMPLETE°°]

- Stay in Top 5 in Jump Gear 2 [I will never be able to did it again :(]

My new goal List :

- Get "Guru designer" award [I only need to wait that Moonlight get published]

- Be in top 80 In all game [Blockoban -_-]

- Win Two competitions [1/2]

- Be level 27
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