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gameinsky 9 years ago
  it doesn't work for people who are already logged in
niimporta 9 years ago
  Yeah is BL but is
metaknight91 9 years ago
  lol i dont mind rickroll too much.

lol visit 111
gameinsky 9 years ago
  Superdog's link is bl ;)
niimporta 9 years ago
  You aren't the visitor , 101, 102, and 103.
You are the visit, 101, 102 and 103.
SuperDog 9 years ago
  lol I'm the visitor 101 and 102 and 103
niimporta 9 years ago
  I'm the visit 100!!! xD

Haha, superdog, I didn't clicked ;)

YouFail.Org, is cool, I love the music of it.

Ti ti ti ti tu tu tu tu tu, ta ta ti tit titititit! lalalalalallaa nananinanu, nanani nananinananananiananananan!!! ti ti ti ti tu tu tu tu tu tu!!! hahaha I Love it!
Im 9 years ago
gameinsky 9 years ago
  As long it is not rickroll then it's fine
Im 9 years ago
SuperDog 9 years ago
metaknight91 9 years ago
  yeah, superdog is right. lol you fail gameinsky
Im 9 years ago
SuperDog 9 years ago
  It is possible.

A person like that is called an ambidextrous person
niimporta 9 years ago
  Look at that graphic joke:

As seen by the Germans:

As seen by the Frenchs:

As seen by the Italians:

As seen by the Americans:


As seen by the press:

gameinsky 9 years ago
  That's impossible , your best hand to write shows if you are right or left handled
niimporta 9 years ago
  And what if you are Lefthanded and righthanded at the same time??
gameinsky 9 years ago
  Lefthanded people live on the average 9 years less than right handled peoples!

twins have a higher rate of becoming left handled.
SuperDog 9 years ago
  No, knew that I knew ;)
niimporta 9 years ago
  Knewoewnoewwiwawokniwowknew!? hahahah
SuperDog 9 years ago
  But you should know that I knew that you knew that I knew that because if you didn't know that then I wouldn't know that you knew the answer that I knew and you knew.

Or maybe you knew that I knew that you didn't know that I knew that.
niimporta 9 years ago
  No I didn't ;), Ehhmm, I think ,lol.
SuperDog 9 years ago
  I asked you a question!!!

Did you know that I knew that that you knew that I knew that???
niimporta 9 years ago
  1 Visits , ¬°Yay!

Look on the spoiler:

Im 9 years ago
  Apple feet! o.O
SuperDog 9 years ago
  In poland, it depends on what type of pie it is

apple pie in english - szarlotka in polish :)

Did you know that I knew that that you knew that I knew that???(Fun begins now)
niimporta 9 years ago
  ple = Pie in english or pie in spanish?

PIE in english = Pastel in Spanish
SuperDog 9 years ago
  In poland, we don't have pie but we have ple

All polar bears are left handed omg
niimporta 9 years ago
  Yeah, you know my PIE are different than yours... LOL


First post of the topic

niimporta 9 years ago
  Here you can post EVERYTHING you wan't.
So, let's GO!

**!!Knobs are allowed, but only if you use them with parsimony!!**

Ideas to post:

Pictures of the editor of levels
Something about games
Interesting stuff (like The canopener has been invented 42 years after the can)
Funny things
Funny Pictures
Funny videos
Funny histories
Or not funny histories
Spam (like PIE PIE PIE...)
and more..
Weird thing from other language (like PIE means feet in spanish..)
Do what U wan't, but don't insult!
And no flooding, we don't want to get drowned in messages (flooding = posting big messages)

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