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Ahroo 8 years ago
  Okay, so you're saying that the gun moves around his body WHILE firing, then? :/

That's gonna be harder to do... :/
gameinsky 8 years ago
  AHroo, have a go, but make the lazers first (since they move through his head and body)
weak point is head, and after you get him you can exit.
needs to get hit thrice
Im 8 years ago
  i no u did... jk haha
Ahroo 8 years ago
  Oh... D:

Im 8 years ago
  How can they make you miss messages? Just simply scroll down if you actually want to see those messages..
gameinsky 8 years ago
  I told you I accidentally uploaded it.
Ahroo 8 years ago
  So, GIS... do you want me to start making the boss or do you want to? :P

BTW, you loaded STBVIII before STBVII... O_o
gameinsky 8 years ago
  It's not only they stretch your page very much, and that they're annoying to me, they also can make you miss messages.
Im 8 years ago
  I don't find them annoying... Or big. ._.
AK 8 years ago
  I love posting in forums!!!!!
gameinsky 8 years ago
  And no flooding, we don't want to get drowned in messages (flooding = posting big messages)

It written on the first post, this maybe off-topic, but that's no reason to make annoying big messages.
Im 8 years ago
niimporta 8 years ago
  it's MY topic!!!!! :O
Im 8 years ago
  Yes, the admins decided that you can't do whatever you want in the topic you can do whatever you want.
niimporta 8 years ago
  and admin Deleted my MESSAGES?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! :O
Im 8 years ago
Hyphen: ‐
Minus: -
Im 8 years ago
Theexplanation 8 years ago
  Techno rules
SuperMario 8 years ago
  Hell can't stop attacking me!

allyally 8 years ago
  My schools acronym is BVC (Bassingbourn Village Collage), and the bottom row of a Qwerty keyboard is 'Z,X,V,C,V,B,N,M,' There it is backwards...
SuperMario 8 years ago
Im 8 years ago
  A species is often defined as a set of organisms that reproduce in nature. If members of the species change so much that they can no longer reproduce with the other members of the species, those members are considered to be a new species.
Im 8 years ago
  Tell us about your adventure, SuperDog.
joe45 8 years ago
Im 8 years ago
  i wANT YES
SuperMario 8 years ago
  Ummm... Nooooooooooo!!!!!
SuperMario 8 years ago
  THIS IS FALCON PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gamelover101 8 years ago
Yea sure whatever *yawn*
joe45 8 years ago
  bhb fv nv jmc mkc,mfsdmnjcfkjlxckj njhbxczjnhi jhnm jindszijnmxc njm zxjikcvx jn dxjmnifdjkxc
niimporta 8 years ago
  My vote is for Yes. XD


First post of the topic

niimporta 9 years ago
  Here you can post EVERYTHING you wan't.
So, let's GO!

**!!Knobs are allowed, but only if you use them with parsimony!!**

Ideas to post:

Pictures of the editor of levels
Something about games
Interesting stuff (like The canopener has been invented 42 years after the can)
Funny things
Funny Pictures
Funny videos
Funny histories
Or not funny histories
Spam (like PIE PIE PIE...)
and more..
Weird thing from other language (like PIE means feet in spanish..)
Do what U wan't, but don't insult!
And no flooding, we don't want to get drowned in messages (flooding = posting big messages)

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