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chris3000 5 months ago
  I have a suggestion for an award. Whenever there are 500 levels in Jellify there should be one added for completing 500 levels. The title can be called, "Jellify Pro".
kalina200 6 months ago
  I only just realised "Famous" Was suggested by allyally as no 5
kalina200 6 months ago

Be involved in an approved level in any game with more Than 1 creator


Various Masterpieces

Create an approved level for every official game



Create an official level for 3 different official games



Reach level 10

No bonus EXP

I can level up!

Reach level 25

No bonus EXP


Reach level 50

No bonus EXP

Tip Top

Reach level 75

No bonus EXP


Reach level 100

No bonus EXP

As the seasons pass...

Own your account for 1 year



Play a single game 500 times



Log in every day for 30 days


I need a break!

Leave the site for 2 weeks and then return.


Where were you?

Leave the sight for 3 months and then return.


The king!

Complete every official level for every official game!


Sonic speed!

Complete 100 approved/official P4M levels in under 5 secs.


You found the site

Create an account.


696th comment lol

Zombie slayer

Kill a total of 1000 zombies in CDvsZP


I Like Jumping

Jump a total of 5000 times in RT


I don't need a checkpoint!

Complete 5 levels with more than 3 checkpoints without dying

Esperial 6 months ago
  Extreme Mouse Avoider
Complete all official levels for P4M!
FirePhoenix28 6 months ago
  Pack Creator

Create a Level Pack.


Pack Rater

Rate a Pack! (only one-time award)


Jumpless Turtle

Complete 10 Official Levels with over 100 points.


Jump Hacker

Complete 100 approved levels of JG2 in under 10 seconds. (Not 10 seconds in a row. Just every lvl in less than 10 seconds.)


Highly Rated

Have 100 rates of 5/5 in your APPROVED level. (excluded unapproved, excluded official.)


Game Master (no pun intended.)

Have atleast 1000 Approved Levels.


It's over 9000!

Play a map with over 8999 and under 9999 plays.


I hope you like these award ideas!

- Signed, FirePhoenix28.
manufan 1 year ago
  I'm sorry kalina, but with all due respect, the image is completely flawed. I won't go into details as I don't want you to be upset by me slating your creation.
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  Ultimate Gear

Get 7 mil on JG2
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  True! Bigger Puzzler only one person has it

That's like having the MG pack achievement be 493K because that is the HS...
demonicyoshi 1 year ago
  I don't think "fair rater" will work, your rating power caps at (Your lvl) + 20, so in order to get the award someone would have to be lvl 50 first and rating power is so easy to get to the cap, that your basically just giving a free award out for anyone who hits lvl 50.
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  Hmm.. Only one person has it... A bit unfair maybe?
kalina200 1 year ago
  Bigger Puzzler?

Complete Little Puzzle L (BLockoban) In 24 Moves

Coolguy52 1 year ago
  Deca? Hecto? Kilo? Mega? Giga? Tera? Peta? Exa? Zetta? Yotta?
manufan 1 year ago
  Wow. You can edit a message after I've commented :P
kalina200 1 year ago
  What.. Did You Say Nano?

I Put Vast, Lol
manufan 1 year ago
  1.) You can hit 70 rating power by hitting 50.

2.) OK

3.) Nano Creator? Nano = Small. Not large.
kalina200 1 year ago
  Fair Rater

Hit 70 Rating Power


Completed Desinger

Create 500 Approved Levels


Vast Creator

Create 150 Official Levels


Complete The pack
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  And... That's it? A bit small.
Treazer 1 year ago
  So has kiethy. :)
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  So has CamoDragoon xD

Maybe instead of points, you could have beating __ MGs for example, 20
kalina200 1 year ago
  Oh yeah ..... .

Level God

Make 1000 Accepted Levels


Gundus Achieved it
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  Maybe :) The problem would be that some are quite hard so maybe Get ___ points on Mini Games UNF. It's also not finished yet so the scores would become out of date quickly...
kalina200 1 year ago

Complete Minigames UNF With _______ Points

Coolguy52 1 year ago
  ... I'm an idiot XD. 'Ringleader'? If you know what a ringleader is.
MeatyDino246 1 year ago
  Cool, except 'Ringmaniac' is the name of the only currently existing Ringmania 2.5 award... :P

Maybe 'Ringmaster'? I bet somebody already suggested that though...
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  'Manion' isn't a word right? Maybe 'Ringmaniac'
kalina200 1 year ago

Complete all ringmania 2.5 official levels

Coolguy52 1 year ago
  To complete Kalina's set

Complete 250 levels of Moonlights
Coolguy52 1 year ago
kalina200 1 year ago
Night Gear

Complete Midnight hell (Jump Gear 2) With 20000 points or more

Coolguy52 1 year ago
  M award would be perfect for me. I am on 966 JG2 levels!


First post of the topic

allyally 7 years ago
  Quoting allyally from New Awards 2
Award Ideas:
1) An Award for spending over 100 hours on the site. (50 EXP )
2) An Award for making 25 official levels. ( 150 EXP )
Suggested Image:

3) An Award for bringing 50 or more visitors on the site (not in 1 day). ( 100 EXP )
Suggested image:
5) An Award for making an official level at least in 3 differents games. ( 50 EXP )
Suggested image:
6) Veteran craftsman: An Award for making at least 100 accepted levels (combined with all games). ( 50 EXP )
Suggested image:
7) All-round Addict: complete 2000 levels (combined with all games)(150 exp?)
Suggested image:

8) Year of Faith: Stay active on BL for 1 year ( EXP+50 )
Suggested image:
9) Speed Shopper: SDMv2:Shopping (Captain Dan v Zombie Plan) in less than 200(?) seconds,
10) +Complete Climb That! (Moonlights) in under 150 moves, ( EXP+50 )
Suggested Image:

11) Cliff Lover: Complete Cliffrunner (Jump Gear 2) with more than 100,000 points. (EXP +50)
Suggested Image:

12) Sponsored Pusher: complete the level im getting sponsored (Push) in less than 10 seconds.
Suggested Image:

13)5 in 5 Officials: Create 5 official levels in 5 different Games. (EXP +100)

14)Stop The Sky: Complete The Level Falling Sky (BLockoban 2) In Less Than 10 Moves. (50 EXP)

15) Blockoban 2 Addict: Complete 300 Levels Of Blockoban 2. (can add this award later when there is more levels) (EXP +50)
Suggested Image:

16) Double Sided Dice- Complete a combined number of 1500 levels in both blockoban and blockoban 2. (at least 300 in one game)

18)Hedgehog Hater: Complete I Hate Hedgehogs Too (Rolling Turtle) with an score of 111 or more. ( EXP+75 )
Suggested image:

18) Rolling Wonderer: Score 1000 points on Wonderworks (Rolling Turtle) ( EXP+50 )
Suggested Image:

18) Monocled Maverick: Complete 400 levels of CDvZP ( EXP+100 )
Suggeted image:

19) Super Jailbreaker: Complete Out Of The Container (BLockoban) in 40 or less moves. ( EXP+50 )
Suggested Image:

20) Social gamer ( EXP+50 )
Create an accepted collaboration level
Suggested Image:

21) Turtle Sage ( EXP+75 )
Complete Beneath The Desert (Rolling Turtle), A little game (Rolling Turtle) & The Riddle (Rolling Turtle)!
Suggested Image:

General Award images:

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