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Topic, Puzzle It : Tile Suggestions

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kalina200 3 years ago
  Basicly its a tile you can go through but after its a permanent sticky tile
Coolguy52 3 years ago
  What would it be? And are you sure that they still take requests?
kalina200 3 years ago
  Any More Idears

I Do Have One But I Have NO Clue What To Name It
SimonM 4 years ago
  I meant topic. :)
CubixIII 4 years ago
  "post?" What do you mean by that?
SimonM 4 years ago
  Please use a different post for that.
CubixIII 4 years ago
  I have game ideas too... And music ideas! Does anyone like game ideas around here?
Treazer 4 years ago
  Ah, ok, I see :)

And yep, that would be a great addition to Puzzle It, but not too game changing :D
SimonM 4 years ago
  With the graphical style, I mean a grid based puzzle game, where the tiles are 24 x 24 pixels.

So lasers will only delete same coloured blocks. Besides lasers, mirror blocks will be implemented too.
Treazer 4 years ago
  That's great! I'd love to help you with ideas and graphics :D
About the same style, do you mean, if there'll be walls, they'll exactly look like the ones in Puzzle It or only the main style of the game will be the same?

I agree with kiethy, this would be a good and not too complex addition.
There could still be a mirror block, though, I think.
CubixIII 4 years ago
  Well, perfect! If you can do code and need ideas, I have tons of them!
SimonM 4 years ago
  Yeah, that could work I guess, but then lasers can only be straight and never change direction.
kiethy342 4 years ago
  I thought lasers would be good if the certain colour laser destroys the block of the same colour, but any other colour that touches it just blocks it. If they only do that, it would be simple and not too game changing. There have been many times when creating levels that I have needed something there constantly that can destroy blocks.
SimonM 4 years ago
  The more I think of it, it does indeed change the game completely. I could make a new game, but I would like to have some help with that though, more about the ideas, I can manage the coding myself.
I think lasers brings a lot of other tiles with it to be functional. But if I make another game, it should be different enough from other games.

So the conclusion is, I want to add one last tile that can provide a lot of new levels, and can be combined good with the other tiles there already are. So if you have some good suggestion, I'll add that instead of the lasers. And make a seperate game with lasers in the style of Puzzle It. With style I mean, graphical. The game will be of course a puzzle game (as I love puzzles).
I hope you are all okay with this decision.
Treazer 4 years ago
  I don't know, if so, I'm not sure if Simon would like to create another game for BL (his project with xile seems to be abandoned).

I'd gladly contribute to a new game :)
gameinsky 4 years ago
  Don't you think that it changes the game so much that at this point it would make more sense to make it into a separate game?
Treazer 4 years ago
  You could make something similar by placing a movement restrictor aboce a switch.

What I suggest for the completion of a level with lasers:
- there's another level option (like dispose grey), lasers destroy (or something like that) and it determines if lasers of the same color of the block destroy the block
- there's a new real dummy block and you can put laser inlets onto them (on each side), this block is movable, but don't has to be (lock it)
- another new option, dispose dummy (not sure, check the rest if the text)
- there's another new level option, all inlets, it determines whether all inlets have to be activated or only one of each block with inlets

- all inlets have to be activated (or one of each block) to complete the level and all colored blocks have to be destroyed

You can't put laser inlets onto normal blocks, because what happens if they get destroyed (if undo, how to clear the block without a grey color changer, if not, you could simply destroy all inlets).
You neither can put them onto grey blocks, because it could change it's color.

A dummy block isn't affected by color changers, force fields and bombs.
Not sure if there should be a new option which says if you can dispose them or not or you can always dispose the dummy unless it is not extended with inlets.

Some other suggestions:
- wormhole block: it teleports the laser
- movable, but also lockable
- not sure how to handle it with more than 2 blocks on the field
- diamond block: it reflects the laser in every direction (all other 3)
- movable, but also lockable
- mirror block: it changes the direction of the laser
- movable, but also lockable
- one block for each direction pair (top right, right bottom, bottom left, left top)
- another universal block for every direction pair
CubixIII 4 years ago
  Maybe a trip wire to activate something. If a block passes through it in a perpendicular direction from the wire, it will activate something (like LASERS?), but if it passes it in line with the wire, it won't activate. You could place it in a grid without messing up block movement. You could connect it to an object with wire that can only be seen in the editor, kind of like in Minecraft, only without any of those complicated lattices. Just some simple wire.


Maybe those could help with using lasers!
Treazer 4 years ago
  I disagree.
If lasers would only destroy blocks, they would be a nearly useless feature.
With them having to activate blocks to finish the level, there'll be many new possibilities and puzzles and it wouldn't be too complex, it depends how you use the tiles.
CubixIII 4 years ago
  Oh, yeah, I was thinking of that as I read this

I don't think that it should be a level goal, I think that the simplicity of just removing blocks would be fine, a whole bunch of tasks to just complete one level would be confusing.

You could make it so only a block the same color as a laser can pass through it, any other color would be destroyed, or the move will undo.

But, for some reason, that seems too much like a Color Force Field.
Treazer 4 years ago
  Check the comments below.
It's not sure yet, there might be blocks which can only be destroyed with a laser or ones that have to be activated at the end of the level to finish it.
kiethy342 4 years ago
  These lasers look really cool, but what exactly do they do?
Treazer 4 years ago
  I like the idea of the extension, but I personally prefer a different look of the lasers, more like this:

I also tried to make a mirror block (s.a.) and kinda failed, because 1. it looks like a wall and 2. it's ugly by itself.
That's the concept of mirror blocks I had in my head, though.
Btw, mirror blocks are really cool, especially because you can also turn them into mirror walls by putting a lock above 'em.

I wanted to try switches too, but I had no idea how to make them, also because they mustn't look like color changers and they have to have different states (on and off).

It would also be cool to have switches which can only get toggled by a certain color.
SimonM 4 years ago
  Some more graphic tests:
laser extensions on normal wall
The laser extension on a normal wall.
Treazer 4 years ago
  Yeah, I was talking about movable mirror blocks in my first post, I should've clarified that.

OK, an extension is also good :)

As always: I can help you with the graphics, if you want :)
SimonM 4 years ago
  Not a moving laser, but a moving mirror block. still mirror blocks can be done with locks.
I've been thinking about the switches, I guess I can do them all. But I have to find a way to distinguise them.
A laser as an extension of a wall is better I think, as if it would be a seperate block, it would still block the blocks (thus act like a wall).
Treazer 4 years ago
  There are so many possibilities for the implementation of lasers :P

Extensions would be nice, but it would be nice to be able to place it onto the floor, too.

What are you meaning by a moving block? A moving laser block? If so, what has it to do with the mirror block?

Yeah, a stay-on-switch is a must have, too. I'd also like to have the two other variants, though.
SimonM 4 years ago
  Should I make laser a seperate tile? Or should I should I make it an extension to a wall? A bit like links on blocks.
About the mirror block, I thought of a moving block, a bit like a grey block. This would create a lot of level possibilities. A still one can be achieved with locks.
About the switches, idk if I should make switches toggable, I think it would be better to have a switch where a block constantly has to stay on. A one use toggable switch could be something though. Maybe some switch as a wall extension
Treazer 4 years ago
  I agree, this would be nice! :) (not if a force field of the laser color is on top of the bomb, though)
demonicyoshi 4 years ago
  I think lasers should cause bombs to explode if they touch them.


First post of the topic

Treazer 6 years ago
06/23/12 - implemented Grey Forcefields
06/23/12 - implemented Sticky Tiles
07/16/12 - implemented Combination Blocks
07/16/12 - implemented Cracked Walls
08/03/12 - implemented Colour Changers
08/04/12 - implemented Dual Colour Blocks
08/08/12 - implemented Movement Restrictors
09/02/13 - implemented Rising Walls
09/02/13 - implemented a new design

Timebomb by kiethy342:
Four blocks at the same time need to hit the bomb and then it explodes like a normal bomb.

Rainbow Block by Treazer:
You can match them with all colours.

Glass by Treazer:
Like grey blocks, but they'll break when they hit anything 5 blocks or more away. They'll break too when blocks hit them 5 blocks or more away. When a glass tile hits a glass tile they won't break, don't matter how far away.

Unmounted Walls by Treazer:
They are like walls, but they can be destroyed with bombs.

Combo-adder by Alanliu12121:
Adds +1 combination when a block slides over it, 9+1 won't change.

Wireless blocks by Treazer:
Blocks are connected to each other, even if they don't touch each other. If one of the connected blocks break, the rest will break too.

Reinforcement by azz:
Things you can attach on bombs or cracked/broken walls so they won't be able to detonate/break from a certain side.

Stackable movement restrictions by chase28:
You'll be able to stack them so there are multiple ways to go through.

Shape Changer by ThisIsMyUsername:
If a block slides through it, it will change its shape from normal to icy and vice versa.

Shape Forcefield by ThisIsMyUsername:
A forcefield for the shape of a block (normal, icy).
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