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jasperpostema 5 years ago
  OK, now we need voters..........
manufan 5 years ago
  I guess so. But, we could add a tint of "Nostalgia" in it. Perhaps inspired by a classic, such as Charlotte's Web, or Jane Eyre.
jasperpostema 5 years ago
  I agree, no Charity Contest <~(^.^)~>
But well Story Contest: it can be everything, it doesn't have to be A story, it can also be about stoires, like "3 from push", so...........
Science Contest is OK, I agree.
So these are the finalists?
manufan 5 years ago
  For the Story contest, I don't really like the idea, as some entries include stories, others are obscured and brillant. I think you'll get a story no matter what. Whatever, I don't really like the idea on it's own. Sorry. :S

For Charity, I think members will hate this and not like it, so we should remove it. So now we have our two finalists who we could put to a vote:

- Science Contest
- Story Contest
jasperpostema 5 years ago
  Manufan, my eyes hurt...too much text. :P
No, well, you are actually right.
But Combined Sciences Contest, amybe a bit too long, maybe just nature Contest, Science Contest or somerthing else, let our fantasy flow.
The Nuclear COntest is a bit too little, it's not wide, like Nature, and when you call it Disaster Contest, too much Apocalypse, even when Nuclear doesn't include Apocalypse, but let's keep it here: not wide.
Story COntest, I spoke in chat, and Elizea also thought it was well, to make a Story, maybe a BIT Exploration, but yeah...
Charity Contest, like you did in Change The World: I think a little people have a good idea, but it is also wide, so we have to left it all to the people, the voters, to jp (the man who made this cool site :P).
So indeed:
1) Combined Science Contest is good, maybe another title.
2) Charity Contest: I think this could work, let's see the fantasy of the members of
3) Stort COntest: what do you think about it?
manufan 5 years ago
  Jasper, Oxfam Contest was a joke, it was a Christian Charity which works in Third-world countries, lately they have been dealing with the devastation of the floods in Pakistan.

As for Nuclear, it shouldn't be Apocalypse, it should be about what a Nuclear Reactor looks like, coping with the Nuclear Reactor or blowing up a Nuclear Reactor (e.g. Demolition). Overall, it has no element of Apocalypse in it, but it can be about it, which would make the level, and not the contest unoriginal.

If we bonded the Nature & Nuclear together along with Mechanics & Physics, we should merge them into the "Combined Sciences Contest", anything to do with Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Electronics, Nuclear & Waste.

So, as a result of this, we have (in alphabetical order):

- Charity Contest
- Combined Sciences Contest
- Story Contest
jasperpostema 5 years ago
  Well, Charity, yeah, how to say that, it's hard to make good themed l;evels for it.
Nuclear, yeah, Cherynobl, first a bit Apocalypse, second again: hard to make goor themed levels for it.
Story Contest, yeah, my ide, so I think it's OK, make a level with a detailed Story Line. Maybe hard to think about.
Nature-Mechanic, I love science, and it's about elements blah blah so it could work. maybe the title is too long.
Oxfam Contast: what is Oxfam.
manufan 5 years ago
  @GIS: Nuclear may not just be Apocalypse, it could be like "A Day in the Nuclear Reactor" not Cherynobl. :) I thought I would do well, because my dad specialises in this, and also waste, which ties in with the Charity/Change the World Idea.
jasperpostema 5 years ago
  Ah that, any more ideas :D
BTW GIS sounds well, I have great idea's for every idea :P
gameinsky 5 years ago
  nature - mechanic would work in such a way that you both make natural elements and man-made elements.
jasperpostema 5 years ago
  Sciency :P Not even a word:
So ideas are:
Nature-Mechanic Contest
Story Contest

Also Elizea was thinking about a Story Contest.
@GIS: Is Nature-Mechanic about Physics?
gameinsky 5 years ago
  I'll agree jasper, we've already had an apocalypse contest.

What about Nature-mechanic contest?
jasperpostema 5 years ago
  WB Jp! End of thw world? I think it's too much Apocalypse Contest :(
jp 5 years ago
  I like nuclear contest.
(for the end of 2012 (12/12:2012), the theme of the contest is already known, "End of the world").
manufan 5 years ago
  Okay, but not Oxfam Contest. XD
jasperpostema 5 years ago
  Charity COntest :P
Sounds good
manufan 5 years ago
  @Jasper: And possibly a Third-World contest, inspired by my level, "Change the World" in JG2?
jasperpostema 5 years ago
  Voting, I think, we need voting, ATM we have:
Nature Contest
Story Contest
Nuclear Contest Charity Contest
Aslo tell why you vote
manufan 5 years ago
  Possibly Nuclear Contest? My dad is a lawyer in his nuclear department... :|
jasperpostema 5 years ago
  I was also thinking about Nature Contest, but Story Contest sounded also great.
gameinsky 5 years ago
  nature contest. 'nuff said.
jasperpostema 5 years ago
  What about Story Contest?

You have to make a good level with a storyline in it, it should be long, detailed, good designed et cetera.
manufan 6 years ago
  I have the 667! XD
SuperMario 6 years ago
  my 666 comment :D
Treazer 6 years ago
  *Steal devil comment*
gundu 6 years ago
  666 is the number of the beast, Gundu just got the 666th comment
gundu 6 years ago
  Music Contest: Make a level based on a song (Better with lyrics... for obvious reason)
Ferrari12 6 years ago
  Nachos: Quality >> Quantity
nachos 6 years ago
  I Think auto contest would be fun. And I have an idea for a BG contest. Use the most BG you possibly can.
birjolaxew 6 years ago
  I actually quite like DY's suggestion. Another version of it could be to limit the designer to N different objects to use. It would be quite interesting to see what people can come up with... That is, if they don't just end up making levels made purely with flat lines, or tiny segments which they copy a ton of times.

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oh_bebe 8 years ago
  There has been a lot of ideas lately for a new competition, but there can only be one going on at a time. Vote for your favorite idea or discuss new ideas for a contest.
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