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Topic, New Contest Coming!

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demonicyoshi 6 years ago
  I like the sound of underground contest, but I would be fine with a nature contest too.
AK 6 years ago
  Yer! It'll be super cool!

I also think Underground Contest would be a good idea! :D

When's the next contest? The Nostalgia contest...
SuperMario 6 years ago
  For me Nature Contest is an awesome idea :D
CamoDragoon 6 years ago
  @AA, basically the crappy-level contest? xD

lol, @DY, then your trophy would say "You came in second place in the XXXXX contest!" xD
chris3000 6 years ago
  Not a bad idea.
SleathPilot 6 years ago
  Art contest- Create an art level and enter it for a chance to win.
gameinsky 6 years ago
  My idea was nature contest previous time, so i'm going to bet what contest it will be :P
allyally 6 years ago
  Anti-Contest - make a level where you have to do the opposite of the usual level objective to win.
SimonM 6 years ago
  probably :/
Ahroo 6 years ago
  ... and Elizea will ignore every post and steal one of GIS's ideas again. xD
demonicyoshi 6 years ago
  Second Place contest= The goal is to come in second place. You want to be better then third place, but not as good as first place cuz when the votes are counted First place is out and second place gets the trofy. =P
You have to be able to not only make a good level, but figure out what your competition is going to do. It adds an entire phycological aspect to the contest.
SimonM 6 years ago
  bah, tiranny.
Elizea 6 years ago
  It's fun to see you guys thinking about contest theme when there is 80% chance that me or JP just choose it for you guys xP

Keep ideas coming tho, but don't expect too much. Myself I say no to both BB contest and nature contest.
SimonM 6 years ago
  We could that on the same time.
One contest for BB and one for other games.
Magic_X 6 years ago
  I still kinda like the nature idea..
SimonM 6 years ago
  Yes to avoid tedious way too large levels. Because most of the players only would to try a level that is small.
allyally 6 years ago
  You could have certain conditions for the contest, for example, each level much have 4 blocks and be 10*10 or something,
SimonM 6 years ago
  I think the Blockoban contest would be the best, because those levels can't win in a normal contest even though there are brilliant BB and BB2 levels. And one of the largest community of BL also come on the forums then.
CamoDragoon 6 years ago
  I still think the Blockoban contest and the auto contest are the best ideas because they even the playing field the most. :/
AK 6 years ago

I think Nature, Cave, Castle and Video Game are the only POSSIBLE contest ideas. All the others are limited to certain games.

I think Nature is a bit too vague, basically anything is nature 0.0

Maybe Cave and Castle would be the best contest ideas.
CamoDragoon 6 years ago
  The Blockoban contest would be a good idea between BB and BB2 levels.

And maybe the auto contest would be good too......
MatthijsM 6 years ago
Ahroo 6 years ago
  8bit and video game contests are a moot point because the arcade contest covered those pretty well.
SuperMario 6 years ago
  Ummmm... yeah, It's a good idea
jasperpostema 6 years ago
  Yeah, for example JG2 or Path4Mouse
azz 6 years ago
  Elecric contest!
Make a level about elctric and power!
MarioIsFireball10 6 years ago
  I'll bring up the list again.

-Nature Contest=Make a level in some part of nature, such as a forest.

-Auto Contest= Self-explainatory.

-Mirror Contest= What Jasper said.

-Cave Contest= Make a level inside or about a cave.

-Mountain Contest= See above.

-Wildlife Contest= Make a level about wildlife.

-8-Bit Contest= Make an 8-bit level.

-Video Game Contest=Make a game about or in a video game.

-Castle Contest= Make a level about a castle.
jasperpostema 6 years ago
  Mirror COntest= Make a mirror-themed level, not mirror a level
Puzzle COntest= also riddles
Nature Conetst= Good BG
Quadrilogy Contest: just a joke
Elemental Conmtest=
birjolaxew 6 years ago
  Mirror Contest: Wait, what? Mirror? When was this possible? If you're talking about mirroring the level, restricting designers to something that detailed simply will ruin everything.

Puzzle Contest: No, no and no. Still restricts the designers to either specific games, or very, very few concepts/ideas for the others.

Nature Contest: I suppose this could work...

Quadrilogy Contest: No... Contest aren't supposed to have 4 levels pr. submitter...

Elemental Contest: What? Seriously, what? You talking about having magic 'n' shizz? Restricts the maker far too much... Again...

Have themes, not rules.
MarioIsFireball10 6 years ago

Nature and Auto. 'Nuff said.

BonusLevel website and API

First post of the topic

oh_bebe 8 years ago
  There has been a lot of ideas lately for a new competition, but there can only be one going on at a time. Vote for your favorite idea or discuss new ideas for a contest.
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