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Topic, New Contest Coming!

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Elizea 7 years ago
  I would like a new collab contest, it gives out the best levels =].
Ahroo 7 years ago
  Meh, I'd trump you all! >:D

Not that I've ever won a contest. xP
gameinsky 7 years ago
  Space contest is a good theme (suggested by Allyally)
Ahroo 7 years ago
  If you're going to make a level where you have to kill me, at least let me make myself! xP
Daft_Punk 7 years ago
  cool, then I could do Experimental Evil 3, cuz i was gonna make that a boss! Yay!
Ahroo 7 years ago
  I gotta New Contest Idea! >:D

Boss Contest

Make an entire level focusing around one or more enemies that you can or have to defeat to win or gain rewards.

this is theoretically possible in ML, RT, JG2, CDvZP, RingMania 2.5 and possibly CoBaCoLi... :/
Ahroo 7 years ago
  copy/paste it into the JG2 import box (looks like a save button/ hard disk)... :/

and then import it, obviously. :P
jasperpostema 7 years ago
  ANd what to do with that code?
Ahroo 7 years ago
  no, I meant on how to MAKE it in the editor...

a couple days ago, Ferrari told me that he was still confused, so I made a code for a tutorial in JG2...

if you seriously need it...
jasperpostema 7 years ago
  The last device/puppet?
Ahroo 7 years ago
  Meh, your tuto would be better if it had demonstrations... like a BG demonstration. :/
jasperpostema 7 years ago
  Thanks I helped you!
Ferrari12 7 years ago
  Thanks for the help :D I'll try to make a level with the technique tomorrow. And I now support the puppet trilogy.
jasperpostema 7 years ago
  Ahroo, I helped you in Tuto - Devices (Rolling Turtle)
Ahroo 7 years ago
  rudimentary... means "Simple". :/

the directions it covers are Up, Down, Left and Right, the simple-est directions. :/
jasperpostema 7 years ago
  OK Ferrari12, that's possible...
Ferrari12 7 years ago
  Sorry, I don't really understand what you meen, but I was thinking something like Welcome to Reality!, but it can also be like Jungle (Both JG2)
jasperpostema 7 years ago
  Ferrari12 It's pretty easy. And Real things out of the world are projected in Man Made MArvels and Welcome to Reality (Jump Gear 2)
Ferrari12 7 years ago
  I can't find ot what rudimentary meens, can you tell me
Ahroo 7 years ago
  Meh, you just use these simple steps... xD

1) Make a path inbound/outbound to your own specifications (100 global and node speed for following)

2) Copy into however many paths you need (4, for all rudimentary directions)

3) stretch the path's second node in the direction you want it to go into (be sure to make it as straight as possible, to avoid mess-ups)

4) Hook the paths to the things you want to move...

5) test to make sure it works... :/
Ferrari12 7 years ago
  It might be easy if you know how to do it. I'll try to make a level with it now, if I succeed I think it's a good contest idea, becuse those who can't do it can learn it easily. Alternatively you can post a good instruction on the contest's page.

400th comment :D
Ahroo 7 years ago
  Oh, It's really easy... you just use inbound/outbound paths... :/
Ferrari12 7 years ago
  It's a nice idea Ahroo, but many people, including me, doesn't know how to make something follow the turtle/JG. Therfor I'll say it might be a little unfair.

My favourites:
3D contest
Space contest
Background contest
Collab contest

Shiro: You might be right, but we can discuss the next contest although we won't have one for a while.

New contest idea: Real world contest, a contest about making a level that contains some elements from the real world, it can be anything from jumgles to scyscrapers.
jasperpostema 7 years ago
Ahroo 7 years ago
  *coughyesitiscough* xP
jasperpostema 7 years ago
  lYes, good idea. And Remix is a very little bit copying. And Mirror isn't copying too
Ahroo 7 years ago

Quoting Jasperpostema:
"I don't understand you think MIRROR is just copying levels. But you all don't say that about the REMIX contest!"

Remix contest is taking an old level and making it BETTER, which could make it a widely different level in BG, challenge, style, complexity or all of those... :/

It's just a boredom scheme, anyways. xP

Anyways, I maed another contest idea!

Puppet contest
A contest of levels where the turtle controls something (e.g. Hedgehog in Severed Mind, Plane in Pilot Turtle, Atom Chopper in the BL Bomber series, etc...). :D
jasperpostema 7 years ago
  Yes Daft Puck, from AllyAlly. Space is her newest idea.

I like these contest:
allyally 7 years ago
Daft_Punk 7 years ago
  @JasperP: Music contest?

I like these contests:

BonusLevel website and API

First post of the topic

oh_bebe 8 years ago
  There has been a lot of ideas lately for a new competition, but there can only be one going on at a time. Vote for your favorite idea or discuss new ideas for a contest.
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