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oh_bebe 8 years ago
  I don't mind if we do collab, Im not the only person that can make contests.. you can make one if you want. If JP approves you can make an official contest where people will get an award on their profile. But this is what he said about the collab contest: "Community contest is maybe a little bit difficult to organize. More over you know comunity levels are own by only one person in the end. We can give a reward to all collborators but only the author of the level will get the EXP points for this level.".. but someone mentioned maybe he can manually give the other person the points, and both will get the award.
So I guess just ask him about it! :)
iamstormtrooper 8 years ago
  Ok. Here is my post from a while ago about COLLAB! I still wana do it!

Ok, collab stands for Collaboration
This basically means, as said in the description of the game (please read!!!!) you work together to make a level, and submit it. So, you know all the levels where people collaborate to make one full level, and one person makes a certain part? Thats it. I just submitted one, that follows by the exact rules of what i said in the game description.

GeckoStorm Wheelie (Jump Gear 2)
This level was made by Geckojsc and Myself, based off our similar ideas in utilizing the "manuals" technique.

(please note this link is not for self-promotion of my games, but just as an example to support my point)
Since the collab idea seems pretty popular, oh_bebe, can you take it into recognition? Also, I was thinking that the collab level can only be made by 2 people, and should not exceed that limit. I say this because if there are too many people, then maybe one person will get more credit than the other because they worked harder. This way, each person gives 50% work, revising each other's sections, instead of leaving it up to one person, while the others just make a crappy piece, and it is revised by others.
Can you understand what im saying?
Is this ok? Just 2 people per collab level?

And my other ideas for those interested:
"Secrets" - Hog Pop/Rolling Turtle/JG2 ***
Maybe a "Secrets" contest, where you build a level and have 5-7 secrets incorporated inside of it. You can have a storyline if you want.
"Modern Day Area/City/Place" Hog Pop/Rolling Turtle/JG2 ***
Construct a level where you tour a certain Area/City/Place. Design is important, but not critical. Mainly involves being able to identify the place. Story is not required, but is acceptable.
"Futuristic Competition" Hog Pop/Rolling Turtle/JG2 ***
A contest where events are based on futuristic circumstances. My "Space Warp" trilogy is an example of future space travel. Story line is required.
.....DANGIT I HAD ONE but forgot it......shooot. Just give me time and ill think of it..... eventually.
Oh heres one, but not the one i was thinking of:
"House" Hog Pop/Rolling Turtle/JG2 ***
Build a house and amaze your friends! Frighten you mother! And show how awesome you are to people you don't know! Build the best house, filled with common appliances and furniture, and make objectives (e.g. open dresser, then open closet/open fridge, open cupboard/get food, open trash/flush toilet/etc). No story required. 1 - 2 Secrets required.
"Comic Strip" Rolling Turtle/JG2 ***
Construct a 3 - 5 frame comic strip (dimensions of box: 18L X 14H) that can be random, hilarious, serious, send a deeper message, etc. Can be interactive (player can venture through comic - recommended, but more complicated). Does not have to have a message.
"Race" Rolling Turtle/JG2 ***
Design a level where you and an enemy/peer race along a path, to get to the finish. No background information or story required. Enemy needs to be noticeable when racing. Consequence must take place if lost. (either die, or placed in second w/ second trophy, then die.) If enemy interacts w/ player (e.g. road blocks, invades path, etc.) dialogue and introduction of him/herself is required.
(Level Here*) BC - Rolling Turtle/JG2 ***
Design a level opposite of the Future, The PAST! Roam around the land, in search of prey, or avoid being preyed upon! This blast to the past must be enjoyable, as well have some reference to dinosaurs in it (because they're cute). Any other animals are optional. No illustrations of present society are allowed**. Must pertain to the "Pre-Historic" era. Jurassic Park parodies/recreations are not allowed.
That's all I've got for now, but I will come up with more soon!
Now if I can just remember what that one was. I think it was a good one too.....
*Name of level (e.g. "Dinosaurs! BC")
**If there is a story line, then a time machine is OK, as well as a laboratory, or something.
*** Can only choose ONE of the selection of games to design levels in for the topics.
OH YEAH! I remember now!!!!!! The level i was thinking of was:

Collab Competition: Hog pop/Rolling Turtle/JG2
You and a partner design a level to submit for this contest! Storyline is not required, but dialogue of BOTH designers are required for the game.
racersda 8 years ago
  I also agree with storm......In a different way! iinstead of a House Contest how about...wait for pateint....I SAID BE PATEINT!...A Haunted House idea! you could make ghost things and stuff like doors that are locked but have no lock on them and stuff like that. How about it?
Fanta-Freak 8 years ago
  dont think thats a good idea. why use fails in the game to get a reward? ....
Treazer 8 years ago
  What about a "Glitch" Contest In RT?
Reward:50EXP (its normal for contest).
You Can Use All Glitches :).

Good idea for a Contest?
niimporta 8 years ago
  What about a "Catch Me" Contest in JG2?
oh_bebe 8 years ago
  if you look a few pages back it tells about it
Friend 8 years ago
  House Contest?
gameinsky 8 years ago
  if it wil be house contest i yet have my entry :p
oh_bebe 8 years ago
  I think we should do the House Contest idea that iamstormtrooper had. I think with the 3D idea you are kind of limited.. You can only draw 3D objects but it still looks like the turtle is 2D in them.. ya know? He still just sits on the top edge. And JP pretty much nixed the Collab Contest
iamstormtrooper 8 years ago
SuperDog 8 years ago
  Is the next contest 3D???
[edit]I have an idea for automatic contest.
Jster95 8 years ago
  yo if we do the collab contest can we have three people? it would be me ellement and ohyeah.
SuperDog 8 years ago
  The next contest are my favourite
3D Contest
ilikerollingturtle is making a level and vote
i'm going to vote only
SuperDog 8 years ago
  Yes You can
Shiro 8 years ago
  Omg, didn't know that!?

Can I still vote!!?
BenTen 8 years ago
  Dream contest but it ends 30 April.
omgsh thats today!
SuperDog 8 years ago
  No. There's no spaces. Try to put a message with spaces only
And I wanted to ask what contest is right now?
BenTen 8 years ago
  Yep, theres only spaces in SuperDogs message
iamstormtrooper 8 years ago
  No Text? Or did my computer load wrong?
SuperDog 8 years ago
Shiro 8 years ago
  racersda, that's the same =P
racersda 8 years ago
  I though that PM meant "Personal Message"
iamstormtrooper 8 years ago
  Sure. But that defeats the purpose, doesn't it? If you can, make a new one, but i guess.
Shiro 8 years ago
  PM means 'Private Message'.

Gundu, we already made a community level, can that one join too :D?
oh_bebe 8 years ago
  gundu: what does PM you mean? I'll make a level with you if you want.. (on RT anyway)
gundu 8 years ago
  Everybody Who want to start a communoty level with me, Have only to PM me :D (It's so sample)
racersda 8 years ago
  iamstormtrooper let's be partners. I have great ideas for some levels.
iamstormtrooper 8 years ago
  Who wants to be mah partner? I have some prior experience. If nobody wants to partner up, than I'll just use geckostorm.

@oh_bebe, can I post the topic for this contest?
MooKings 8 years ago
  Ok I guess I can pick you!

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First post of the topic

oh_bebe 8 years ago
  There has been a lot of ideas lately for a new competition, but there can only be one going on at a time. Vote for your favorite idea or discuss new ideas for a contest.
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