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Treazer 1 year ago
  Why would you exclude someone from posting in a topic? I think everybody should have the freedom to contribute to a discussion.
kalina200 1 year ago
  If this actually makes a difference....
I think there should be special settings on forums to let you decide who can post.

You can select it to only you or to a few people.

Admins/mods of the site can bypass this and type stuff anyway.

Good idea?
CubixIII 4 years ago
  ok! I made some levels on there before...
Treazer 4 years ago
  He downloaded the P4M .swf-files, I think.
CamoDragoon 4 years ago
  @Cubix you could always try making levels in the games that are already here... I could use a fellow BB designer...
gameinsky 4 years ago
  oldmanrob, here's the catch. The one who "made" the game is 9 year old. It's probably nothing but a picture, and the bl api. Which is just a box where you put in a number, then press a nother black button to send in the score.
There's nothing, which is why I asked tons of times before that starting up a game shouldn't be this easy.
CubixIII 4 years ago
  Two years. 2014 has no games made yet. I'm counting on Obscurity to become open to the public so I can make some crazy levels!!
Treazer 4 years ago
  Yes, that's true.
SimonM 4 years ago
  It's way too much for any award! Like DY said: awards should only be featured on profile, experience points only be rewarded when game gets released.
oldmanrob 4 years ago
  And what about the 1024 points? As I can not play the game I can't guess how hard the level is. But it's alot of points anyway.
jp 4 years ago
  I've modified the show the award image in 50x50px max. Thx!
Treazer 4 years ago
  Yeah, they definitely need a size limit...
gameinsky 4 years ago
  That and award pictures should have a size limit.
I have told him to stop that, if he doesn't then I will contact JP.
demonicyoshi 4 years ago
  Awards should not be given to your profile if the game is not public. The entire front page is now messed up, potentially turning new members away.
oldmanrob 4 years ago
  WTF? A very bad designed award and 1024 exp in a testphase game is not fairplay.
CamoDragoon 4 years ago
  Is there any way to search for levels based on difficulty in the puzzle games? (e.g. BB, BB2, PI)

I'll frequently be looking for levels of a certain category and there is no good way to do it. I guess the packs help cure this but having difficulty tabs for these games would be great... I don't know if this is too specific a suggestion but still...
SimonM 4 years ago
  CubixIII, Puzzle It was officially released 2 years ago.
gamelover101 4 years ago
  We should make it so at least people cannot create awards for games until the game is published
Treazer 4 years ago
  That's not the point.
CubixIII 4 years ago
  But... there AREN'T any new games! There hasn't been in years! D:
gamelover101 4 years ago
Treazer 4 years ago
  There should also be more restrictions for creating a game. It's annoying to have all those new games and awards...
Treazer 4 years ago
  We really need a feature for removing your own grey and rejected levels/packs. I have many unfinished and old rejected ones I simply don't want to waste the space.
Treazer 4 years ago
  I know, this will never happen, but I'll suggest it anyway.

It would be cool if you could make your own categories when creating a pack.

1.) You have an pack including all the levels of the game. You can put them into categories like kids, easy, medium, hard, insane.
With that feature you wouldn't need a pack for each category and for all categories in one.

2.) You have a pack including all the levels you've made. You can put them into categories like automatic, puzzle or abstract.
gameinsky 5 years ago
  Just go to the forum itself. It doesn't put topics related to levels then.
psychomaster 5 years ago
  What I want is like a checkbox "Disable level-related topics" for the forum. It could be helpful.
gameinsky 5 years ago
  This is actually a feature, but it seems to be broken for quite a while. Fixing it would definately be a good idea.

For now CTRL + F should do the trick then I guess..
Valarnable 5 years ago
  Searching for topics on the forum.
SuperMario 5 years ago
  I have some suggestions, but they're MINOR suggestions:

-- What If the "More" tab (the tab that shows the levels a specific player has made in a specific game) would be divided in pages?

-- Ak's suggestion. End.

-- More things at the "What's hot?" section?
SimonM 5 years ago
  Puzzle It and P4M don't have such a swf.

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jp 10 years ago
  Post here all your suggestions for new features on the site.
No suggestions for a specific game, only for general interface/features of the site.

If your suggestion concerns the forum use Suggestions for the forum or if it is about a game idea use BL game ideas
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