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Topic, Rules of BonusLevel

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kalina200 3 years ago
  Lol 2c Is So Funny xD
funguy161 3 years ago
  What The...?
manufan 3 years ago

Rule) When on this topic, the whole of BL turns into a bunch of ten year olds admiring the power of the few mentioned in the first post.
Coolguy52 5 years ago
  Does rule 58 comply with me, I won't be offended and i'm English and 11!
SuperMario 5 years ago
  beautiful level. did you find it at the rejected pack?
ThisIsMyUsername 5 years ago
The only level by murat that you can beat is Haa Haa Haa (BLockoban)
manufan 5 years ago
  31c) You will never steal Spoony.
SuperMario 5 years ago
  error 404: "highscore! r876a8767896d" file not found

please contact your local provider
alanliu12121 5 years ago
SuperMario 5 years ago
  And me? :(
Ferrari12 5 years ago
  TIMU, what about me? :'(
Treazer 5 years ago
  This rule actually applies to every game.
Never say "Highscore", or someone will break it.
ThisIsMyUsername 5 years ago
  Rule)Don't say "Highscore!" in P4M, burfy or me or sometimes gamma73 will break it.
azz 5 years ago
  58) Anybody with 'cool', 'dude' or 'awesome' in their name is always uncool, has no idea how ridiculous the word 'dude' is, and is the furthest thing from awesome. Yes im looking at you, you American 12 year olds,

Kizzadude is English.
Treazer 5 years ago
  Lol, the rule is a lie. xD
gameinsky 5 years ago
  Added JP's rule to it.
ThisIsMyUsername 5 years ago
  Rule) If you are looking at this rule, then it means you're looking at a rule that created by ThisIsMyUsername.
Treazer 5 years ago
  He doesn't come back randomly. Elizea messaged him via twitter a while ago.
bbdest 5 years ago
  Rule) Ignore this rule. No exceptions.
Rule) All Blockoban levels by Imr are GODDAMN TOO BIG. No exceptions.
SuperMario 5 years ago
  rule) jp will eventually come back to randomly add a new admin and to-

and this is where my brain stops thinking
azz 5 years ago
  Rule number [IDC]:
You use google custom search, but never acknowledge it.
kiethy342 5 years ago
alanliu12121 5 years ago
  86) Ferrari12 is always right. No exceptions.
Spoony 5 years ago
  rUlE) ToUcH fUzZy, GeT dIzZy.
MatthijsM 5 years ago
  I like kiethy his rule :)
Ferrari12 5 years ago
  86) Spoony just suggested a new rule.
kiethy342 5 years ago
  Rule) Every game has one level which makes you want to throw your computer out the window, leave bonuslevel forever and abandon all technology.
Spoony 5 years ago
  rule) below is not true.
Maxamed 5 years ago
  Rule 86) Whenever you get an highscore do not yell highscore or it will be stolen.
Spoony 5 years ago


First post of the topic

allyally 8 years ago
  Quoting allyally from Rules of BonusLevel
1) jp knows best. No exceptions.
2a) BLockoban is GOD-DAMN F****** HARD!
2b) Blockban 2 is not quite as GOD-DAMN F******* HARD as BLockoban.
2c) Puzzleit is also GOD-DAMN-F***HARD but even less GODAMN FUCKING HARD THAN BB2.
3) If demonicyoshi can't do it, its impossible. No exceptions.
4) There are no trolls on BonusLevel. Only Noobs. If you think someone's a troll, then all that means is that they have a better sense of Humor than you do.
4) You can't count.
5) Everyone likes Elizea. No exceptions.
6) If it exists, allyally will argue against it. No exceptions.
7) Hexicube needs to spend more time on Neon Towers (BLaster Towers).
8) Ahroo Will never stop telling him that.
9) MartinfraKongsberg Just beat your score. No exceptions.
10) Daft_Punk & Magic_X Have awesome taste in Music. No exceptions.
11) Don't argue with gameinsky. Or he'll mod you back to the Stone age.
12) joe45 is underrated.
13) gundu is God.
14) You don't know how to make a game. Even if you do, you'll never finish it.
15) If you don't know, ask geckojsc
16) You cheat on Push. No exceptions.
17) The Annoying Orange is annoying. Not Funny.
18a) The real rules of the internet do not apply here. Except rule 20, 25,26 & 30.
18b) Therefore oh_bebe is a guy.
19) Chuck Norris is watching you. No exceptions.
20a) If its hard, its bad.
20b) If its hard and made by Garygoh884, ITS AWESOME!
21) You use too much Syntax.
23) The first time you get to the top of the best desinger list, you will not stay there for long.
24) THeNiNJa is a ninja.
25) Everyone spams eventually. No exceptions.
26) wouter should have finished this game.

Quoting allyally from Rules of BonusLevel
27) Sillius will fustrate you to death. No exceptions.
28) This page is funny, if it isn't for you, then Chuck Norris should slam your sence of humor.
29a) Your a noob. We dont like you...
29b) ...But if have candy, we like you.
30) Ahroo will steal your chances of becoming a graphics designer. No exceptions.
31a) You will NEVER get the spoon in Steal The Spoon From The Person Below You. Jp uses it to eat cereal every morning.
31b) You will NEVER steal the star. No exceptions.
32) If you make a series with more than 5 levels, everyone will complain. No exceptions.
33) If you play Rolling Turtle, goldie will RAPE your score. No exceptions.
34) WooHooII's levels will make you want to slit your wrists. No exceptions.
35) Tuto levels will never actually be used by noobs who really need to know.
36) If it exists, allyally has found a flaw in it,
37) Everyone know that the bird is the word. No exceptions.
38) Theyre not Actually leaving BL. No exceptions.
39) If birjolaxew wants something, you give it to him. He wanted his name in a rule.
40) Every game here has a level about BL. no exceptions.
41) You will never need a banner, But if you do have one, then you can pretend for one moment of your sad life that you're cool.
42) Meaning of life universe and everything. No exceptions.
43) Whenever you see LukeTheFunJester, You must throw apples at him.
44) Apple ftw. No exceptions.

Quoting allyally from Rules of BonusLevel
45) Puns are 1000 times worse than sarcasm.
46) Comparisons are 5000 times worse than exageration.
47) The moment you start posting saying "OMG I GOT DA 1000TH POST!", You know its about time you did something with your life.
48) Levels with "impossible" in the title are either ridiculously hard or incredibly easy.
49) THIS IS SPAAAAARTTTTTAAAA!!!! Unless it isn't. No exceptions.
50) It is to be known that that is indeed what she said.
51) If there is a combo, BREAK IT!
52) Noobs are like the opposite of Magnets, they attract each other and repel everyone else.
53) You want to be moderator. If you already are, you want a pension.
54) Ads by Google knows what you want. No exceptions.
55) No swearing. A LOT of exceptions.
56) 'ʎɐq-ǝ ɯoɹɟ spɹɐoqʎǝʞ ʎnq ɹǝʌǝu
57) There is no rule for SuperDog. OH SHI-
58) Anybody with 'cool', 'dude' or 'awesome' in their name is always uncool, has no idea how ridiculous the word 'dude' is, and is the furthest thing from awesome. Yes im looking at you, you American 12 year olds,
59) While gameinsky is on strike completely troll the living crap out of everyone you total noobish Wankers!
60a)WooHooII can corrupt your facts at will. No exceptions.
60b)He will prove your logic to be false and uses your own logic to do so.
61) Bump an old thread and birjolaxew will hunt you, kill you and burn your cadaver. You have been warned.
62) Oldmntguy must be alien. no human can be THAT good at BB.
63) Gratz to allyally, the most common way to die on BL is getting your head exploded by a paradox.
64) Minecraft or Terraria. Its not a matter of if, its a matter of when. No exceptions.
65) Treat all people with the Archery master award like demi-gods.

66) burfy is Luke Skywalker. No exceptions.
67) You are a procrastinator, yes you are! No exceptions.
68) If you STILL dont understand the rules, this should explain it.
69) You are a noob, so stop down-rating people that belong to your species.
70) If something bad happpens to BL, blame gameinsky.
71) BL needs maor pony.
72) The law of Brodwin (Godwin+brony) AKA:
Any conversation will end about talking about MLPFiM if any of the people know about it.
73) British programmers must have chat names that are 8 characters long
74) Every rule has at least on exception. No exceptions.
75) Any friend you introduce to BL will act like a retarded 10 year old.
76) They're not looking forward to your game, they're looking forward making officials on it.
77) Gundu must be at least 500 exp in front of Garygoh884 at all times.
78) Ratman just trolled you, no exceptions.
79) When you make a collab level with sillius, your parts will be more frustrating than sillius's
80) murat just made another level you'll never beat.
81) Nintendo hates Bonuslevel. No exceptions
82) You will always summon someone on the chat by talking about them.
83) You dislike C++. No exceptions.
84a) Gameinsky will only add new rules randomly, for no reason, weeks after the last comment.
84b) JP will only come to BL randomly, for no reason months after inactivity.
85) If the rule is made by ahroo, it's guarantied to be awesome. No exceptions.

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