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Topic, Game "Path 4 Mouse"

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Hexicube 9 years ago
you mean recolour the switch?
demonicyoshi 9 years ago
  can you make on green on swiches a diferent color, it can be a bit confusing...

BTW, the anti clockwise roters dont work.
Hexicube 9 years ago
  I just made the scores based on thousandths of a seconds instead of tenths...I did remove all scores as well...
[edit] oh btw I wont be on all the time in the following week my laptop keyboard is getting fixed...
Hexicube 9 years ago
  ok ill add other ones...just wait a bit...
gameinsky 9 years ago
  No really, it bugs me that the engines only apply for left.
Hexicube 9 years ago
  uh...can we leave spinners for now?
what about a delay node? it takes a second before allowing power through
id also advise not having more than 1 switch or alternator connected to a powered finish, or it will bug(only with finishes, and I know why)
[edit] or maybe something like a destroyable cable?
gameinsky 9 years ago
  Ok, an option to make the engines go somewhere else than to the left, the ability to make them longer too.
Maybe you can aswell make an ability to make the spinners turn at certain speed (negative integers for them to rotate other direction) would save another space too.
Somethings like the wrench thing in RT.
Hexicube 9 years ago
  I know I did that with the one on my game website
(I think you have to make an account to see the games lol)
[edit] also I dont like powered spinners...seemes unnessecary...
demonicyoshi 9 years ago
  you could have categories: regular tiles, movement, swiches, and special. When you click on a category, the tiles of that category drop down.

Would make room for over 100 tiles.
Hexicube 9 years ago
  yeah I do sometimes hate them :P
ill remove them
DY I will now try and make space for more tiles :3
[edit] I can fit on another 9...after that its definately full
gameinsky 9 years ago
  I'd like the normall spinners not to have those curves around them automatically, they can be annoying.
demonicyoshi 9 years ago
  can you also make a version of the spinning rotors hooked up to power cables? they spin when on and stop when off.
Hexicube 9 years ago
  my personal touch :3
demonicyoshi 9 years ago
  Omg! i love the power cables! Nice job marc.
Hexicube 9 years ago
  ...I have one...
[edit] lol I could put a tribute to Elizeas songs XD
but which ones...
[re-edit] GIS people complained when the score submitted when completing a level...
Magic_X 9 years ago
  Don't you need a thumbnail for the game too?
gameinsky 9 years ago
  MArc, make those powered contrportion in the other 3 directions, also I still would like tos tack specific tiles on top of each other.
But other than that, music is the only thing, ya, and a thing that submits the code automatically without needing to press s, while s doesn't even work!
Hexicube 9 years ago
  ok so do I just need some suitable music for this game? or is there something else?
Hexicube 9 years ago
  ooh...its basically ice!
already exists...
[edit] fixed a bug where moing up-right or down-left made the anti-cheat system think you were moving up-left and down-right simultainously
Garygoh884 9 years ago
  I have an idea: One-pass Walls!

When a cursor enters and then leaves this tile, it turns into a normal wall.
Hexicube 9 years ago
also I just noticed I actually have no space for more tiles lol
added an alternator, toggles its power on/off every second
gameinsky 9 years ago
  Reverse wall/ empty space tile!
What about making the engines also in the 3 other directions ?
Hexicube 9 years ago
  I need ideas I only have powered walls and finishes...
Garygoh884 9 years ago
  Powered contraptions, these are great ideas to the game!
Hexicube 9 years ago
  uh I need some tile ideas...any other powered contraptions anyone want to see?
Hexicube 9 years ago
  GIS I will work on that I think I can use global variables to say if the game is running...although the BLAPI should have a function to find out which one is open...
[edit] try it now...
[re-edit] oops...
[re-re-edit] yeah I noticed that I accidentally removed an is alive check a while ago...fixed
gameinsky 9 years ago
  Making trusted also works, but gecko has to do that.
he most annoying bug is, and it happened on all games marc made.
switch to editor/level mode when pushing the button! stop evel mode when you want to edit it, stop editing when you want to test it!

damn, fund out cp's canbe activated when you are dead!
Ferrari12 9 years ago
  I feel this is really getting somewhere compared to the old, that makes me happy, 'cause I wanna play :)
Garygoh884 9 years ago
  So this is the new P4M game. This game is the best for me.
gundu 9 years ago
  Same for me, I need to be admin on the old

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Hexicube 9 years ago
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