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azz 8 years ago
  Could someone tell me why this isnt accepted? Yin yang (Path 4 Mouse) sorry but it is rejected so i cant comment on it.
gamelover101 8 years ago
  How is it bad? That way we can get more members! :)
gameinsky 8 years ago
  I think it's a bad idea, gary, for levels they need to join BL :)
azz 8 years ago
  Why will he not accept this! 100 Levels!!! (Path 4 Mouse)
Garygoh884 8 years ago
  Pack it with a level editor too!
gamelover101 8 years ago
  Yeh, make a standalone!
chris3000 8 years ago
Magic_X 8 years ago
  Cool! I'm higher on the designer list! :D
gameinsky 8 years ago
  Marc, you know what you should do ? Make a standalone version of P4M and release it on kongregate!
Hexicube 8 years ago
  GIS im aware of the 'slave' point of view, so my BL 'leave' should have also encouraged AK to try and solve the problems himself...and also learn more AS ;)
gamelover101 8 years ago
  Or he could TeamViewer someone else! :_
gameinsky 8 years ago
  Do you know you're actually "using" him to make your game ? yes, slave mush ?
AK 8 years ago
  He's just not playing any other games.... :(

At least, I haven't seen him....

OH NO!!!!!

MARC is gone!

I think he's on break...

When he gets back, tell him i'm going to be in my uncle's cabin until Sunday and not to get on TeamViewer.
I_R_winner 8 years ago
  woohoo is already her for a while now
AK 8 years ago
  ???? WOOHOOII IS BACK!!!!!! 8D
joshyboy36 8 years ago
  i will change it to one azz told me to keep it as two so its easier and i cant edit it yet because its locked
Hexicube 8 years ago
  but two of the finishes are correct...
joshyboy36 8 years ago
  it isnt i changed the level a bit aswell also why did my level called which finish
Hexicube 8 years ago
  joshy the name is now also unfitting...
joshyboy36 8 years ago
  I remade my level which was called you choose and renamed it Power up (Path 4 Mouse) im only saying it on here coz it got rejected and i couldnt comment on it
azz 8 years ago
  I remade these levels Squared again (Path 4 Mouse) and 8 Squared (Path 4 Mouse) i only asked here because they are rejected and i cant comment
Hexicube 8 years ago
  GL101 im aware of chase down-rating levels, just tell me what ones :P
gamelover101 8 years ago
  Wow, that's so........

What's the word I'm looking for? Oh yeah, immature. :_
Ahroo 8 years ago
  Yep. He does that to levels he can't finish. Like a bastard. |:p
gamelover101 8 years ago
  Did chase28 jsut rate down my level on purpose?
gundu 8 years ago
  This is the ''vanishing wall'' tile.

This is just an illusion created with the opposite vanishing wall, They actually only appear and disappear
MarioIsFireball10 8 years ago
  I need to ask a question. How do you make those walls that stay in one place for a second, then switch to another place, and then go back to their starting place?
Hexicube 8 years ago
  lol SuperDog :P
SuperDog 8 years ago
  AAH! I need a 21x21 space for my level :(
Hexicube 8 years ago
  he/she(profile pic is default for girl but name suggests boy) doesnt know
they are all linked to eachother...

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Hexicube 8 years ago
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