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demonicyoshi 9 years ago
  this information is just for the player, because it would be very useful to know your best score, the top 3 scores and the average score...

If you want to hack it only afects the score displayed on your computer, it has nothing to do with the score saved on bl.
Hexicube 9 years ago
  oh right...
[edit] why aimed at DY?
birjolaxew 9 years ago
  I'm not sure if the "duh im not that stupid lol" (Where did all the capitalized letters go by the way?) was aimed at me, but if it were, my post was aimed at DY, not you.
Hexicube 9 years ago
  im not morally backwards :P
[edit] duh im not that stupid lol
birjolaxew 9 years ago
  The trouble with storing the points locally would be the ability for the end user to go edit the files, giving himself a massive amount of points. This would be rendered useless if the stored number is completely independent of the remote number, making a change of the local number have no effect on the amount of points sent to BL, but only display it on the screen.
gameinsky 9 years ago
  I do it all the time.
Hexicube 9 years ago
  gecko evaluate my levels lol I shouldnt evaluate my own

Carbon Copy : geckojsc
Hexicube 9 years ago
  look in the help-edit tab Brolling
I want feedback on my levels lol I shouldnt accept them without feedback :P
Treazer 9 years ago
  Can you give me a list of all tiles, please? Because then i know wich tiles you already have.
Hexicube 9 years ago
  uh actually in order to retrieve your scores for other attempts you would have to save them
doable...also done nodes
[edit] if there is enough demand then I will
demonicyoshi 9 years ago
  Hp displayes your best score when you finish
"you scored XXX"
Your best score is "XXX"
So this part is posable to display...

You could have the game save 3 best scores and display them.

You could also have the game add every score submited to that level, and divide by the number of scores submited to that level.

This is done without conecting to the blapi, but you would have to reset all scores for it to work properly.
Hexicube 9 years ago
  no, JG2 stores the best attempt of that go and the best score...
[edit] added power node, 2 things about it:
1. you can use more than 1 to increase delay
2. do NOT use multiple switches on it, it will get confused
demonicyoshi 9 years ago
  but Jumpgear 2 can do it... Jp knows how to do this, but it probally requires editing the blapi. You can pm jp about this and if he can tell you how to do it.
Hexicube 9 years ago
  uh...JP needs to make the BLAPI better for that :P
demonicyoshi 9 years ago
  ohh, well it is a good idea. MAKE IT.
but first please move the score off onto the white and make it bigger.
And work on adding "top scores" "your best score" and "average score" If you cant do it, jp can.
Hexicube 9 years ago
  uh its not a cant fix...
DY I said that a while ago...
"what about a delay node?"
gundu 9 years ago
  Yes, It is but it keeps flashing, Which is quite annoying, Can you fix that?
demonicyoshi 9 years ago
  I have a tile idea: Timed wires. After power signal is given to it, it waits a second before giving power to the componets atached to it.
Hexicube 9 years ago
  ok...should be there...
demonicyoshi 9 years ago
  Yah, i didnt evenbother calculating that....

Edit: I see it but I was thinking about moving it to the side were its just white, and making it bigger.
Hexicube 9 years ago
  LOL math fail...
it shows flickering in the corner(flickers between black and white so always visible...)
demonicyoshi 9 years ago
  Just make it independent of the final score...
Its just a geeral figure to let you know if your doing good or bad.
Then at the end it will say: you scored 3 seconds! that is 913 miliseconds!
Hexicube 9 years ago
  I can do that...
[edit] or not...
ill try and fix...
demonicyoshi 9 years ago
  ohh i see, that complicates things.
Maybe just install a timer that counts seconds.

Then when we beat a level, the game expands that number to show milliseconds.
That way we get a general idea of our score as we're playing.
Hexicube 9 years ago
  lol...I know I did but then it bugged so :_
also GIS complained about it
[edit] score also now hundredths of a second, some levels couldnt cope with it and thus improved your score(even though it never lagged)
I might make it 30=1 second because of the frame rate...dont like using intervals
demonicyoshi 9 years ago
  but jg2 is able to do it...
Anyways, you can atleast tell us our score...
Hexicube 9 years ago does it look now?
also added fast alternator, remember its pointless using this with moving walls they wont close faster!
[edit] I cant load scores from BL there isnt such a function in the BLAPI...
demonicyoshi 9 years ago
  maybe just a darker green

EDIT:And you know how theres un-used space to the left and right of the playing area? well can you tell us our score on the left side? And on the right side you could have: Top 3 scores, your best score (it says NA if none present), and average score (all scores on score list averaged)
Hexicube 9 years ago
  I know I didnt think it through properly...any colour ideas? maybe red?
[edit] orange!
demonicyoshi 9 years ago
  theres two green tiles that do completly diferent things

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