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Topic, Game "Path 4 Mouse"

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gameinsky 8 years ago
  Game is very close to finishion, it's now 145%/150% done, mostely needs music and maybe a few fixes.
and moar levels !
Ferrari12 8 years ago
  Atleast it's getting there, right?
Hexicube 8 years ago
  not quite...
CamoDragoon 8 years ago
  So is the game ready? :)
Hexicube 8 years ago
  oh...well I ran out of space now lol
SuperDog 8 years ago
  I meant click and drag
Hexicube 8 years ago
  uh this is a mouse cant push with the mouse...
[edit] what about powered CPs?
you dont have to hit them, just power them all
SuperDog 8 years ago
  Push block: moveable block and no block tile: no blocks allowed on this tile
Hexicube 8 years ago
  ok I now only need 2 more tile ideas...
Hexicube 8 years ago
  yes you won :D
CamoDragoon 8 years ago
  Confused.......when the walls turn purple outlined, did I win? And I'm sure I'll need to see the definitions of parts in the editor to understand any of this tiles
Hexicube 8 years ago
  example level
you need to download it by right-clicking or it doesnt work
devil_piez 8 years ago
  i like them type of games though
gameinsky 8 years ago
  It's a mouse avoided game, nothing really special.
devil_piez 8 years ago
  can i have a example of a level
Hexicube 8 years ago
  aah that is a bad bug...fortunately easy to fix
[edit] not bugged locally :_
[re-edit] just a matter of re-uploading the game :P
azz 8 years ago
  i cant play this game
gameinsky 8 years ago
  Ever tried to teleport your mouse ?
3 extra tiles: power generated walls in all 4 directions
Treazer 8 years ago
demonicyoshi 8 years ago
  Umm, the moving power wall things dont work now...

Seems like you fix one thing and somrthing else breaks...
Hexicube 8 years ago
  uh...not really...what about the others?
also im removing them...
[edit] ok now fill can cope with filling everything
GIS what if you want a large area of lava or half the level walls and half not?
[re-edit] dont forget to think of 4 more tile ideas while im gone I gtg to bed for school now :_
gameinsky 8 years ago
  Fil ?
*tries out*
pointless, empty tiles fills and wall fils are the only one really needed.
Hexicube 8 years ago
  added a fill f to use in editor
WARNING: DO NOT FILL MORE THAN 250 TILES OR IT WILL DEACTIVATE!!! I cant stop it flash has an anti-crash measure in place
Hexicube 8 years ago
  OOPS lol...
[edit] fixed :P
[re-edit] btw you dont need power cables between them they dont really care :P
chris3000 8 years ago
  you're doing good marc, lol
demonicyoshi 8 years ago
  The stop nodes are not working properly.
Hexicube 8 years ago
  added tiny spinners :3
demonicyoshi 8 years ago
  this information is just for the player, because it would be very useful to know your best score, the top 3 scores and the average score...

If you want to hack it only afects the score displayed on your computer, it has nothing to do with the score saved on bl.
Hexicube 8 years ago
  oh right...
[edit] why aimed at DY?
birjolaxew 8 years ago
  I'm not sure if the "duh im not that stupid lol" (Where did all the capitalized letters go by the way?) was aimed at me, but if it were, my post was aimed at DY, not you.

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