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Topic, Game "Path 4 Mouse"

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Ferrari12 10 years ago
  GIS: I can be a representer for P4M if you like :)
MARC2009 10 years ago
  SuperDog thats because they are the actual names and are widely used ;)
Dynamo 10 years ago
  I don't mean to be modest or anything but I'm definitely up for the job! :)
SuperDog 10 years ago
  The gate names seem to be like the ones from minecraft...
MeatyDino246 10 years ago
  I would like to but I don't know how well I can do it.
gameinsky 10 years ago
  I'll see first if someone else would like to :)
azz 10 years ago
  I will be representer of that is OK.
gameinsky 10 years ago
  Want to know which latest level is the best ? vote for it in this topic!
Chose the best level of the week from this game in this topic!
I need a representer for this game.
MARC2009 10 years ago
  NOR and XNOR can be made by using an inverter. also, GIS, you forgot NAND ;)
azz 10 years ago
  You dont... hexi is only releasing 3 new tiles .
MeatyDino246 10 years ago
  How do you get NOR and XNOR?
gameinsky 10 years ago
  AND gate: needs all the currents on.
OR gate: needs at least 1 current on.
XOR: Needs at least 1 current on, if all currents are on it won't work.
NOR: Will only work if all currents are off.
XNOR: Works if all currents are on or of.
azz 10 years ago
  What is the difference between the gates except the shape?
azz 10 years ago
  @Gamelover, he is going on to a multiple account until the people of bonuslevel start being nicer my dear good friend.
gamelover101 10 years ago
  @MARC What happened? Your regular account broke or something? /:)
dingdong 10 years ago
  There is only one place in the editor, were you are able to type anything (same place as normal text)
Daft_Punk 10 years ago
  How do you enter the codes?
Ferrari12 10 years ago
  If you could see my level you'd understand the problem.
MARC2009 10 years ago
  meh it depends...
Ferrari12 10 years ago
  Not really, if you need two seperate wireless systems the reds just aren't enough.
MARC2009 10 years ago
  I hope to see interesting contraptions in the near future ;)
also, you already have red power linkers, isnt that enough Ferrari? :P
btw, I plan on making a simple circuit system, as an experiment for possible future plans ;)
azz 10 years ago
  Wow thanks marc!
Ferrari12 10 years ago
  Can you please give us the code for green powerlinkers too?

Anyway thanks for the three new tiles :)
MARC2009 10 years ago
  alright, ive decided to release logic gates...but seeing as im not using my regular account atm ill just have to tell you the codes...
Logic OR Gate - givemesomething
Logic AND Gate - greedispowerful
Logic XOR Gate - conflictwins
[edit] no 'thank you' or anything? :P
gameinsky 10 years ago
  No advertising allowed.
MeatyDino246 10 years ago
  Why was my message deleted?
burfy 10 years ago
  Missed your adminhood gis, good you're back... :)
MeatyDino246 10 years ago
  Did you ignore my comment saying, "OK and gecko too"?
MARC2009 10 years ago
  yer DY is right, I only finished it and added a lot of awesome tiles(the power tiles)
MeatyDino246 10 years ago
  I made my first level! (I am NOT trying to rush the admins)

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Hexicube 10 years ago
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