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Topic, Game "Path 4 Mouse"

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Ahroo 8 years ago
  That must be the sound of gamelover being butthurt...

gamelover101 8 years ago
  Don't bother. He's a little, whiny troll...
Everyedit 8 years ago
  Ahroo! I forget talk you in your conversation! Sorry :(
chris3000 8 years ago
  I'm letting my unplayed tab build up. I want to have a lot of levels left so I won't be so bored.
Dynamo 8 years ago
  Hey, Ahroo! :D

Talk to the Hand,

Cause Troll ain't listening!

Ahroo 8 years ago
  EVERYEDIT! We're in the middle of a very important conversation! D:
chris3000 8 years ago
  Nah, Hex isn't mad, he's just busy with P4M and other stuff. Burfy, GIS, and gecko to the rescue, :P
Treazer 8 years ago
  Hexi, look at Green Hell! xP
Hexicube 8 years ago
  naw that was humorous :P
Dynamo 8 years ago
  *sniggers* S*** talk in the description... xD


Err, Hexi?

chris3000 8 years ago
  Well 10 of them were rejected though.
Treazer 8 years ago
  Whoa, 61... Good Luck, my goal is now 100^^
chris3000 8 years ago
  My mission is to create 150 levels here. So far it's 61.
Hexicube 8 years ago
  *cba as I have school*
Treazer 8 years ago
  Wow, nice gundu! Marc sucks :D
gundu 8 years ago
  Hey! Hexicube updated the offline version, Be sure to check it, It's super awesome now :D

You wanted to keep this a secret Hexi? Silly you, You know I'd noticed it ;D
Ahroo 8 years ago
  *sexy dance*

Hexicube 8 years ago
  *no longer a secret* *liar*
gameinsky 8 years ago
  *secretely win's the war
chris3000 8 years ago
  @Hex: Here's a challenge. Do more P4M levels than me.
Hexicube 8 years ago
  *defeats entire flame war by using short game description*
burfy 8 years ago
  Ferrari: no way :) I just don't have so much time now...
Ferrari12 8 years ago
  Ok, but maybe check the calls for an admin too?
Hexicube 8 years ago
  "1: Maybe add some official tutorial levels/change some of the current officials to be in tutorial category.
2: Trusted members.
3: An award for completing 500? levels."

1. should be done at some point
2. probably not
3. we'll see
chris3000 8 years ago
  I guess has given up. Let's wait and see.
Ferrari12 8 years ago
  If only Hexicube would bothere to read what we all agree upon ... :P

Burfy: You aren't gonna give up that easily?
chris3000 8 years ago
  I agree too.
manufan 8 years ago
  Agreed too.
jeti100 8 years ago
  me 6th!!!!!!!
gamelover101 8 years ago
  Agreed, admin called...

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