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Hexicube 7 years ago
  "And you didn't just remove it because?"
ask gecko, its his button :P
jasperpostema 7 years ago
  Benjamin, it's thwe white tile with a grey square with sharp teeth
gameinsky 7 years ago
  there's that square-ish grey tile somewhere in the editor...
The editor is full of secrets, just try to experiment and you will find!
benjamin2 7 years ago
  With the editor, how do you make those walls that start grey but become black when you go near them? And how do you make ones that are grey but become white?
chris3000 7 years ago
  But hexicube has to work hard for Path for Mouse, :P

Well not too hard :P
CamoDragoon 7 years ago
  birjolaxew, this is Hexicube we're talking about. Did you really expect him to work hard?

(I didn't)
birjolaxew 7 years ago
  And you didn't just remove it because?
Hexicube 7 years ago
  you mean the button purposefully hid because it didnt work properly and now doesnt do anything? yes I did :P
jasperpostema 7 years ago
  Did someone notice the "Make room for big tiles"-button?
Hexicube 7 years ago
  it sends a current when the mouse in on the tile...also, 2 things:
1. when I add the tile, the glitch with alternators sending current on death may be fixed
2. I need editor space, so when its added the editor layout WILL change drastically(as in menus for the tiles)
Magic_X 7 years ago
  What does a mouse sensor do?
Hexicube 7 years ago
  adding a mouse sensor XP
chris3000 7 years ago
  The new tile is cool. Now I can make new levels with it.
Hexicube 7 years ago
  ok I fixed the graphical hour ago...I completely forgot to update XD
Hexicube 7 years ago
  "some of the powered tiles (eg. nodes) have a down facing cable visible even when there is no connection in that direction"
missed that...ill get right on it XP
[edit] OH...I typod showWallB as showWalLB (its case sensitive)
not to go through ALL OF THEM to fix this =/
birjolaxew 7 years ago
  The hidden songs by Elizea are a lot easier to play to than the default one... Seriously, the default one hurt my ears. You should consider changing it.
azz 7 years ago
Nice new tile!
Ferrari12 7 years ago
  I've also experienced that. Hexicube should delete it.
chris3000 7 years ago
  @burfy: that's strange.
Magic_X 7 years ago
  I noticed that too!
burfy 7 years ago
  Something has changed (except of less lag and new cool tile, thanks :) ) or at least I don't recall it being there before - some of the powered tiles (eg. nodes) have a down facing cable visible even when there is no connection in that direction.
chris3000 7 years ago
  Thanks for the updates.
Ferrari12 7 years ago
  Those faded walls are really cool. Looking forward to experimenting with them when I get home :)

Also, the update to kill lag is very welcome
Hexicube 7 years ago
also, going to add re-appearing ice soon :3
[edit] oh, and also, now there is "re-appearing ice", but I called it a faded wall because its nothing like the ice :P
Hexicube 7 years ago
  uh, okaaay...
Dynamo 7 years ago
  This is just beyond me, Ferrari! I'm shocked at you! Hmm.. *suspicious voice* exactly what kind of dreams DO you have Ferrari? >.<
jasperpostema 7 years ago
  Yeah... and Hexicube spoke Dutch and he was 12 :T
Ferrari12 7 years ago
  And I thought i had weird dreams ...
Dynamo 7 years ago
  Hmm.. Have you been drinking Jasper? Cuz that ain't never gonna happen dude. :3
jasperpostema 7 years ago
  I dreamed I met Hexicube and made me admin lvl 1 :P

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