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chris3000 7 years ago
  @AK: Your profile has to update. And good job on 7th place.
SuperMario 7 years ago
  I am very busy at completing from categorie to categorie :)

6.All tutorial lvls solved :)

I am doing the same in BB :)
AK 7 years ago
  What IS this??? I'm not in the top 10 anymore????

Well, I just CAN'T continue my break from BL knowing THAT! Time for a SCORE FIGHT!!!

EDIT: Wait... I'm in 7th, yet it still shows me in 14th... What???
demonicyoshi 7 years ago
  you can set the mouse to be controleed with the keyboard. Its slower (even when everything turned up to the max) but mutch more accurate.
chris3000 7 years ago
  I wonder if a wireless mouse would be better since I only have a wired mouse.
Ferrari12 7 years ago
  Stuck today with my worst mouse, so I probably won't be able too :P
SuperMario 7 years ago
  Come on ferrari now it's time to improvise :D
chris3000 7 years ago
  You're not far from burfy either.

Burfy: 93503 milliseconds
Ferrari12: 93609 milliseconds
Ferrari12 7 years ago
  I've beaten all the levels!!! I'VE BEATEN ALL THE LEVELS!!!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

Atleast until Dynamo finishes editing Spin me right rouns :)
Ferrari12 7 years ago
  WTF Gundu!?!
chris3000 7 years ago
  Not very many levels lately.
gundu 7 years ago
  jp listened to Frienship is magic?
Treazer 7 years ago
  Harmony, yay! :D
jp 7 years ago
  I'm glad P4M is back AND Hexicube is back too :)
I remember when I was younger I've felt hurt on some forums too. Things like this can happen. I'll try to discuss with the people that are implied in this story. A chat session would be cool but not sure when I can.
gamelover101 7 years ago
  Ahem. I will speak in spoilers to prevent spamming.
gundu 7 years ago
  Wait... What if it's a conspiracy! :O
gamelover101 7 years ago
  I don't think Hex should be deactivated.

SuperMario 7 years ago
  Yay now this game is back :D
chris3000 7 years ago
  Yeah, now back to P4M, xD. Gonna make some levels tomorrow.
gundu 7 years ago
  Actually... He already knows
gamelover101 7 years ago
jp needs to see this
chris3000 7 years ago
  Well, i'm just glad everything's ok.
gameinsky 7 years ago
  I just came back of a family reunion and the strangest thing in the whole history of BL happened :O
(Ak will blame me for it again)
gundu 7 years ago
  But, What. The. F***. Just. Happened.

Gundu doesn't like when people don't tell him what he wants to know.
Treazer 7 years ago
  Yup! Nice :D
Ferrari12 7 years ago
  Glad to hear that!
MARC2009 7 years ago
  the situation has been resolved...after a bit of mind searching, so to speak, ive determined the cause of the problem. I apologise for taking it down in the first place.
I should also be getting my account back but JP has parenting duty to attend to ;)
manufan 7 years ago
  And me....
Ferrari12 7 years ago
  But why did you take it down? Could you send me a PM or anything?
MARC2009 7 years ago
  ive told JP why I took it down in the first place, and as for the matter of deactivating my account, I dont really care. I probably wont be returning except to check my wishes are met in a PM I sent to JP and if they
feel free to deactivate this account too.
[edit] id like to point out something:
"@Hexicube, what happened exactly, what is the reason of all this? You can't put down a game like this. It's now part of"
"BL will not claim ownership over your work. You are free to sell it and show it wherever you want."

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