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Topic, Game "Path 4 Mouse"

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manufan 7 years ago
  Yeah, but he isn't admin now...
Treazer 7 years ago
  There's still MARC2009 :o
manufan 7 years ago
  I agree with him, I was just having a joke, please see my first post about this matter.

Treazer 7 years ago
  Sorry manu, but I have to agree with birjo. Don't forget SimonM, allyally, geckojsc (the real creator of this game), and many others. And Hexicube is just deactivated for some time, not forever.
manufan 7 years ago
  I didn't forget you, but it is easier, you're right but you need lots of ways to respond to an event.
birjolaxew 7 years ago
  Manufan, you forgot me, and basically every other AS3 coder on this site. AS2 is pretty easy to adapt to.

Also, no. You shouldn't be given ownership of this. Hexicube messed up, so be it. That doesn't mean you can steal his work.
manufan 7 years ago
  I could actually probably take over this game, his account is no more. Plus, I have time on Astro-Breaker, no more threat to me.

@Ferrari: That's true; I wonder whether JP could replace him as me or another creator.
Ferrari12 7 years ago
  Hmm, now there will be no new award :(
manufan 7 years ago
  Why yes? I'm the only eligible person who knows AS2... apart from JP (Who is too busy) and Tonypa (Who Left) and Wouter (Who Left)
earllike1234 7 years ago
  Manufan1, you're replacing him as you?
manufan 7 years ago
  Here's my new game screen: (:P)

Path 4 Mouse - A Game by Manufan and Geckojsc!
manufan 7 years ago
  Hmm.. I'll claim ownership... :P

(Joke. I could if you want me to)
gundu 7 years ago
  I still don't get it, Why would he have done something like this? What happened?

[edit] GIS, Ahroo, Someone? Just Pm me and tell me the story D:
earllike1234 7 years ago
  So... What just happened to Hexicube? Oh no.
Well, the safe part is: the game is restored.
Burfy, I think. But how he could become a lvl 2 admin? Just like Hexicube, he implements tiles already from the near past. He is a lvl 2 admin.

EDIT: I didn't notice it before I come here.
chris3000 7 years ago
  So who's gonna implement new tile ideas now that hex's account is gone?
gundu 7 years ago
  I didn't see that one comming O.o
chris3000 7 years ago
  This is just complete insanity. Well, at least the game is restored.
Treazer 7 years ago
  Finally! Why did you do that Hexivube?! -.-
jp 7 years ago
  I really don't understand what is the problem here but I had to restore the game. I don't appreciate the fact that it was put down without a word to me.
@Hexicube I had to deactivate your account as this is the only way to be sure you will not put the game down again. You can contact me if you want to make things more clear. Thank you.
Ahroo 7 years ago
  @gundu there's probably like 10 in the front row because people don't like having to crane their necks upwards to see the show... :/
chris3000 7 years ago
  I might as well join, can I have a seat?
gundu 7 years ago
  @Ahroo, I'M the one who normally do this... Is there any free seat?
Ahroo 7 years ago
  *eats popcorn vigorously while waiting for the show to keep going*
MarioIsFireball10 7 years ago
  Yeah. That happens to me too.
SuperMario 7 years ago
  OMG I just play with a... white screen xD
chris3000 7 years ago
  I'm glad I completed a lot of levels here because I had no idea this was coming.
gundu 7 years ago
  Epic, I'm reading these comments with a very sad song playing in the background.

So... Basically Marc did this because of ponies? or what?

[edit] Comming on chat! :D
gameinsky 7 years ago
  AK is acting to me like Timmyturnersdad to DinkleBurg.
For the ones that never saw fairly odd parents, he blames everything in his life at Dinkleburg.

And AK, now it's you trying to make me look like a fool in the public.
So what you're doing is spiting on me, and then "acting like me" and blame me for it.
It's obvious that hexicube got pissed and decided to bring down P4M to get everyone to hate me.
chris3000 7 years ago
  Well, I'll have to play another game. I had some fun times here.
MarioIsFireball10 7 years ago
  AK, just because you have a grudge against Gameinsky, doesn't mean you have to blame him for everything.

Very typical AK. -.-

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Hexicube 8 years ago
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