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CamoDragoon 8 years ago
  Another glitch found: if you cut a destroyable cable, then die, when you start the level again it will just have two short lines out of its sides and the cables next to it will just be circles. :/
burfy 8 years ago
  Treazer please next time if you will have a "category attack", it would be more useful to send ONE message with the list of levels either here or PM to admin. What you did was spamming...
azz 8 years ago
  I've got my share of highscores on this game.
Magic_X 8 years ago
  Then go man, go!
chris3000 8 years ago
  You know, i'm in a mood to create more levels for this game.
Hexicube 8 years ago
  "But then again, shiro has asperger's, and people that have that tend to do things that other people find odd."
I have it too, so I override his jurisdiction here xP

also, ill consider lettered tiles with a see-through bit, but the lettering would end up being the border colour due to the tile being a wall ;)
SleathPilot 8 years ago
  @ MIF10 for tetris find gaps that are big enough.
burfy 8 years ago
  There are only two persons that have the right to say "Global packs are mine, and only mine..." and we have to obey - JP and the game creator (Marc in this case). And I cannot believe you can be serious mentioning Shiro, who has not finished a single P4M level.

@Mario: that is a big list of levels to be helped here, better ask in the comments of individual levels, for now I can only show you this if it helps...
SleathPilot 8 years ago
  Really, not for me.:P
Magic_X 8 years ago
  This game is taking forever to load today...
MarioIsFireball10 8 years ago
  I have 13 levels left:

Midnight, Checkpoint Maze, Spirals, Spinning Mania, Corrupted Memory, A Difficult Cube, Boot camp, Everchanging, Remarkable Adventure, No way, Nerf Engineering, Master Avoider, and Deep Memeory.

Any tips for these?
gameinsky 8 years ago
  Don't tell me, tell shiro :P
But then again, shiro has asperger's, and people that have that tend to do things that other people find odd.
Ferrari12 8 years ago
  But seriously, he can't just go around forever and refuse to let us make global tournaments for games he haven't even played? It's very egoistic to subtract from other players' fun of playing these games he doesn't even care about himself, just because "Their mine, all mine!"

Just expressing my opinion :)
gundu 8 years ago
  Did he just said that on Skype or you found this somewhere lost in a topic?

But I remember he said something like that somewhere
gameinsky 8 years ago
  Shiro says: Global packs are mine, and only mine. So please don't make them.
Ferrari12 8 years ago
  If somebody is going to make a global tournament, he/she would have to be trusted/admin. If not the pack would have to be re-evaluated each time there's a new level. I would like to make one, but then I have to get trusted first. I ain't trusted now.
azz 8 years ago
  Someone should make a path 4 mouse global tournament
demonicyoshi 8 years ago
  Marc, if your working on the text tile, can you make the white letters be empty space instead? This way you can use layers to recolor them.
chris3000 8 years ago
  I should have completed the levels slower. Now I have hardly any easy ones left.
Hexicube 8 years ago
  lol...its been out for ages...
also, im editing how the text tile selecting works in the editor...right now you press CTRL then type the character you want to use, but it seems to have problems with determining what key gets I may just leave it as is...this is why I hate different kinds of keyboard xP
thats right, I blame nationality itself ;)
(note that I havent uploaded the editor with this method, still got old one)
oooo 8 years ago
  Wow. A new game!
Hexicube 8 years ago
  hmm...thats odd...ill look into it ;)
[edit] ah, I see what I did, I missed out a change I made to all the powered tiles on the 2nd frame :P
that will be fixed when I upload the game next week :P
azz 8 years ago
You make impossibly hard levels and hardly complete any yourself.
Please try to make easier levels.
CamoDragoon 8 years ago
  @Hexi are you also going to fix the glitch where when power hits a tiny node, it flashes out like a star? :/
Hexicube 8 years ago
  the negative checkpoints are caused by me fixing the problem with inverters keeping some wires powered when you die, as I changed how the tiles are unpowered...the bug has been fixed and will be uploaded when I get the chance...
Dynamo 8 years ago
  Could someone please evaluate my pack 'For You Guys' please, it hasn't been look at for over 2 months.
chris3000 8 years ago
  @Ferrari: I don't know what's causing the negative checkpoints. I just noticed it yesterday.
Hexicube 8 years ago
  meh...this sort of thing always happens :P
CamoDragoon 8 years ago
  lol, I found a paradoxical glitch xD

Strange Logic (Path 4 Mouse)
Hexicube 8 years ago
  ive fixed both bugs, but unfortunately my internet is incapable of uploading the the update will have to wait for a week when I get the broadband back D:
if people keep using either exploit then I WILL suspend P4M until I get to upload them >.>

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