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burfy 4 years ago
  Good to know that Treazer :)
Treazer 4 years ago
  You can also just press enter instead of clicking the small black border to confirm that letter. (ik it's a little late, but well :p)
burfy 5 years ago
  Yoran, in the editor, click in the white field above the "in-game brick style", write one letter (you can only use one at a time), click on the top or bottom black border of this white field (yeah, it is a bit narrow but you can do it) and than click in the level map where you need the letter.
yoran14 5 years ago
  How do you add TEXT in your level?
ThisIsMyUsername 5 years ago
  Please don't beat my score Dynamo ><
Dynamo 5 years ago
  Damn, I used to be so tanky at this game... I prefer RT now, but I might still hang around here and improve some of my scores every once in a while! :)
Mopsikus 5 years ago
  Hey lolollol
Mopsikus 5 years ago
  Hey harry potter rate game 5/5:)
ThisIsMyUsername 5 years ago
  WB I guess.
Frairer 5 years ago
  im backkkkk!
alanliu12121 5 years ago
  Guess what? I'm sending this to GIS for reviewing!
ThisIsMyUsername 5 years ago
  Ummm... my idea is to download and see is it different than online version
If it does, I might make a level that you have to download it to complete
HarryPotter 5 years ago
  you play the game HERE, not downloading
Sherlock 5 years ago
  Me too... But I prefer playing P4M in website. :)
ThisIsMyUsername 5 years ago
Is it my problem that I can't download this game?
I'm not sure is it for everyone or just me
SuperMario 5 years ago
  nope, it also can be evaluated by admins.
ThisIsMyUsername 5 years ago
  he's already away for a month :/
Sherlock 5 years ago
  Uhhh... I wonder if packs can only be evaluated by game author... ._.
SuperMario 5 years ago
  Ehh burfy, can you evaluate this pack? My hard levels (Path 4 Mouse)
SuperMario 5 years ago
  glad that another person likes them :)
Treazer 5 years ago
  Nope ;)

SuperMario 5 years ago
  so basically am i the only person who likes tiny spinners?
Sherlock 5 years ago
  We all used to hate them... :) And also now for me. xD
alanliu12121 5 years ago
  Quoting ThisIsMyUsername from Game "Path 4 Mouse"
I hate tiny spinners :(
Always wasting my time in official levels

You were saying?

Quoting burfy from Game "Path 4 Mouse"
I used to hate them too, long after they were first introduced, they are very confusing for an eye... but one day it changed and now I find them very easy, I can circle in one spinner forever, series of spinners are no trouble. It just takes time and practise Timu, you will experience it too.
chrishappy 5 years ago
  You know those tiny spiners, they are h-h-h-a-a-r-r-d-d
Not kidding, im stuck on the (first level) with them. =_= <--- My face when i get tried of them.
Treazer 5 years ago
  I actually didn't notice you were away.
You were on Bonuslevel every day...
ThisIsMyUsername 5 years ago
  I'm finally back...
Now I'm going to get highscore!
Coolguy52 5 years ago
  What the...

Congratz SuperMario

BTW who changes their music?
Sherlock 5 years ago
  LOL congatz. :D
SuperMario 5 years ago
  i was like "WTF" when i noticed it.

thanks :)

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Hexicube 8 years ago
  If you don't wish to play on bonuslevel, you can right-click the game and download it instead!
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