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Topic, Game "Path 4 Mouse"

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Frairer 7 years ago
  @azz thanks
azz 7 years ago
  I somehow have 7 and a half pages of levels on this game.
neoseanner 7 years ago
  can you give the list of topic and the link for anything in path for mouse , i will create the wonder tile for suggestion and i know you already said 500 times you incapable of adding tiles. i think i suggest to create the tiles folder grouping to the editor......

sorry if i'm annoying
Hexicube 7 years ago
  "1. Not the topic for idea suggestion
2. I've said 500 times I'm incapable of adding tiles"

Topic already exists for tile ideas neo.
Frairer 8 years ago
  @neoseanner no. no you dont,
neoseanner 8 years ago
  can i make the topic for this game that titled , wonder path for mouse tile maker

and for frairer , i'm ask to admin not to you weird person .
manufan 8 years ago
  Frairer, you're the fool for carrying on. :_
Hexicube 8 years ago
  Frairer I actually don't participate in that, I posted on the tile suggestion forum (the official one) the reason of which I can't make more tiles...and for that matter, fix any bugs that arose from JP moving where the games are stored (game now thinks it's not on BL).
gameinsky 8 years ago
  april fools was 2 days ago?
Frairer 8 years ago
  why hexi?
[edit] APRIL FOOLZ![/edit]
Hexicube 8 years ago
  1. Not the topic for idea suggestion
2. I've said 500 times I'm incapable of adding tiles

[edit] Just noticed you asked before...STOP ASKING FOR TILES plz.
kiethy342 8 years ago
  @neoseaner: You actually don't need a tile that burns faster than lava tiles, you just have to experiment with lava and layers. :)
neoseanner 8 years ago
  oh my god i like the new levels here! and i think i have new idea of path
~pacman part up down / left right (like combining tiny rotator but there is the up and down kind of that)
~acid tile (killing faster than the lava tile)
~plus tile like this=
then back again ([o]=wall)
gameinsky 8 years ago
  5 removed comments in a row.
all were useless/off topic.
Except nachos, but his comment would make no sense with harry's comment removed.
gameinsky 8 years ago
  Dear drizzy, without any more details we can not help you because your post isn't clear enough.
drizzyfan4567 8 years ago
  oh my god its so hard. HELP!
Hexicube 8 years ago
  youre not the admin here :P
neoseanner 8 years ago
  oh okay you don't like it , because it was like --> :/.

okay no noob at this game , so i create the level for noob but it marked purple.
and hope you like this
Hexicube 8 years ago
  I can't add more tiles, if you look on the tile suggestion topic (which is where that should be posted) I mention why.
neoseanner 8 years ago
  some idea:
-fake checkpoint
-teleporter (but how to make it?)
-line path
-text box( more effective than text tile )
neoseanner 8 years ago
  okay , new spammer newbie . you must go forward to that door , open it , get out , and close the door

and you will be get the limitation

anyway , someone like my idea or i will make mage first and share it ?

and how to make word in this game , really not understand!!!
Frairer 8 years ago
  The P4M addict is........... MANUFAN!
neoseanner 8 years ago
  hehehe , we celebrate the late birthday for marc , manufan. i only knew garygoh's birthday (before my birthday date)

i think i get some parts idea at this game
- ball platform , you walk on a platform shaped ball
manufan 8 years ago
  Marc, P4M was released 6th January 2011. I remember throwing a mini party for it. Happy late birthday too!
Hexicube 8 years ago
  Just thought I'd share something dramatic and world-changing...
@neo I trust that burfy had a good reason, my guess would be that it was unoriginal or badly designed...
[edit] re-read, noticed you said purple, id check what he said in the level comments.
neoseanner 8 years ago
  hexi! burfy not accept my level for you! and he marked it purple! what should i do?
jasperpostema 8 years ago
  Neoseaner: :P
Hexicube 8 years ago
  Just me or has P4M suddenly became seems to think it isn't on BL, and complains about it, but it doesn't seem to affect functionality (thank god because I can't fix problems now)...
neoseanner 8 years ago
  yay , i will make a level for hexicube

fact : i knew hexi's real name since today
jeti100 8 years ago
  Yh happy birthjday marc have a brilliant day

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