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SuperMario 6 years ago
  This is my goal, and you're not going to steal it! AAAAAAAAA!!! *censored rage*
chris3000 6 years ago
  I've done 1820+ levels so far, i'm continuing my quest to 2000. The new officials are tricky.
psychomaster 6 years ago
  @Minion: I just made 1 :)
Sherlock 6 years ago
  I have no idea with also no time to make levels. :\
alanliu12121 6 years ago
  Yes, I have run out of ideas, but no, I am not working on my score :)
SuperMario 6 years ago
  1. People prefer to get scores on this game.

2. Most of us are out of ideas, including me.

3. I am working on a JG2 lvl.
Minion 6 years ago
  why everybody stopped to make Levels?
Sherlock 6 years ago
  Wow and now burfy again. :D
They're competing within just few milliseconds. >_<
Treazer 6 years ago
  Uhm is there a problem with it?
Sherlock 6 years ago
  Ferrari 1st?! What? xD
SuperMario 6 years ago
  Because you said that you were quitting this game, now you are coming back to this site and getting mostly interested on this game. I know that you can do 2500 levels, I've only did more than 1700 and my goal is to complete 2000, keep going Chris :)

Wish me good luck people too :P
chris3000 6 years ago
  @Daft: Thank you, i'll do my very best.

And I should play this game more often, I haven't played it much this year.
Sherlock 6 years ago
  Seems something wrong again. I can't load the flash...

Emmm... Browsers are flooding my hard drive.
Daft_Punk 6 years ago
  Good luck chris! :P
chris3000 6 years ago
  I'm back and i'm ready to complete more levels. My goal isto do 2500, :)

So, wish me luck.
alanliu12121 6 years ago
  It's impossible. When you click on the switch 2x, it closes the checkpoint. That's how i ran into a wall... :)

Unless we use a paper, again.
Sherlock 6 years ago
  I don't know how it functions... :\
SuperMario 6 years ago
  I am sure that Refusing to Turn Off (Path 4 Mouse) is possible, but I didn't prove it yet.
Sherlock 6 years ago
  Oh... Well My last offlevel is Evercharging >.<
I should say that 2 offlevels you have to finish is just based on methods but in general not so skillful. And Nerf is very easy that you can even just keep trying. :)
SuperMario 6 years ago
  Nerf Engineering
Crazy Ice Maze

There :/
Sherlock 6 years ago
  2 Offlevels now. :D I think with your recent power you will beat them fast.
SuperMario 6 years ago
  Thank you Sherlock, this will be a strong fight.
Sherlock 6 years ago
  SuperMario, 3 offlevels left. :D
SuperMario 6 years ago
  They are really a "nightmare"?


Thanks :)
Sherlock 6 years ago
  Just check for SuperMario's recent levels. :P
alanliu12121 6 years ago
  Link plz??
Sherlock 6 years ago
  :D I can see your pack of nightmare levels...
SuperMario 6 years ago
  What a big fight I had with hard and puzzle levels.

I completed 800 in 3 months :)

I must tell that the music inspires me to make more levels here and at other game of this site! :D

Also when I play and complete lots of levels in one game.
Sherlock 6 years ago
  Frairer appears accidently. = =With his points not change.
Frairer 6 years ago
  path 4 finger? make it free!

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