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Creedsanatomy 6 years ago
  Hey yeah sooooooo, It's been like, 5 or 6 months since I played, and I have a really bad question..

How do you use checkpoints, or like, do you have to get them all for a finish to be accessed, or what?! Lol.
burfy 6 years ago
  Oh, basically it is the same, you are leaving the game as if "vertically", but the laws are the same - wall in the way - you will die.
ThisIsMyUsername 6 years ago
  Not go out the game.
It happens in game, and you don't need to go out the game
burfy 6 years ago
  Timu, if you mean that you can go out of the game window and get back, that has been here forever and as Treazes says, if there is a wall (or any other obstacle) between the point where you left the window and the one where you return, you will die, if there is no wall, you won't die, but that is no cheating, you will not gain anything by doing this, the only advantage of this is actually a wider path for that distance.

I deleted all reported Pyrko's highscores (thank you guys) and I will no longer hesitate to delete them and investigate if the score is possible because evidently he is a cheater.
ThisIsMyUsername 6 years ago
  Hmm, if it's not cheating, is it a bug?
Treazer 6 years ago
  That's not cheating, you'll die afterwards if you've hit a wall and you don't die if you haven't so it won't make a difference.
ThisIsMyUsername 6 years ago
  Well, I can sure it's possible.
I'll send a PM to you
Treazer 6 years ago
  No, it doesn't work, when you go back to the game, you die automatically.
ThisIsMyUsername 6 years ago
I don't wanna be a cheater but I can sure that right click anti-cheat didn't work normally...
It's still possible to do it...
I told hex in chat but so far he didn't reply me.
ThisIsMyUsername 6 years ago
  Edit: thank you, burfy :D
Sherlock 6 years ago
  @timu: LOL! Saying it painful is too overstated. :D
Since tired after training, sometimes there're things have to do, with strict timetable I even have no time open BL and have a look. :)
ThisIsMyUsername 6 years ago
  BTW, Sherlock, Is the military training painful?
I can't imagine a month without Internet...
Sherlock 6 years ago
  Nice to come back here and see you, too. :)
So many levels to play now. :D
Treazer 6 years ago
  Welcome back, Sherlock!! :D
Glad to see you here again :)
Sherlock 6 years ago
  Bingo, timu! :P
You've created so many interesting levels these days. :)
ThisIsMyUsername 6 years ago
  Welcome back, Sherlock :D
And... it's 6 AM here, you were post in 3 AM?
Sherlock 6 years ago
  Yeah, just hope the following days won't be too busy. :)
I really don't know why other drillmasters are friendly and funny while ours... T_T
burfy 6 years ago
  Welcome back Sherlock, so is your military training over now? Good that you survived :-)
Sherlock 6 years ago
  234 new/updated levels... -_-|||
A new official level? :D
I can still enjoy my 6th before Nova score on the new one. OvO

P.S.: The military training is not so interesting as I think but just hard and tired... T_T
Since our drillmaster is too serious a man.
ThisIsMyUsername 6 years ago
  No, here is Path 4 Mouse.
Mopsikus 6 years ago
  Here is Smothiee?
burfy 6 years ago
  TIMU: But it is very hard to break it, I am sure if you focus on the official levels, you will soon be on top position...
ThisIsMyUsername 6 years ago
  And I'm still 80th...
I really love to break records, but burfy always break my record :(
AK 6 years ago
  I'll enjoy my 1st place... for 2 hours. :|
SuperMario 6 years ago
  ferrari went to 6th :O
SuperMario 6 years ago
  i could catch from sherlock to treazer. nova would be my limit.
AK 6 years ago
  Hey, there is no award for 400 or 500 levels beaten?!?!?

There needs to be an award for that. ._.
Ferrari12 6 years ago
  But you have improved a lot, and for that, I shall congratulate you! Well done :)
AK 6 years ago
  Ice breaks a lot faster, it seems. -.-

And there is no way I can catch up to Burfy or Ferrari12 in this game.
Treazer 6 years ago
  Welcome back, starpower and congrats for the new award! :)

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