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ThisIsMyUsername 5 years ago
  Hmm, if it's not cheating, is it a bug?
Treazer 5 years ago
  That's not cheating, you'll die afterwards if you've hit a wall and you don't die if you haven't so it won't make a difference.
ThisIsMyUsername 5 years ago
  Well, I can sure it's possible.
I'll send a PM to you
Treazer 5 years ago
  No, it doesn't work, when you go back to the game, you die automatically.
ThisIsMyUsername 5 years ago
I don't wanna be a cheater but I can sure that right click anti-cheat didn't work normally...
It's still possible to do it...
I told hex in chat but so far he didn't reply me.
ThisIsMyUsername 5 years ago
  Edit: thank you, burfy :D
Sherlock 5 years ago
  @timu: LOL! Saying it painful is too overstated. :D
Since tired after training, sometimes there're things have to do, with strict timetable I even have no time open BL and have a look. :)
ThisIsMyUsername 5 years ago
  BTW, Sherlock, Is the military training painful?
I can't imagine a month without Internet...
Sherlock 5 years ago
  Nice to come back here and see you, too. :)
So many levels to play now. :D
Treazer 5 years ago
  Welcome back, Sherlock!! :D
Glad to see you here again :)
Sherlock 5 years ago
  Bingo, timu! :P
You've created so many interesting levels these days. :)
ThisIsMyUsername 5 years ago
  Welcome back, Sherlock :D
And... it's 6 AM here, you were post in 3 AM?
Sherlock 5 years ago
  Yeah, just hope the following days won't be too busy. :)
I really don't know why other drillmasters are friendly and funny while ours... T_T
burfy 5 years ago
  Welcome back Sherlock, so is your military training over now? Good that you survived :-)
Sherlock 5 years ago
  234 new/updated levels... -_-|||
A new official level? :D
I can still enjoy my 6th before Nova score on the new one. OvO

P.S.: The military training is not so interesting as I think but just hard and tired... T_T
Since our drillmaster is too serious a man.
ThisIsMyUsername 5 years ago
  No, here is Path 4 Mouse.
Mopsikus 5 years ago
  Here is Smothiee?
burfy 5 years ago
  TIMU: But it is very hard to break it, I am sure if you focus on the official levels, you will soon be on top position...
ThisIsMyUsername 5 years ago
  And I'm still 80th...
I really love to break records, but burfy always break my record :(
AK 5 years ago
  I'll enjoy my 1st place... for 2 hours. :|
SuperMario 5 years ago
  ferrari went to 6th :O
SuperMario 5 years ago
  i could catch from sherlock to treazer. nova would be my limit.
AK 5 years ago
  Hey, there is no award for 400 or 500 levels beaten?!?!?

There needs to be an award for that. ._.
Ferrari12 5 years ago
  But you have improved a lot, and for that, I shall congratulate you! Well done :)
AK 5 years ago
  Ice breaks a lot faster, it seems. -.-

And there is no way I can catch up to Burfy or Ferrari12 in this game.
Treazer 5 years ago
  Welcome back, starpower and congrats for the new award! :)
Treazer 5 years ago
  No, don't beat me, please >.<
AK 5 years ago
  Look out everyone, I'm making a pass for 3rd place! :D
SuperMario 5 years ago
  I'd like to make more levels, but I'm out of ideas right now, because I'm making Puzzle It levels right now.

But I'll make a new level soon :)
johnamiel 5 years ago
  burfy did u play my level?

Edit b: you will find the answer in the level comments.

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